Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Below is a list of symptoms that might help you know you’re pregnant even before you’ve taken the pregnancy test. So here’s what we have.

Delayed or Late Period

This is the most common pregnancy symptom, and not only in the movies, where a woman notices that she missed her period and runs to buy a pregnancy test. There can be other explanations for this, of course, such as excessive weight gain or loss, hormonal problems, tension, ceasing to take the pill or changing to a different pill, and more.

Morning Sickness

Another well-known pregnancy symptom. Many women feel nausea between 2-8 weeks of pregnancy. There are some lucky women who hardly experience nausea, but some suffer from it throughout most of their pregnancy. There might be other explanations for your nausea, such as a simple food poisoning, but if it tends to show up in the morning, better buy that pregnancy test.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

Your breasts might feel swollen, sore or tender as 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. Other explanations might be hormonal problems, birth control pills, or even PMS.

Headache and Fatigue

Headache and Fatigue


Headaches are a possible symptom, due to the sudden rise of hormones in your body. However, any woman who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines should probably not count on that symptom.


Extreme tiredness or sleepiness are common symptoms. If you’re pregnant, you might feel more tired than usual as early as the first week after conception. Of course, it also might be that you’re just tired or caught the flu.

Implantation Bleeding

One of the earliest pregnancy symptoms can be implantation bleeding. It might happen about 6-12 days after conception, when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Some women will experience light bleeding as well as some cramping. It usually lasts from one to three days; very rarely for five days.  The color of the bleeding usually ranges from pink to brown. In rare cases, it can also be black, but only rarely red. Unlike in menstruation, you’re not supposed to see any clots. However, this is where you should track your cycle, because it might be that you’re experiencing actual menstruation. Changing your pill abrasion from sex and infection might cause spotting as well.


Some experience lower backaches early in pregnancy, and even throughout the whole pregnancy as well. However, many women will feel backaches during or before menstruation. Possible back problems, and physical strain are to be considered as well.

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Now this is a symptom that is easy to miss, and although many women experience it around 6-8 weeks after conception, they don’t realize the reason for it. What’s happening is that in early pregnancy your blood volume increases, which can cause frequent urination but can also make one feel thirsty. Of course, it also might be that you drink a lot, or suffer from a urinary tract infection or diabetes, but if you don’t it might be the time to check if you’re pregnant.

Darkening Areolas

In early pregnancy, the skin around your nipples may get darker. During the pregnancy and after you give birth, you may notice additional changes: Darker color can progress throughout the pregnancy, the areola diameter may increase (it differs from one woman to another). Montgomery glands become larger, the skin the areola and nipples gets thicker, the nipple gets bigger and the whole breast may enlarge as well. Your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding the future baby. You can expect the areola to return to its pre-pregnancy size after you quit breastfeeding, but it’s not always so. The color of the areola may lighten but it isn’t likely to become as light as it was before becoming pregnant. The shape of the breast may change as well.

Food Cravings or Aversions

Many women crave for certain foods when they are pregnant. Others don’t. Some won’t eat anything but bread because other food makes them sick, and some lose their appetite for meat. This can last throughout the entire pregnancy. As so many other things in pregnancy, this is strictly individual. Then again, it might be that you’re craving for a certain dish just because your body lacks a certain nutrient, or you just stressed.


Like other symptoms in early pregnancy, bloating is caused by hormonal changes. As your progesterone and estrogen levels rise, the lining of your uterus thickens, making you feel more bloated. Hormonal changes can also cause your digestive system to slow down, which can cause bloating as well. It may be hard to tell the difference between premenstrual bloating and pregnancy bloating, for early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are often similar. However, pregnancy symptoms are often more exaggerated.

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

In the previous paragraph we mentioned that hormonal changes in early pregnancy can cause your digestive system to slow down. In addition to bloating, this can cause constipation. Taking iron, which is often prescribed to pregnant women, can add to the problem. Try adding more fiber to your diet and drink more fluids. Hormones sometimes affect women differently though. While most women will have issues with constipation during early pregnancy, some will have diarrhea instead. As already said – each woman has her reaction.

Vaginal Discharge

Typically, around ovulation women will have an increase in cervical mucus. After ovulation cervical mucus dries up and generally stays dry through the remainder of her cycle. In pregnancy, estrogen levels increase which may cause a woman to secrete more cervical fluid, usually described as creamy, lotion like, or yellowish. However, bear in mind that normal estrogen changes can also cause vaginal discharge.

Mood Swings

Women are famous for their PMS mood swings. The bad news are, that during early pregnancy, some women experience similar symptoms. It’s more tears than breaking plates, though, so warn your husband to get the tissue-box ready!

Other possible symptoms of early pregnancy may be heightened sense of smell (possibly due to the increase in estrogen levels) and cramping, though it can easily be mistaken for PMS or menstrual cramps. You might notice it as your embryo implants into your uterus.

Remember, none of the symptoms (except maybe nausea) is 100% reliable. Many of them, such as breast tenderness, backaches and cramping, are common PMS symptoms. A blood test will always give you the answer, and most of the home pregnancy tests are reliable as well, though the tests’ sensitivity level varies.

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  1. I have been very sexually active with fiancee and I have the nexaplon inserted but I always get my periods always well I haven’t got my period yet and I noticed 4 days ago when I went to wipe that I had a very light dot of pink on the tissue but it’s the fourteenth and I still hadn’t gotten my period I take a pregnancy text but it says not pregnant …..

  2. I have been ttc for 8 years. Had 5 rounds of ivf I got caught on third go but lost baby at 9 weeks. Anyways after deciding to leave it and saving for a holiday next year I am 5 days late, sore boobs, white discharge the odd pain as if I am going to come on period and nothing. I have a test sitting front of me I am scared to do it.

  3. I had my period 12 days ago and yesterday after 2 days not having intercourse i did but afterwards i bled a little then today i went to the loo and seen on loo roll blacky coloured gooey stringy stuff sorry tmi but can anyone tell me what this could be

  4. I was use to have irregular period but after I got off of birth control I have my period on the 7 of every month. I noticed it is the ninth of November and I have a headache since the 5. Should I be worried.

  5. I had my period on 24th Sept , had sex in 5th Oct , have very sore breasts , always feeling and being sick,constantly dehydrated and running to loo , always tired and i have missed my period … Pregnant ???

  6. 21 years old. Sexually active with boyfriend. Period at beginning of month.
    Lasts 4 days.
    Week later, pink spotting. Goes away. Still cramping. Two days later spotting again. Went away. Terrible cramping, hot flashes, diarrhea, and mood swings.
    Been a week. Still kinda crampy. Will be a little while for my period to hit again.

    Am I pregnant? Im concerned about the spotting and mild cramping. And the diarrhea is very annoying.

  7. I went off my cycle on September the 23 and had sex on the 30th and I haven’t had an cycle for October, I have had lower back pain and sensitive breast Could I be pregnant..!? But I’m also Cramping

  8. My last period was around the 9th to like the 14th of October, and after that I stopped taking my pills but before i started my new pack of pills I had sex and its been a couple of days and I feel bloated but I know it is not my period and I have no idea what to do

  9. Okay so I recently got off the pill and had sex like four days after that and now I feel bloated but I know it is not my period what is it?

  10. I. Normal have a period at beginning. Of month… this month it was mild but only three days long….. the last 5 days now I have headache, neasous, cramps

  11. I finished my period a week ago but for the last two nights I have been very nauseated but wake up feeling fine! Also I have had diarrhea for a couple weeks! Is something wrong?

  12. I came off my cycle about 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex rite after earlier this week I was spotting for three days straight but very light pinkish color and before that I was having very bad back pain and stomach pain for about a week now I got a very thick yucky yellow discharge and I’m feeling bloated at times I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not I tried Many times to convinced but no luck getting tested and no pregnant would break my heart plus I really Dont think I am

  13. I came off the depo September 2012 then it took 8-12 months for my period to come back but got sore lumpy breasts but had a proper full period then I went back on the depo and came off August this year and 2 weeks after coming off i already had sore Breasts, really full and heavy but not lumpy with a full blown lower back pain then 2 weeks ago I had a light spotting like pink one day (monday) and then the next day (tuesday) I had very light brown discharge, cramps every now and then and nausea random times of the day with headaches but tested a week after light spotting but obviously negative, can anyone help on what to do?

