Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Below is a list of symptoms that might help you know you’re pregnant even before you’ve taken the pregnancy test. So here’s what we have.

Delayed or Late Period

This is the most common pregnancy symptom, and not only in the movies, where a woman notices that she missed her period and runs to buy a pregnancy test. There can be other explanations for this, of course, such as excessive weight gain or loss, hormonal problems, tension, ceasing to take the pill or changing to a different pill, and more.

Morning Sickness

Another well-known pregnancy symptom. Many women feel nausea between 2-8 weeks of pregnancy. There are some lucky women who hardly experience nausea, but some suffer from it throughout most of their pregnancy. There might be other explanations for your nausea, such as a simple food poisoning, but if it tends to show up in the morning, better buy that pregnancy test.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

Your breasts might feel swollen, sore or tender as 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. Other explanations might be hormonal problems, birth control pills, or even PMS.

Headache and Fatigue

Headache and Fatigue


Headaches are a possible symptom, due to the sudden rise of hormones in your body. However, any woman who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines should probably not count on that symptom.


Extreme tiredness or sleepiness are common symptoms. If you’re pregnant, you might feel more tired than usual as early as the first week after conception. Of course, it also might be that you’re just tired or caught the flu.

Implantation Bleeding

One of the earliest pregnancy symptoms can be implantation bleeding. It might happen about 6-12 days after conception, when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Some women will experience light bleeding as well as some cramping. It usually lasts from one to three days; very rarely for five days.  The color of the bleeding usually ranges from pink to brown. In rare cases, it can also be black, but only rarely red. Unlike in menstruation, you’re not supposed to see any clots. However, this is where you should track your cycle, because it might be that you’re experiencing actual menstruation. Changing your pill abrasion from sex and infection might cause spotting as well.


Some experience lower backaches early in pregnancy, and even throughout the whole pregnancy as well. However, many women will feel backaches during or before menstruation. Possible back problems, and physical strain are to be considered as well.

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Now this is a symptom that is easy to miss, and although many women experience it around 6-8 weeks after conception, they don’t realize the reason for it. What’s happening is that in early pregnancy your blood volume increases, which can cause frequent urination but can also make one feel thirsty. Of course, it also might be that you drink a lot, or suffer from a urinary tract infection or diabetes, but if you don’t it might be the time to check if you’re pregnant.

Darkening Areolas

In early pregnancy, the skin around your nipples may get darker. During the pregnancy and after you give birth, you may notice additional changes: Darker color can progress throughout the pregnancy, the areola diameter may increase (it differs from one woman to another). Montgomery glands become larger, the skin the areola and nipples gets thicker, the nipple gets bigger and the whole breast may enlarge as well. Your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding the future baby. You can expect the areola to return to its pre-pregnancy size after you quit breastfeeding, but it’s not always so. The color of the areola may lighten but it isn’t likely to become as light as it was before becoming pregnant. The shape of the breast may change as well.

Food Cravings or Aversions

Many women crave for certain foods when they are pregnant. Others don’t. Some won’t eat anything but bread because other food makes them sick, and some lose their appetite for meat. This can last throughout the entire pregnancy. As so many other things in pregnancy, this is strictly individual. Then again, it might be that you’re craving for a certain dish just because your body lacks a certain nutrient, or you just stressed.


Like other symptoms in early pregnancy, bloating is caused by hormonal changes. As your progesterone and estrogen levels rise, the lining of your uterus thickens, making you feel more bloated. Hormonal changes can also cause your digestive system to slow down, which can cause bloating as well. It may be hard to tell the difference between premenstrual bloating and pregnancy bloating, for early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are often similar. However, pregnancy symptoms are often more exaggerated.

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

In the previous paragraph we mentioned that hormonal changes in early pregnancy can cause your digestive system to slow down. In addition to bloating, this can cause constipation. Taking iron, which is often prescribed to pregnant women, can add to the problem. Try adding more fiber to your diet and drink more fluids. Hormones sometimes affect women differently though. While most women will have issues with constipation during early pregnancy, some will have diarrhea instead. As already said – each woman has her reaction.

Vaginal Discharge

Typically, around ovulation women will have an increase in cervical mucus. After ovulation cervical mucus dries up and generally stays dry through the remainder of her cycle. In pregnancy, estrogen levels increase which may cause a woman to secrete more cervical fluid, usually described as creamy, lotion like, or yellowish. However, bear in mind that normal estrogen changes can also cause vaginal discharge.

Mood Swings

Women are famous for their PMS mood swings. The bad news are, that during early pregnancy, some women experience similar symptoms. It’s more tears than breaking plates, though, so warn your husband to get the tissue-box ready!

Other possible symptoms of early pregnancy may be heightened sense of smell (possibly due to the increase in estrogen levels) and cramping, though it can easily be mistaken for PMS or menstrual cramps. You might notice it as your embryo implants into your uterus.

Remember, none of the symptoms (except maybe nausea) is 100% reliable. Many of them, such as breast tenderness, backaches and cramping, are common PMS symptoms. A blood test will always give you the answer, and most of the home pregnancy tests are reliable as well, though the tests’ sensitivity level varies.

  • Sarah

    Hi! I am starting to wonder if I need to take a test. I had a very early miscarriage in December of 2015. Since then my cycle is very irregular. But I am now a week late and I just feel different. I started to notice it three days ago: I was physically drained and it was 10:00a.m., I had an awful phase of intense back pain, and I am just not myself. I don’t want to get my hopes up then have another negative test, but not sure how much longer I should wait.

  • Cherry Catbagan

    I am running 2 months late for my period. Ive always been not regular like i would miss a month then get it the next month, Ive never missed two months. Ive took like 4 prego test and they all came back negative. Last night i had intercourse and there was this clear (sticky) white egg like substance that my bf notice that never happened to me. I havent been feeling all that hungry anymore, i had cramps for like a day but thats about it.

  • Casey

    My period is now 3 days late. I just experience lower back pain at times and

  • Mary

    Tomorrow I will be a week late. Every since I was suppose to get my period on the 12th of march, I’ve been experiencing mild cramping, chills, heat flashes, nausea, light headed, and I have had a severe pain on my lower left abdomen and my hip. Today I started to bleed light then it stops, them dark but now like a regular period. Am I pregnant or is my period just late. As of now with the bleeding, it’s still light and I’m experiencing more of being bloated than anything.

  • Sam

    Hi everyone.
    I’m new to this and reading some of your posts we are all in a similar boat.
    I am 14 days late I done a test about 5 days ago and it come back negative 😞.
    I have had a dark discharge for about 4-5 days but that has stopped now. I have back ache and a tender tummy a few twinges/ cramping in my stomach and sides every now and then as well as feeling bloated and a lot of headache tiredness.
    Me and my partner of 10 years have been trying to conceive for 6 months now and are keeping everything crossed that we are. I’m going to do another test in the morning so we are keeping fingers crossed.
    Has any one had all the signs and simptons but negative test but eventually got a positive?
    How long did it take?
    And how far gone was you when you did?
    Thank you x

  • Danelle

    I’ve been having all pregnancy symptoms period was 6 days late then had what I had light bleeding for 3 days (usual cycle is very heavy) I’ve taken 6 hpt all negative but my breast are extremely sore stomach cramps lower back pain headache mood swings nasuesa dizziness next period is due on the 21st wondering if I could be pregnant

  • Danelle

    Definitely sounds pregnant

  • Tinkerbell0809

    Hey ladies, new to this. Lost our baby Nov at 13weeks. But this months very odd for me.
    The last week I’ve had each morning feeling sick. I know my cycle isn’t 28days. But I had slight pink discharge 5/6 days ago. And yesterday and today an upset tummy both mornings. I have been gassy too. Tmi sorry. Negative test this morning, but. My last period was 13-2-17. And I’m never 28-30 days. Always around 5ish weeks.
    Anyone had symptoms like this an got a positive eventually?

  • Ashley Clarke

    Hi I’m 7 days late my period was due the 6/3/17 and I had unprotected sex two days before it was due. My breasts are swollen and tender there is also a slight stinging in them, I feel bloated, sleepy, tired and thirsty. I’ve also been experiencing back aches, constipation, white discharge and abdominal cramps. I’m scared to take the test and I think its too early to get an answer from it so please can someone explain to me if I’m pregnant. Please

  • YPD

    Hi! I am 4 days late on my period. My last period was on 12th Feb and I had unprotected sex on 18th feb where I guess I was in my fertile zone. I am having menstrual cramps and white discharge but I don’t see any pregnancy signs like morning sickness, cravings, etc. I haven’t taken the test, is it okay for me to take the test?

  • ladygraci3

    And also I’ve been having heavy lotion like discharge, lower backache sometimes. and nausea. I feel bloated and gaining weight. I just want to have an accurate answer if weather I’m pregnant or not before I do my medical with xray for my new job. Pls Help.

  • ladygraci3

    Hi! My period is 6 days late. I don’t know if whether I’m pregnant. I did HPT just on Saturday and this Monday morning used my first urine and both test showed negative. I’m confused right now. I know my chance of getting pregnant is very small because my fiance did chemo and radiation therapy when he had the cancer 6 yrs ago. He did a sperm analysis in England in Oct 2016 and showed him 6% percent chance only. I’m in the Philippines, he came to visit me last Feb we had contact almost everyday. We’ve been together for almost 2 yrs now and we plan to move in together this year when he returns and get married by next year. We have 2 children each from our previous marriages. My other dilemma is I have a new job but I need to do first my medical which would require me to do a chest xray. I don’t want to risk doing this.. They say radiation exposure can be harmful to the baby if I am really pregnant. I need help please. Should doing a blood test be more accurate? GodBless

  • Aliyah

    Well I’m kind of confused because last week I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative and today I took one and it came out negative and these tests are not the ones you pee on the stick but I didn’t have a period last month , my nipples been sore for 2 weeks now , I have real bad lower back pain , nausea once or twice for the past 2 weeks and now today I’m spotting can somebody help !

  • Samantha

    So I’m 11 days late today, no pms symptoms, but I do feel a little nausea some parts of the day, also I feel like I have a lot of pressure on my bladder. I’ve took too pregnancy tests and both come back negative, could I be pregnant?

  • Rawlins

    Hi there, I have irregular periods so I’m questionable but at the moment I have tender breasts, always tired, I feel sick all the time, have had white discharge for the past two days, according to my partner my moods are crazy and as well as peeing heaps.

    Help me please

  • Helena Whyte

    Help……. I am 7 days late! Last period was the 4th Feb. Excess thirst, change in taste buds, sensitive to certain smells, cramping and a white discharge. I am too scared to take a test as I don’t want to be disappointed 😕

  • Jo Louise

    I’m 12 days late today and Iv Also started to get some muddy brown discharge? But with out off the day it’s bin changing so much? My boobs are rock solid, I feel bloated sick & going off food & Iv had diarrhoea Iv done tests they all say negative but my periods are never late? Can anybody help me I’d appreciate it thankyou! XoX

  • You can take the test. Good luck.

  • You can test, and good luck.