  14. Hello.. I had a sickness bug about 5 weeks ago but had Sex that night. I am on the pill and have been for 2 years. I was due to start my period on 5th October but carried onto my next pack to skip it but on the Sunday and Monday I had dark brown and black spotting.. also have had stomach cramps on and off since.. Other symptoms are headaches, waking in the night to urinate also a creamy discharge ( sorry tmi) also pizza makes me want to vomit..

    Could I be pregnant?

  15. hi my last period was july 5th ..missed by period for august then on september 14th i saw some brownish/red spots n it lasted for 4days …i’m experiencing thick white heavy discharge alot of cramps but not painful as i would be wen i ave my period and i’ve gained over 12 lbs….and i feel nasuea especially during d nights when i wake up to pee…..now it october and nothing changed ….Can some please help me and tell me whats happening….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. my last period day was aug. 28th and its oct. 8th thats 40 days without my period and its not normal for me, no spotting but i do feel nausea lately and going to the bathroom more often. I took a test today and it was negative. My boyfriend and I have been trying for 2 years and now it might be our lucky day but im kind of freaking out because i dont know if i am pregnant or not.

    1. U can wait a 2 weeks then do another test and its best if u do it in d morning on ur first visit to the bathrooom…

  17. i am 4 days late sore breast and i have cramps pain like i have my period but not bleeding then some days i dont have any cramps or pains and i have white mucuas inside?

  18. Hi hope someone can help or advice?came off noriday pill beginning of sept,had no period til october 1st but was really light for 3days,thought it could be implantation bleed as still feel rough now have also had really bad stomach cramps,nausea,tired,headaches.have done tests but neg,am i testing too soon and should i wait??

  19. I got my period a few days early except it only lasted for 2 days and it was just a bit of spotting, also I had no cramps my period usually lasts for about 5 days with terrible cramps, I’ve been on the pill for 4 months but can I still be pregnant?

    1. Yes you could still be pregnant. No birth control is 100% guaranteed and neither are condoms it just reduces the chances. A friend of mine got pregnant when she was on the pills and is now 5 months along. I recommend takimg a test just in case.

  20. I had my period Sept 12 it was a normal period no worries so a couple of days after that my breast started getting tender. It is now Oct 2 and i started spotting not a drip on the pad just when i wipe and i also have some mild cramping. Mind you my breast are still sore from my last period and im 11 days early i am not on birth control so i dont understand why my cycle is irregular.can someone please help me

  21. Please don’t lecture or judge me I just need help:
    My boyfriend ejaculated right outside/on my vagina. My period is three days late. I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous, my nipples (sorry tmi) are swollen and I’ve had slight cramps. I’ve also been really thirsty, tired, along with finding some discharge similar to what I get when I’m ovulating. Am I pregnant?

  22. Hi I need some help with my issue.
    I ovulated from 9/15-22. But me and Hubby had sex 2 times on the 20th. Since then everyday I have been nausea, very tired, mood swings ect …… then on the 24th-27th my cm was creamy.28th-1st it was sticky. Sorry tmi. Now
    today I had cramps, diarrhea, spotting then about.one hour I had very light but dark Red blood not enough for a pad very little amount. I’m even more nauseous now. Never had TY his before and I have 3 kids youngest only 4 months. Could I still be pregnant. We were not trying though.

  23. I’m kind of confused and need some help, I have been on provera since 7/27/14 because my periods were very irregular. Was told this can help that and maybe my chances of conceiving. Ok so here’s the thing on Friday 9/26/14 I noticed when I wiped first thing in the morning it was a pinkish a mucusy look. Then nothing all day then before bed it was brownish. Throughout the night it was a little blood and then morning nothing. That happened up until Monday 9/29/14. I have been having upper stomach pains and diarrhea almost everyday for about 4 weeks. This is really weird

  24. Hi I was wondering if I could get a little advise. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 5/09/14 my last period was the 25 till the 29th of august and now I’m late with PMS like cramps. I also have very saw nipples which I never normally get iv also been feeling very tired and a bit sick at around 5 in the afternoon. Could I be pregnant ??

  25. Hi guys! I’m looking for some advice or maybe even answers. My last REAL period was 8/27/14 (or around that day) and, if I remember correctly, it didn’t last long at all. My usual cycle lasts about 5-6 days, and I think my last one ended at about 3-4. Now it’s 9/30/14 and still no period but am on day 15 of spotting brownish/pinkish blood – Not even enough to wear a pad or tampon, mostly just there when I wipe so I have panty-liners just in case. I’ve also been experiencing A LOT of stomach issues over the last 2-2.5 weeks, mostly nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. Do you suggest getting a test? Or waiting a little longer to see if my period shows?

  26. Hello, my boyfriend and I of two years have unprotected sex n not on the pill till just recently and I haven’t got my period now since August 18, but than there was some spotting Aug 29-Sept 3rd. I went to the doc n they told me I had a cyst n that’s why I was spotting so they put me on birth control pills to make the cysts go away, well I’ve been taking it every day but I am 8 days late but I haven’t reached my “period week” with the birth control. Idk if I could be pregnant or if it’s maybe the birth control. Any comments would be helpful.

  27. Hello.. My period was 11 days late. My fiancé and I had intercourse on my ovulation days and didn’t use protection besides pulling out. I’ve had high blood pressure, bled bad for 1 day, had cramps, craving hot foods, smells make me sick, super tired and sleepy, been moody, nausea, vomiting, urinating frequently, etc. think I’m pregnant??

  28. For the past 2 weeks I have had cramping and on and off spotting, nausea,back ache, oily skin, bloating, change in toilet habits and now getting headaches and period is 4 days late!! What do you think??

  29. was meant to get my period, 1st of sept… or a couple of days before that, haven’t received it, did four hot all neg about two weeks ago, now i have sore nipples and breast and sore lower left hand stomach… could i be pregnant

    1. You could be. I would do another hpt, just to be sure. If it is still neg, go to your gp and get checked. Blood test and an ultrasound are the most accurate tests. Good luck.

  30. okay, so my husband and I have been trying TTC for a little over a year now, and last month I had spotting three days before and three days after my cycle, im now 4 days late for my cycle, I’ve had constant nausea and vomiting on occasion, sore breast, some cramping, (tmi sorry but) vaginal discharge, bloating, im super super tired and sleepy, and I have been eating and craving some really weird types of food, this would be my second pregnancy but I didn’t have any much of any kinds of symptoms with my son except a missed cycle until late into my second trimester so idk what to think at this point, I took two home PT and they were negative, im thinking give it another week or so and to take another, but idk if my body is playing tricks on me or if I may actually be pregnant, im hesitant about going to the dr again for a blood test because of the possibility of the answer no, my husband seems to think I am pregnant because he says theres a difference in the sex(sorry tmi) but like I told him I don’t want to speak too soon and then get my feelings hurt if im not, im a little lost on if my body is just going through changes or am I actually pregnant, I can’t even work through a whole 8 hr work shift without wanting to pass out im so tired

  31. hi, everyone i just started the birth control pill and im on week 2 and out of that week 2 i taken day 1 of the pill and forgot to take the rest of the pill for the following days so in all i missed that whole week and on top of that i have been having unprotected sex and now i have started my cycle and its not time for my cycle to come on yet, what could that means

    1. It doesn’t sound good. Have a pregnancy test to see exactly where you standing. When you take pills for 21 days, for example, and then stop…your period starts. So you took the pill for 1 week and the stopped and maybe that is why you got a period when you shouldn’t have had.

  32. Hi guys…
    So I’m not sure if I’m posting this correctly, but I need a point of view from someone who has been pregnant. I went on vacation on August 16-24, and my boyfriend (steady, long term relationship) didn’t use protection except pulling out. Now, the past three days or so I have had cramps that almost feel like period cramps but they are a bit lower, and I’ve had diarrhea but no vomiting whatsoever. I saw some red spotting just a little while ago so I’m wondering if anyone has had these symptoms as a sign of pregnancy? It’s still too early for me to take a home test and my period SHOULD be sometime next week or the week after. Thoughts? I appreciate ANYTHING you guys have to say! Thanks!

  33. Hello! I have been on the Pill for over a year now. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for the past 4 months but he pulls out before he ejactulates. I am also on antibiotics. My last period was 17 days ago but it was brownish in color and lasted 1 day. I’ve been feeling tired, nauseous, and episodes of diarrhea. I took a pregnancy test- negative. Is it too early? Could I still be pregnant? Thanks.

  34. Hey I really just need assistance please, I got my period on may 4 but it only when a few days the day I got it me and my husband had intercourse, I haven’t seen it again in July I spotted for a day and it stopped I took a test in may it was neg and on more in the early part of June and then again in July . and now I’m feeling pressure inI vagina area,just need some help just need some

  35. Hello. So, my last period was aug 3. When I am about to start my period, my breasts usually really hurt and I have alot of cramping. But right now im only 4 days away until af is supposed to visit and no cramping or sore boobs at all? Someone hwlp please!

  36. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about a month. This past week I’ve experienced extreme tiredness (as in half the time I have barely enough energy to leave the bed!), sore lower back in the morning, tender nipples and have been incredibly emotional. I experienced period like cramping yesterday but no period happened.

  37. hello. i am in need of help and not a lecture. i am aware of what i did wrong and do not need any more. Im here for advice. I got my last period on July 20th. Me and my bf had unprotected sex on august 3rd but he did not ejaculate. my period is now 6 days late with no symptoms of a period nor pregnancy. I come from a hard family and I cry every night because of this. Please help.

  38. My boyfriend and I have sex on a regular basis, I have a iud, and have had a shot called lupron about two months ago.. I have had a headache for going on three days off and on, I have lost ten pounds and constantly feel sick, and tired, today I had brown discharge but it’s been three days since intercourse, and I’m two weeks away from my period. What do you think.?

  39. I had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago with a condom but a few days before then he actually put it in but without a condom. He says that he can feel when he pre ejaculates so none came out. Only thing that’s really been different is that I’ve been peeing and eating alot recently but I was supposed to come on my period today and I didn’t. Yesterday I got a bad headache that didn’t last long. Then today I got another headache and diarrhea and I’ve been feeling dizzy.could it be possible pregnancy or a virus? I have also been like addicted to jalapenos which has never happened before. I’ve been eating them with everything.

  40. Ttc I started ovulating on the 14 and just had unprotected sex 12:00am august 20 do I need to do it at least one more time for pregnancy tohappe.n. ovulation ends on the 22nd had period august 5 to the 11. Thank you.

  41. Hello. Since I had my son a year ago my periods have been irregular. Off by 1-2 weeks every month. I’m treating a yeast infection at the moment. If I am pregnant, its been about 2 weeks since it would’ve happened. The past 3-4 days I’ve been so tired (much more than normal) and two days ago after I started the yeast infection cream, I had pink discharge & cramps for a few hours. I thought my period was starting, and then nothing else happened. I’ve had diarrhea for about 2 days too. I’m still breastfeeding my son and my breasts feel fuller but that could be because of other reasons. I am not sure when to expect my period. Should I wait until next month to test or test sooner? I’m not on birth control but we use condoms. Except the time I’m referring to 2 weeks ago (I stopped the sex and made him put one on after a few minutes) ….I don’t know what to do. PMS or pregnancy symptoms?

    1. With irregular periods, it’s hard to say, but since you use condoms, you’re supposed to be protected. I’d wait a few more weeks – if you’re worried about 2 weeks ago, it’s too early to test.

        1. Implantation bleeding usually occurs a few days before the expected period and supposed to be pinkish or brownish. You did have a bit of pink discharge – was there blood at all?

  42. Hi, I had sex on Saturday and again yesterday morning (sunday). I had only just started taking the pill again on Saturday morning. I don’t have any symptoms of being pregnant other than feeling sick, but I felt sick and hungry at the same time. My last period was around the 10th – 12th July, and I haven’t had a period since. Could I be pregnant or is it just because I’m due a period?

  43. Good day i am 6 days late and are very nause ,dizzy and have haedace when i try to eat something i get haertburn and nause .i also have cramps can i be pregnant

  44. I’m literally having allthese symptoms. I’m 6 days late. And me and my boyfriend had sex during my ovulation. So I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. What do you think?

  45. Am 6 days,late and can have irregular periods but normally there on time I feel tired all the time and just want to sleep also I have gone of food could I be pregnant?

  46. Me and my boyfriend had sex on June 23 I started my normal period on July 12 & ended on the 17th 5 days after a bleed for around 3 days . I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms . No morning sickness , no increase of urination none of that I’m getting worried , could I be pregnant ?

  47. Hello
    My last period stared on June28 and ended on june 5 i had unprotected sex with my bf today is july 31 and my period is not here could I be pregnat ?

  48. Hi i have irregular periods…i missed my period las mth d end of june…i had unprotected sex for the week from11th of july…i startd hvin cramps which i dont hav when i am on my periods, i am going off regular and sometimes constipated, my nipples hurt…am i pregnant? Idk if if is 2 early 2 take a test…

      1. I had my period on the 13th last month and it was 4 days long. Me and my husband do not use condoms and have sex very frequently each day. He left on August 1st to go train in California for the military and I missed my cycle 8 days ago. And my boobs are very sore. I’m bloated and I’m also discharging alot more. And going to the bathroom alot more than normal. I don’t feel as if I’m pregnant but than again i really don’t know. Any advice would be great thanks (:

        1. Ouch, missing your cycle because husband is away is very annoying. I’ve been there. But if you had your period on July and missed your August cycle, there’s nothing to do but wait for the next cycle. I strongly recommend using ovulation tests, if you’re not doing it already. Much easier that way.

  49. My fertility days were July 9-14, 2014. My ovulation day was July 12,2014. I had unprotected sex on those day. My period isn’t suppose to start until July 26th,2014 however on July 16 & 17, 2014 I spotted & then it stopped. Then I spotted again for a little on the 20th. It is now July 29th & still no period. I took 3 pregnancy test & all negative. Were the days I spotted my period and does it mean I am not pregnant? Help? Please and thank you. We’ve been TTC for ever now..

    1. Hello. sincere apologies for the late reply. If the bleeding was bright red, it probably wasn’t implantation bleeding. did you get your period on time in the end?

      May I ask how long have you been TTC?

  50. Hello so I had my.period the 3rd of july and ended on the men my fiance had sex.almost every day after that because hes been away for.a while and just came back. Well I have been experiencing cramps nausea gagging nipple painn back aches and dizzinesx I also gained 3 punds.any chance I’m pregnant.today is the 24

  51. Hi ive been off of my depovera shot since last August, my husband and i have been trying to conceive our 2nd child, since August no luck but recently i’ve had cramping, back and hip pains, hiccups, headaches supper thirsty and im drinking alot of water but my urine smells strong there’s also bloating around my previous c-section and my last visit from AF was 7/16/14 but lasted 3 days my husband and did the deed on the 19 and i had light pink spotting on days 20&21 could i possibly be pregnant?

      1. My period is due on the 10th of August and i was fertile days 22-26 i ovulated the 27 and was fertile again for the 28 according to my ovulation calander app

  52. I am on Zovia birth control pill. I have been on it for about 6 months. About two weeks ago my boyfriend ejaculated inside of me and I took the morning after pill. I got my period and everything was fine. On Tuesday night 07/24 my boyfriend ejaculated inside of me. The next day Wednesday 07/25 I took my pill late. This morning Thursday 07/26 I woke up with diarrhea and light vaginal bleeding. My lower back hurts and I also feel bloated. My mood has been crazy the past few days. I know I wouldn’t get pregnant in 3 days. But I took a test anyways and it came out negative. I am going to retest in 2 more weeks. Does this seem like symptoms of hormones or pregnancy? Thank you.

    1. Actually, you need much less than 3 days to get pregnant :) But if you took the pill late only once, it’s really not that bad. You don’t have to use a backup method of bc even after missing a pill (one pill), which means you didn’t have to take that morning after pill. In fact, the pill could be the reason for the bleeding you experienced. Nothing to worry about, probably, but by all means, retest, for your peace of mind.

  53. Thank you for getting back to me. I’m still sick and cramps have gone away, but now I’ve missed my period. I am never late on them, I always track AF. My last child was 6 yrs ago, and just got my tubes tied when I had her yrs ago. Your comment helps. I will test soon and see my Dr. Again ty.

  54. Hi, mom of 4 here. My last af was June 26, my next date is tomorrow, for the last full week I been sick with all the symptoms. My body feels a change not like it would when Af would come. Had have sex all my ovulation days as gone by calendar, I. Have had my tubes just tied 6 years ago, my period is always on time and normal. I only get cramps when it’s time, Am I or could I be pregnant?

    1. Yes its possible for ur tubes to come untied and u have a chance of getting pregnant but its not always a good thing cuz the chance of ectopic pregnancy is higher take a test soon n go talk to ur dr

  55. Hey, so it’s been 5 days since my period should have started. I haven’t really had any symptoms except bloating, a little cramping maybe and a weird pain on my right side. No blood, not even a little spotting. Me and my boyfriend were using the pull out method and he’s very good at knowing when he’s about to ejaculate. I’ve taken two tests, on the day of my missed period and today, both fully negative. any idea what is going on, I’m starting to worry.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Could just simply b a late period due to many different things such as stress being sick or changes in hormones
      The pull out method doesn’t always work theres precum that can still get u pregnant try birthcontrol or condoms

  56. Its been 40days since the first day of my last period. I’m guessing my cycle varies from 30-35days long. I’ve experienced slight urination frequency, cramping and creamy discharge, but have failed 3 pregnancy tests…Idk what to think any advice or similar situations? Thanks!

  57. So I’ve always had a somewhat irregular period ranging from 26-29 days with only 3-4 days of actual menstrual bleeding. My last period was June 17th.

    My husband and I had sex on the 28th, 29th, July 1st, July 4th, July 6th, July 10th, and July 12th. In each case we used the pull out method.

    My next period came on schedule on the 14th preceded by my regular premenstrual symptoms of sore breasts. Initially my cramps where severe, more so than they ever have been. I also had so serious mood swings in the first day. However, only bleed with regular flow on the first day and since I’ve only had spotting. On June 16 I vomited early in the morning. My pains have subsided much in the same fashion they do during my regular period.

    What could be the causes for my unusual period and severe pain?

    1. You didn’t mention taking any oral contraceptives, o I assume you’re not on bc. If you’re sure you got your period,it could be a temporary hormone imbalance. If you have no more cramps or bleeding, you’re probably fine, otherwise, I’d recommend ruling out a possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Wait for the next period, and if it is as unusual as the last, consult your obgyn, just for your peace of mind.

  58. Hi, i have a regular 28day cycle and my last period was 17 to 21 June. My partner and I had unprotected sex twice this cycle, once 6 days before I think I ovulated and the other 3 days after. 6 days after ovulation I had some pink spotting in the morning. Since then I have terrible backache, occasional nausea, headaches, fatigue and a weird pain on my left by my pelcic area. I’m due to get my period in 2days and haven’t tested yet. Could I be pregnant?
    Also, what else could it be?

      1. Thanks, AF showed up as scheduled. Bright and early….I guess it was just an odd cycle for me. What causes odd spotting though? Could it be stress?

        1. Ovulation is a possible cause, slight abrasion caused by intercourse, as for stress, it is a possible cause for irregular cycle, but I’d say the previous causes are more probable. Was there serious stress there, lately?

          1. I’ve been really stressed at work and in my relationship and part time studies. I’ve had so much on my plate but I’m starting to think it was the slight abrasion during sex. It was pink spotting so I assume the blood was fresh, can one spot 2 days after rough intercourse though?

  59. Okay, so first off Im on the pill. i started my period the 28th and ended the 3rd of July. As of today July 10 I have had a light pink discharge. not thick very light. i feel so bloated. i normally take my bc in the morning… i took it yesterday july 9 at nighy… is tjat maybe why im spotting. i feel bloated and have been having very light cramping.. is it implantation bleeding… i dont want to start my bc if im pregnant again… in fears of losing the baby. just curious if i may be pregnant.. also feel not nauseous but kinda sick to my stomach

  60. Hi, is my period late or missed? My last cycle was June 4-8 & I was expected to have my next on July 2-6. I spotted a little bit of brown blood on Sunday June 6th & that was it. No more bleeding. Im having mild lower back aches, tender breasts, and nose spread a little but all my tests are negative, I’ve tried first response, blue dye epts, and clear blue digitals. No positive but I feel pregnant, what’s going on?? Am I testing too early still?

  61. My last period was May 31 – to June 4. From June 5 – 7 I had a brown discharge (like spotting).

    My latest period was suppose to be from June 30 to July 4. It is not 8
    days late. Since I was suppose to start I’ve been having light cramping,
    and today (the 8th) I’m having a milky white discharge. My breasts are
    only slightly tender, but still no period. I’ve taken 3 tests, one with a
    faint positive (could have been an evap line?), but the two most recent were negative.

    I’m thinking I’m either pregnant, and my hcg levels just aren’t high
    enough.. but could I be ovulating? Would that be delaying my period like

  62. Im on the pill but experiencing alot of the early signs of peegnancy. Frequently peeing, feeling tired, headaches, backaches etc and have a milky coloured discharge coming from my nipples. My last 2 periods have been lighter than usual but a test came back negative. Could i be pregnant?

    1. If you’ve been taking your pill regularly, the risk is slight. How long have you been on this pill? Hormonal contraceptives cn cause some changes in your cycle, including lighter periods. I’d consult your obgyn regarding your symptoms – he/she might prescribe a “lighter” pill that will suit you better.

  63. 2nd part lol, I also have acne which I’ve never ever had in my life before not even as a teen & I have been sick to my stomach but I don’t throw up at all I took a pregnacy test 10dpo which was on July 4th it came back negative but I looked up so info & it says 10dpo is too early to test they day wait 13 or 14dpo what do you ladies think? Fingers are crossed
    Baby dust to you all

  64. Hi! Me & my husband has been trying for about 3months now. Back in March 2014 we had a miscarriage :( at 10weeks I didn’t get my regular period until May 12th 2014 I tracked my ovulation by calendar but I didn’t fall pregnant that month my next period was suppose to come June 9th but it came June 10th so I tracked my ovulation again it said I would ovulate on June 24th we bd on June 15,18,21,22,&26 I’ve had cramping maybe 7 days past OV but it only lasted about 2 days & no more since then but for the past week or so I’ve been having white milky discharge it’s not a lot but if I insert my finger inside & pull out it’s on my finger I’m not sure if this is normal for this time of my cycle I’m due for my period on June 9th I also

  65. I am having some weird things going on with my body and I need help….first I notice that I have spotted for two days with no period, then I have cramping in my lower abdomen. Then I now have back cramps and green stool. I took a hpt and it came out negative…. what do people think it is?

  66. I have a question: my wife a week late, her boobs have been hurting, just started complaining of her back hurting, been tired for the past week or so, has hot flashes and is nauseated at night, but told me a little whole ago that she is spotting. I’m confused. This is the first time either of us has gone through this.

    1. Hello. Did you and your wife have unprotected intercourse? And if you did, do you happen to know whether you did this on her fertile days (during ovulation)? Was she on oral contraceptives until recently? When was her period due, exactly? Sorry for the questioning, but it’s important.

  67. Hi, I need an opinion. I’m on bc and my boyfriend pulls out every time we have sex. Other than that and the bc it is unprotected. I recently switched bc (June 15 I started my first new pack) my period ended the 17th of June. My ovulation days are The 21st through the 26th. We had sex on the 18th, 20th ,23rd and 25th. For about a week now I’ve had sore breasts like the entire thing was sore, it hurt to even put a bra on, I’ve also had frequent urination lower vaginal cramps (that’s the only way I know to describe it) a little bit of white discharge. Could I be pregnant?

    1. Hi. If you switched to the new pill on schedule (on the day that you would have started a new pack of the old pills), you’re supposed to be protected. Switching contraceptives can cause side effects, though, including breast tenderness and menstrual disorders, your body is adjusting. However, there’s no reason not to take a test when your period is due, if you’re still worried.

  68. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 2 days ago. He pulled out because he knew he was going to cum (it took about a minute afterwards), but we got Next Choice and I took it about an hour after sex. My period is supposed to come next week, but I recently started exercising a bit and my period is usually a few days late. Today I noticed a thick, white discharge that I haven’t seen before. My breasts are a bit sore but that happens occasionally around (usually before) the time my period comes. Do you think I’m pregnant? And we plan on getting a few tests soon, so when should I test just in case? Thank you!

    1. Hello! If you took the morning after pill, you’re supposed to be protected. Milky discharge can mean you’re ovulating, and it is a good idea to calculate your fertile days for the future. Use any on-line calculator or ovulation tests. You can take a test on the day your period is due and later.

  69. My period was 5 days late and then today I have brown spotting and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative,I’m so confused!
    Also I have been nauseous in the morning!

  70. Okay hi, I’ve been worried about being pregnant, but I don’t have a regular period, I got off bc about 3 months ago and now I only have random brown discharge. My boobs&nippled have been really sore, I’m having white milky discharge, when I eat certain things it feel like I’m going to throw up, and I’ve been having that feeling like I have diarrhea but I don’t. I took a test and it came back negative but I don’t know..

    1. Hi. If your period are irregular it’s a bit tricky, yes. I’d recommend using ovulation tests to track your fertile days, though it might be that your cycle is not back to normal yet after going off bc. You didn’t say when exactly you took the test (after your last unprotected intercourse), but this is what you can do: Try to remember how long was your longest cycle (for example, 40 days?), and if 40 days passed since your last period, repeat the test, or go straight for the blood test.

  71. I had sex the week of ovulation 6/2.. 6/15 started my period, it lasted 2 days when usually 3-4.. Lately been very tired, have headaches for a while througjout the day, some diarrhea, and it been about week since my period having some brownish discharge. I do feel like im gaining wieght

  72. Last period 5/27/14 had sex on 6/8/14 and 6/9/14.
    My period is due this week in two days, but I started spotting a brown discharge today. I am on antibiotics so I do not know if that is why I’m nauseous, but I do have sore tender breasts/very sensitive to touch nipples, constant headaches, and have been tired a lot lately. I have been gaining weight, and I’m very moody. As far as backpains it’s hard to tell because I am a DDD. I’ve been craving red meats, which I don’t usually like, and strawberry flavored snacks which I do like. My smell is really kicking in, and I smoke cigarettes and my body basically doesn’t even want me to smoke them anymore. I don’t know if it’s too early to take a test, but I’m eager to. I’ve been planning with my man to get pregnant but I’m not sure if it’s a period starting or pregnancy.

  73. Hi i need help to…… I been having backaches, headaches My breast Been really sore My breast fell bigger!!! i sleep all the time i been craving weird foods :? And i just took a pregnancy test and it came back that im not pregnant but the line came back really faint line? but when i went to the bathroom it was a pinkish brownish discharged???? i need helpp

    1. Hi. I’m afraid I need a bit more information. Did you have unprotected sex, and if you did, when? When did your last period start, and when is your next period due? As for the test, I’m confused – is it negative, or did you get a faint second line? Because if you did, I’m not sure we can call that a negative result.

  74. Hi, I’m hoping you can help. I had my period on 04-10 June 2014, and I decided to stop taking the pill from the start of my period, I then slept with my boyfriend on the last day of my period. Since then I have been having abdominal pain and cramps on my lower stomach they seem to come and go. I also have headaches, I feel dizzy when standing and I also feel like vomiting but it hasn’t happened so far. These feelings are all so confusing, I’m hoping you could put my mind at ease, could these be signs of a possible pregnancy?

      1. Thanks for your reply. My next period will be on 01/July/2014. Also these symptoms have somehow subsided, I haven’t felt them with the same intensity as before. Should these symptoms continue to disappear, should I still take a pregnancy test, if so, when is the best time to take it(i.e before or after my period)?

        1. Apols for the late reply! It’s always best to wait for your period day, at least. I know it says you can test before that in the instructions, but the result depends on your hCG levels, and those might be too low for the test to detect in th first days of pregnancy.

          1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I went on my period on 04/07/2014. and it was a normal period. Since it was a normal period I didn’t think it would be necessary to take the hpt. But should anything change I’ll let you know. Thanks for your assistance thus far.

  75. Had a normal period in may but june period was weird wasnt like my usual one it only lasted about 30hours nd was brown in colour no red blood what so ever im gettin worried now as that happened on 4th june and since then ive got swollen breasts, back ache that starts at botton then up ribs, constantly needing the loo nd feeling bloated with cramps. Now all I wana tea is teacakes :/. Could I be pregnant?

    1. Are/were you on bc? Did you have unprotected intercourse after May period? If you did, when exactly did your May and June period start (if June bleeding started on time) ?

  76. 5/26/14 had period normal flow one day 6/4/14 had intercourse my left breast began to feel tender 6/11/14 on top &near my armpit more than my right(right not that sore) by the way I have never had sore/tender breast before my periods. 6/14/14 i selt till 10am fell back to sleep at 12pm n woke up @ 4:30 pm. Very tired. My period is due the latest 6/21/14. Possibly can I be prego?

  77. hi my last period was on 13 may 2014 and my hpt test came positive on 09.06.14 and i visit my doc.. she called me on 17.06.14i.e. tomorrow..but she has not mentioned positive on my slip..is there anything to afraid of?? i am worried please help

  78. Hi about 2 weeks ago while having intercourse my boyfriend came inside. I took a plan B that morning. This last week my boobs have been very sensitive in the morning. I feel I have some early simptoms of pregnancy. Usually I start my period on the 22-24th of every month. Its june and started bleeding on the 12thand it lasted for 2 days and left. Could I be pregnant????

  79. Hello. I have been taking Alesse, considered one of the lower-dose pills for over 10 years now. I am 33 and I do plan on actually going off the pill soon, but for now it works for me to be on. I frequently double up, meaning taking 2 months in a row and skipping the non-active pills. I have done this usually a couple times a year with no issues, everything is always clockwork.

    I did this for the past 2 months, however also missed 2 pills close to the end of the pack, this was about 10-14 days ago or so. One pill was missed entirely so I doubled up the next day and the other was about 12 hours late. Life gets busy and this happens, its only happened a couple times in my 10 years but no concerns and the pill has always been reliable.

    As I know my hormone withdrawal bleeding is extremely consistent and I can always predict down to usually a 4-8 hour window of time as to when it will start, I am concerned as I have never been late with period. I also have no discharge, which usually there is some on a daily basis but there has been nothing for about a week or so.

    My hormone withdrawal period is usually 2-3 days and I know exactly what things look like from day to day during. I was also very regular before I took the pill as well, never missed even during high stress periods. I have sex about 5-7 times a week with my partner, things are very frequent so that is a factor in my wondering what is going on now. I was supposed to have the usual hormone withdrawal bleeding that happens on Friday.
    Last night I had maybe four or five spots and a couple drops of darker (but red) today. That was it. Its completely dry, no flow
    and this seems different. I have had many years of consistency and even during periods of stress, diet changes, etc. I always got my period, this is so different.

    I am wondering if this is early implantation bleeding as its different from menstrual bleeding – no flow, no clots and seems pretty non-existent. Also just wondering if this can happen as I have heard it can happen after long-term pill use that I just don’t have this month. What makes me think pregnancy is missing the pills, my lack of a period on schedule as is clockwork.

    Symptoms are in grey area – daily mild cramps for about 3-5 days and still have them, a lot of digestive upset for the past week, burping and heartburn which I never have any issues with, sensitive smell, nausea very minor. I have never really vomited even when sick in my life so I doubt I probably would at all. I also have sinus problems which can factor in some. I am very hungry more than usual and feeling like I always have to go to the bathroom, which is not usual as this is always pretty consistent. I haven’t been drinking any more than I usually do.

    I did two pregnancy tests one last night – I realized I drank about a litre of water before which I read will likely dilute any small hcg amounts and then I did again this morning but again I drank water last night before sleep. Both were negative. Should I follow up in 1-3 weeks with my doctor for a blood test? I am about to start my active pack of pills for 21 days on Monday. I plan to continue on with this and not be worried as I have two negative tests, but I realize hcg may not even show up for a few weeks so that part has me wondering along with the being extremely consistent and then suddenly not, as well as knowing I missed pills.

    1. You seem to know your body well. Very impressive. But if you will do the blood test in 1-3 weeks, then, assuming you do have low hCG levels, they will be high enough for a urine test as well. Somehow, I think the third test will be negative as well – many of us are extremely regular until, one day, we’re not. That’s how it is with hormone imbalance, and you did miss pills. However, I’d still repeat the test, if only for your peace of mind.

  80. Hi

    Medication: Metformin since January of this year, Clomiphene Citrate: 2nd round
    History: PCOS but haven’t had any cysts anymore since March
    Menstruation: returned to regular
    Fertility Calculator: most of them say I was fertile from Jan 4 – Jan 10
    Cycle length: 28 days
    OPK: turned positive on June 5
    Ovulation: probably on June 6, day 13

    Intercourse: every other day since June 1 – June 10

    I usually get sore boobs when my menstruation is about to come, most of the time on day19. It’s already day22 and I’m not feeling anything painful around my boobs. I can’t identify if my areolas are darker and bigger because I never paid attention to them. Been sleepy since June 11. I keep on falling asleep even without any intention sleeping. Started having stabbing pains around my lower abdomen on June 12. There were times wherein I feel dull aches around my belly. I couldn’t remember when I started farting a lot. I’ve been very gassy for the past few days. Started having thick white discharge since June 11. I feel nauseous every day but it happens at different times of the day.

    I took a blood pregnancy test on the 13th but it was done too early. I’m very eager to know if I am. I took a hpt today and it still says negative. I don’t know if the pains and nausea were side effects of the medication that I am having now. I really want to know as early as I can. I want to join another company but they won’t accept if the woman is already pregnant.

    Is it possible that I’m pregnant? What do you think?

    1. Cramps in the lower abdomen, intercourse around your ovulation period – it’s possible, but it’s not a very definite answer, and that’s what you need right now. So you’ll just have to wait a bit or do a blood test, sorry.

  81. Hi
    I come on my period on the 20th May, on the 6th June I noticed a tiny dot of blood on the tissue when I went to the toilet and a little more in my knickers (sorry for the information) I have never had this before. I had sex with my partner on the most likely days of ovulation. Today I have had stomach cramps and have had diarrhea. I should be due my period in about 7 days time. I did a pregnancy test today out of curiosity and it was negative… could I just be getting my hopes up or could I just of tested to early?

    1. You definitely tested too early:) IF you had sex on your fertile days and spotted, there is a chance you’re pregnant, so wait just a few more days, at least until the day of your expected period. Good luck!

      1. I did, it was negative. I started my period yesterday and it is SUPER heavy- bleeding through a tampon and overnight pad in an hour… Is that normal after having the IUD out?

        1. Oh, so you had your IUD removed recently – that could explain the spotting. Yes, some women say their periods are heavier after IUD removal. You can consult your obgyn i the bleeding lasts longer than usual and stays very heavy, but you will probably be fine.

  82. I had my IUD out May 6, had a period that started May 8. Junes period should have started on the 5 but it hasn’t yet. I’m married and we had the IUD out to ttc but last week we found out that I might have thyroid cancer so we were going to put in on hold until after my biopsy next week. Now that I’m 5 days last I’m afraid I might be pregnant and have cancer….

  83. Hi ive been feeling sick with diarrhea for the whole month of may, my menstrual cycle was suppose to have came on the third of may but didn’t come until the 22nd and lasted 5 days. My period came back a week later for only one day. Ive been having back pains and abdominal pains. Ive also had diarrhea everyday since my last period and ive been experiencing morning sickness and extreme tiredness. I dont know what’s going on. P.s I have pcos and ive been having unprotected with my boyfriend everyday for a year because I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. …

    1. It’s harder to conceive with PCOS, that’s true, but not impossible. Of course, PCOS causes irregular periods and lighter/heavier bleeding, so that could have been the reason for your abnormal periods lately. However, I’d still take a blood test, and consult your obgyn regarding contraception. Get well soon!

  84. My last period was may 5th 2014 and lasted 5 days.
    Over the past 3-4 days I have had a “period ” it was browner and only red when I whipped it also didn’thave clots from what I could work out
    On my ccalendar app it says I am 8 days late and I had sex the day before I ovulate
    I am on the pill but have missed it in the last month
    I had the bleeding whilst on the blue pills
    Am I pregnant?

    1. How many pills did you miss? missing pills can cause breakthrough bleeding and delay your period. Of course, if you missed a few pills and had sex, you did have a chance to conceive. If your period is 8 days late, you can already take a test.

  85. hey everyone, i had sex 5 days ago now and ive been having cramping pains in my stomach, headaches, feeling sick, light bleeding and feeling really tired.. can anyone help me please? or is it just in my head. im not due for my period until the 21st of this month.

    1. Hey. If you had bleeding, it’s not just in your head, though it still doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. You can experience cramps as early as a few days after intercourse (if you’re pregnant), though, so if you were unprotected better take a test on your period day.

  86. Hey there
    So I had protected sex with my bf on the 15th and 29th of may (using condoms) and on the 21st to 24th of may I had bleeding but it was brownish blackish like dried blood , so I was expected to get my period on the 31st of may and its the 9th of June and I’m like really late . also I took a urine test at planned parenthood on the 3rd of June and it was negative . so am I pregnant?

  87. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years, i went on an antibiotic and we had unprotected sex ( i am on the pill though…) he almost came in me but pulled out, obviously some sperm got in but not as much, and its been like a week since that happened but my nipples have been tender and I’ve been having a weird brownish discharge… I didn’t take a pregnancy test yet, but could I be pregnant? or is it just like the medicine canceled birth control and its starting my period?

    1. If you’re on the pill, we can’t call that unprotected sex:). Antibiotics don’t cancel bc, but can POTENTIALLY decrease their effectiveness. That means that we don’t know enough about it :) But it is also known that antibiotics cause breakthrough bleeding and cause irregular periods if you’re on the pill, so that can be your case. Won’t hurt to take a test, though.

  88. Hi’ im 17 years old and i been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for 3 years. My period is 33 days overdue im very regular. I experienced somo brown discharge for 2 days a week before i was suppose to get my period. I have backaches,moodswings,cravings, tender breast, im really tired all the time and i have to pee more often. I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. Could i be pregnant? Did i took the test too early?

        1. What I meant was, how many days after your expected period day did you test. I assume that that was a urine test, right? IF it was, and you still haven’t got your period, a blood test is a good idea.

  89. Hey, I had unprotected sex twice on may 26th and he cane in me both time which was one of my ovulation days . My ovulation days ended on the 29th every since then I’ve been having sharp pains in my nipples and they hurt badly . What does this mean ?

  90. I haven’t had a period since begining of April I’ve had unprotected sex with my partner of 5, years I’ve got most of the sympoms except a was always being sick and now am not I feel sick when a eat but I have help my self to be sick?:/ my boobs aren’t spread but my nipples are bigger and darker??, I took a test a week ago and it was negative?,could a be pregnant

    1. If you missed two periods, and your test is negative, it’s won’t do no harm doing a blood test and consulting your obgyn – to rule out miscarriage and other conditions.

  91. Hi I was 10 days late, sexually active, dizzy, mood swings, breast sort of hurt but not really. I usually get my period on time but I did overexcerise this month. I had woken up on the 8 th late day and had food cravings for sour cream and onion potato chips and a garanola bar with chocolate chips that’s never happened before. On the 6 th late day I cried for 4 secs are so idk why never happened before. I took a pregnancy test on on the 7 th day negative. I got my period finally Today what’s wrong with me.

  92. So, I was supposed to start my period today, but I haven’t. I normally start in the night, as in late the night before the day of my period, or early in the morning the day of. I normally experience intense mood swings, lots of cramping (particularly in my left leg above the knee, this is ALWAYS the sure sign of my period) and quite a bit of bloating and gasiness. I’ve been trying to track my period and ovulation cycle, but unfortunately my cycle has been irregular since I started college in 2006. The last two months, I’ve taken ovulation tests every day for the week I am supposed to be fertile but not gotten a positive result as of yet. Last month, I ran out of tests on the 19th and while it was actually negative after the full three minutes, a light second line did appear, but was MUCH lighter and didn’t look like a positive result. I used the clear blue brand. I still haven’t pinned down exactly how my cycle works, but am now MUCH more educated and informed about my body and what it’s doing. What I do know is that after not being able to get a positive result from my ovulation tests for the second month in a row, I told my boyfriend not to worry and that I had probably flooded or messed up a couple of earlier tests or that maybe I started testing too late and that we didn’t need to worry about it. We had unprotected sex several times, during all of which he came inside of me. I got an app a few days ago it calculated that my ovulation date had been the 21st, about the day that I told my boyfriend that he could come inside me.
    Lately, (about a month) my breasts have been extremely tender. My boyfriend noticed and has commented several times saying that they look bigger and my nipples look dark, but the color looks the same to me. They’ve been feeling tight, full and extremely sensitive. My nipples have been especially sensitive the past few days, and this is a fairly new development that I’m thinking may possibly be related to an upcoming period. The past couple days, I’ve also experience slight headache’s and very light cramping. None of the cramping has been in my left leg, it’s all been in my lower stomach. I very rarely get headaches as a part of PMS, although I do occasionally get them DURING my period. I have felt exhausted lately but I think that may be attributed to waking up early for exercise. Which can also explain the slight pain and tightness in my back, shoulders and neck. But this morning, I still hadn’t started my period or experienced my left leg cramps. I did, however, feel nauseated for about 5 minutes before vomiting. I feel fine now and didn’t eat anything strange or out of the ordinary last night. Am I suffering from baby fever/paranoia or is this happening to me?

    1. If you had unprotected sex around your ovulation day, you could definitely conceive. However, since your periods have been irregular for quite a while, is there a chance that it’s still not the time for your period? I’d wait a few more days, then test. For the future, though, I’d consider using a more reliable method of contraception than just calculating your fertile days – it seems that it wasn’t easy tracking those until now, especially when your cycle is irregular.

      1. My period usually comes between 28-32 days. This is day 34. I took a test yesterday after work and it came out negative. Still having very slight (maybe 5 minutes total a day for the last 3 days) to no cramps and haven’t felt anything in my leg. I will wait a few days before testing again. We normally do use a couple of different types of contraception, but lately we’ve been discussing the idea of kids and it’s definitely something we both want. I am 26 and he is turning 30, so we are both eager to start a family. But I just applied for a better position at work and got word back this morning that I got it. I’d like to know that I’m secure in my new position before we take on making a baby. This month was poor planning on my part, admittedly. But I also have a very strange pain in my stomach. The day I wrote this, I had gotten sick that morning. I haven’t been sick since then, but I have a small place in the middle of my abdomen that feels as though I’ve had too much to drink the past few nights, even though I haven’t had anything to drink. It’s been feeling like this for about three days as well and I’m not sure what it is… Just a little anxious for some answers…

        1. In the early stage of pregnancy, you can definitely feel something like you described – a weird feeling in the lower abdomen that’s slightly different from PMS cramps.

          If I’m not mistaken, you don’t have to tell you’re pregnant at work just yet?

          1. I’m actually pretty sure I must have had an af bc I think there was a clot or two in my flow. It was only about half as heavy as usual, darker than normal in color, and only lasted for three days. But based on the reddish tint and the two small clots, I’m pretty sure I am not pregnant. I haven’t taken a test since then, but I haven’t experienced any morning sickness since the first couple of days I was late. Must have just been an odd cycle and some bad food or something…

          2. Although, my boobs are still very tender, and feel fuller. Could this be related to hormonal issues?

  93. I havent had af Since April 6 it is now May 31st and I still haven’t had a period I went to the hospital I’m on my period was 7 days late and the blood test was negative when I was 5 days late I took a home test and that was negative that’s when I went to the hospital when I was seven days later they told me that I had some and ovarian cyst they said that they were cats can be seen a small bubble I guess um two days later I felt that that wasn’t right so I went to a different hospital and they told me that I did not have ovarian cyst that maybe it was the flu or something now today and the with my period is due on the news 5th of June and I still haven’t had any results on any reasons why this could happen I have I not yet I’m really tired call me diarrhea in my breast hurt really really bad bloating. Lower backaches n severe headaches I’m confused

  94. I’ve missed three pills twice before and had my period on the third day both times. I recently stopped the pills completely and today makes 13 days with no period. The first couple of days I had some brown discharge, but very little with just a slight red(the red happened twice and it was just enough to notice) my breast aren’t sore, but I’ve had bad headaches and nausea, but mainly at night.. I’ve also had some cramping where I felt like I was about to have a period, but it never came. Took a pregnancy test, possibly too early and it came back neg.

    1. When you’re off the pill, it can mess up your period for a while. Stopping completely is more than missing a few pills, and 13 days are common enough – that, without knowing when and if you had unprotected intercourse.

  95. I had the depo shot in Sept. I was due the end of Dec for the next one but with all the side effects & my husband & I deciding we want anther child I didn’t get the next shot (highly do not recommend the depo). I have not had a period since I’ve been off of the shot but I know that is normal it can take up to one year to get a period. Well Monday I started cramping finally thought I was getting my period & my body was getting back to normal but I guess not. I had cramping for 3 days then went away. but on the second day Tuesday when I wiped there was pinkish blood. no flow. So it has been 3 days now of the pinkish blood and a little brownish only when wiping no flow. & I had 3 days of cramping. My husband & I did have sex 8 days ago. When I look up my symptoms everything points to implantation stage of pregnancy that happens 6-12 days after egg has been fertilized. So it is right on point that I could be pregnant. but I am unsure since I really haven’t had a normal period since I have been on the shot. I did take a home pregnancy test came back neg but I know its too early to show up positive. I would really like to know if anyone else has had this or if anyone may have an idea as to what is going on…. Thanks!

  96. I had a miscarriage in November, had to have a D&C at the end February to try and ease the bleeding which never actually fully stopped hence getting put back on the pill (cilest) Have been really careful lately with contraception, using condoms etc as the docs advised not to try conceive for another 6 months. I’m not due for my break from the pill for another week but I’ve started bleeding again already. I’m used to the bleeding so thats not so much of an issue but I keep getting headaches, mainly in the morning, feel nauseous a lot of the time, loss of appetite, really tired, have sore boobs and my nipples are quite tender and I’ve noticed there’s blue veins on them which I never noticed before this morning! I have lower back ache and stomach cramps mainly in the left side, as well as getting stitch and hiccups really easy! I did a test this morning out of curiosity but it was negative and I think I tested way too early. Is there a possibility I’m pregnant even with the bleeding? Quite worried, I don’t want to risk the same again and the docs are no help whatsoever, just keep saying try the pill.

    1. Ohh forgot to mention, my boyfriend pointed out last night my boobs have also got a lot bigger than they were which could explain why they are tender!

    2. I’m sorry for your loss. If you’re on the pill + condoms, I’d say the risk of pregnancy is slight, but it’s possible. Blue veins and cramping are possible pregnancy symptoms. You’re saying that the doctors are no help, but I’d find a good one – if you’re still bleeding, you need something more than pregnancy forums for advice, just for your peace of mind. Get well soon!

  97. i had a miscarriage and want a baby badly…i have felt few of the symptoms like the want to throw up thing however that settles down and nothing happens..i feel unusually thirsty and pee a lot..m close to my period date maybe 2-3 days..am scared to take the pregnancy test…i felt all the symptoms during my first pregnancy..my fingers are crossed..May God Bless Me with a Child this time.

  98. the first day of my last period was 25th April and stopped on the 3rd May 2014. on Monday 26th May 2014 i thought i was getting my period. all day i had no discharge of blood, for the 27, 28 and 29 i have no discharge only when I go to the bathroom. i took a pregnancy test today was negative. I have been feeling lower cramps, tender breast and nipples, headaches, back aches, tightening in my stomach and sometimes wanting to vomit after eating certain food.

  99. Hi my last normal period was on April 25 2014 and it ended on the 29th. I started bleeding on May 24th and it ended on the 26th. I started spotting on the 27th to the 28th and now it’s stopped all together. It was mostly there when I went to the bathroom. the bleeding happened 14 days past ovulation and four weeks past my last period. Implantation bleeding?

    1. It’s possible, though implantation bleeding mostly occurs a few days before the expected period. Did you have intercourse on your fertile days? Are you on bc?

  100. I am at 2 weeks late and it has been 8 weeks since my last period. I have taken at least 7 urine test and all negative. I have the slight cramping and the nausea throughout the day. The oily hair and now my breast are getting tender around the nipple and those are sensitive also. I am just unsure haven’t gone to a Dr yet. Am I pregnant? I have never been before so I am unsure and we have been trying for at least a year and I am 33.

    1. You can do a blood test, but I think we can trust 7 negative results :( It can be a hormone imbalance. However, consulting a doctor is a great idea – if you’ve been trying for a year now.

  101. Hi Everyone, i need some advise Please.
    I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, i had a miscarriage last august and have been trying off and on since then,
    But this past month been trying all the time, i had tracked my ovulation date which was the 28th April and brought a kit just to make sure i was.
    so me and my boyfriend off 4 years has sex with 2-3 days after.
    I was recommend Agnus Castus tablets to help with fertility when trying to get pregnant which i had been taking.
    I have a app on my phone to help me with my periods as i am irregular periods after my miscarriage this helps me, i was giving to date either my normal 35 day cycle was would have been 17th May or 42 days cycle 24th May.
    I still not had my period yet, i had had something going on with my stomach don’t know if was a bug but very bad diarrhea and very bad backache, i had done two test and come back negative.
    also been getting bad cramping, like period pains but nothing, as i do have very bad cramps and heavy clotted periods

    1. also been getting bad cramping, like period pains but nothing, as i do have very bad cramps and heavy clotted periods

  102. Hi. I missed 3 bc pills at the end of a pack. I also took the 7 day pill free gap (so 10days no pill) took the first pill in next pack as normal had sex that night. A week later I didnt feel right at all so stopped the pill completely. I then had a weird period 1 week early. I spotted pink the 1st day, 2nd and 3rd bled medium flow 4th nothing 5th spotted brown . I took a pg test a week later negative . Could I actually be pregnant though?

    1. I forgot to mention ive been cramping on off for 4 weeks since my bleed . Also a dull aching in lower back, really bad headaches .. literally go to bed with a headache and wake up in the morning with it … nausea for 2 weeks straight now begining to subside

    2. I have almost the same problem, except I’ve missed three pills twice before and had my period on the third day both times. I recently stopped the pills completely and today makes 13 days with no period. The first couple of days I had some brown discharge, but very little with just a slight red(the red happened twice and it was just enough to notice) my breast aren’t sore, but I’ve had bad headaches and nausea, but mainly at night.. I’ve also had some cramping where I felt like I was about to have a period, but it never came.

  103. Hi! Im on a regular 28-30day cycle and the last was 28th april, accdg to calculator I ovulated 12 of May. my bf & I made bd’s everyday from 12-14 May. 10days before my next period this month I had cramps, for almost 4 days (that was 18-22 May) and my breasts are kinda heavy and sensitive. Cramping reduced today, only few strikes for quite sometime, but i am now feeling dull on my pelvic area. I still have breast sore and tenderness and just notice now little blue green-like-bruises, like veins building up??? I am confuse if those are pms symptoms since my period is lie 10 days-1week away. I usually get pms cramps 2-3days before my period. Could it be implantation cramps? When should I test to confirm?

    1. Hi! Yes, they could be implantation cramps, though for some women, at least, they feel slightly different from PMS cramps. Test on your expected period day or a few days later. Good luck!

  104. Hi! My period came on April 24th lasted for 5 days. Me and my boyfriend bd 2 days after and a few times during my “fertile” days which are confusing because I sometimes have irregular periods. However I am 8 days early for my period. Started off very light with pinkish mucous and a little brown discharge the first day, the second day is was a little heavier the third day was medium but usually with clots however I’m not experiencing any clots this period 4th day got lighter but enough to fill a tampon stopping on the fifth day. Usually I don’t experience cramps during my period but this time I’ve had really mild cramps the entire time on and off. Could this be implantation bleeding or my period just came 8 days early?

    1. Hi! Tht doesn’t sound like imp. bleeding. Was the bleeding bright red from the second day on?

      If your period tends to be irregular, that could be your period. However, I’d see a doctor, to rule out early miscarriage. Just in case.

  105. Hi I’m after a little help. I have a 19 month old son who was born at 32 weeks. I bled the whole way through my pregnancy but was lucky not to experience any symptoms. I also have pcos. My periods have followed absolutely no cycle and i we haven’t used any protection since my son was born. Now I am experiencing a lot of the above symptoms but obviously it is nothing like my first pregnancy. What do you think? Tests are negative BTW. Thank you in advance.

  106. I had been on that depovero shot since I was 13 and I got off of it when I was 16 and I am 18 now. I had my period twice then it stopped my last period was 3/28/14 and I was peeing blood for a day n a half and then after that I had brown discharge and it was heaver than normal and this was 5/14_16/2012… could I be pregnant

  107. I am no about 11 days late for my period. I still experience queasiness and nausea throughout the day, typically a little in morning, a little in afternoon and worst at night (9:45-12:00). I had terrible breast discomfort and soreness 2 days ago and some faint pinkish color when wipeing the same day for about 3-4 hours. Not enough to wear a panty liner. Both have gone away. Early this morning I experienced terrible cramping and diarreha. Still no period or spotting. Took a pregnancy test with first morning urine – Negative. We have been trying and were intimate 2 days berfore and two days after ovulation on 5/7. First day of last period was 4/7. I should have started this cycle on 5/9. Should I be concerned for anything? Is there a chance I am still pregnant but since I ovulated so close to my period, fertalization caused it to stop but my Hcg levels are too low to get a positive home test. I used e.p.t.

      1. I did re-test, the result was still negative. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to see if it is something like a cyst that is causing this. Friday I wound up with a yeast infection so I had to use a monistat 7. Still getting occasional nausea and some breast aches. I was going to cancel the doctors appointment and write it all off as a hormone imbalance but my mom told me that false periods run in her family and she never got a positive result with a urine test. We will see. I don’t feel pregnant at this rate so probably something hormonal.

  108. Hi, my last period was on April 13th. Me & my boyfriend had sex 7 times til May 10th. My period was suppose to start May 7th. I’m 12 days late. I’m also on birth control, I just started taking birth control pills on April 27th. Could I be pregnant? When should I take a test ?

    1. Hi. If you had sex on your fertile days (do you know when you ovulate?) before you started taking the pill, you could. On the other hand, the pill itself might have affected your period. Did you take a test?

  109. Hi I’m 24 years old and been with my partner for seven year this year we decided to start a family (yay)! I’ve had the bar that’s been inserted in my arm for five years and had it replaced at the 3year mark. This year end of march I got it removed and got my period 3days after! It lasted for 8-9 days. I haven’t had a period since my partner and I have been bding a lot. I have taken hpt but they were negative I’ve had cramping on the left side only and that’s been happening for the last 2 weeks! But today I’ve notice a slight pink tinge only when I wipe and cramping on the left side! I need some advise! Could I be pregnant or just a late period!? I’m nervous about doing another pregnancy test as it might come up negative! Please help!!

  110. Hi wondering if anyone is going through the same thing. I last had sex on the 10th of April and my period came a week after not sure what day though never keep track lol and now from the 11th of may I started getting brown discharge and sometimes pink it has been going on and off for a week now so far and i’m also getting headaches, upper back pain sometimes lower back pain pain in my sides and my stomach but that isn’t as bad as the rest of them it feels like it’s stretching that’s the best way to describe it.

    1. I feel like I’m having a sort of similar situation. Been TTC, had a short april menses, spotted, ovulated 5/7, intimate 2 days before and after, completely missed my 5/9 period. now 5/20 and still no period and both pregnancy tests BFN. 2 days ago had pinkish with i wiped but thats gone. Boobs were sore all weekend but that went away too. Nausea for a week now, this morning super bad cramps and diarrhea. I have no idea what to make of all this. I read that it can take a day or two to fertalize, than a few more for the egg to travel to the uterus, than up to a week until it implants. I am wondering if Sunday discharge and cramping was implantation bleeding. Will retest this coming weekend. I am at a loss.

      1. I’ve not had breast tenderness whatsoever. I was the same pinkish when I wiped but then it was gone the brown discharge lasted 8 days and that has never happened to me before. I’ve never missed a period except in January that is never had one for the past two three January’s. No idea why that is though. I don’t have stomach cramps though sore stomach now and again. But the pain in my back is a killer. Lol. And my sides also. With the discharge I was cramping a little bit but it wasn’t that bad. And also what I’ve realised is I’m getting pretty snappy with people. The headaches have calmed down a bit though thank goodness. Only one way to find out I suppose.

        1. I started to bleed. Who knows – my moms family all get false periods – but i was cramping real bad. I now have a constant headache and breast tenderness. Not usual for my period tho. Hope you get a BFP! Let us know.

          1. What is a bfp I’ve heard that a lot I found out what it meant then I forgot my memory sucks lol. I’ve had the headaches for a while now and it’s annoying me still bleeding but it’s brown then it goes to pink then back and forth wish it would make up its mind like haha. And that has been since the 11th of may and I have never bled for that long but I don’t have stomach cramps the only pain I get is in my sides which doubles me over now and again and also my back and head and that’s it. Starting to pmo now. Lol

          2. Thanks. Yeah I am but the bleeding has changed it’s gotten a bit darker but still brownish as well. I have never bled for that long and it has been 12 days now. The headaches come and go same with the pain it’s like someone is ripping your insides out. Also a sharp shooting pain but no cramps and I always get period pains but nothing

          3. You’re welcome! I’d consult your obgyn regarding the longer-than-usual bleeding, just for your peace of mind. Especially if the pain is getting worse (is this the headache we’re talking about?)

          4. Yeah that has died down for now put the pain in my sides and back are still there

  111. Hi I was four weeks one day late and when I started its very light and blackish brown. No cramps but Im bloating very bad. Ive took 5 pregnancy test from all different brands and they all say negative. Is there still a chance I am pregnant. My periods were very regular and I knew down to the hour on when it was going to happen. Just dont know whats going on. Thanks for you help.

    1. Hi! False negative results happen, but I think we can trust 5 different tests. You could have experienced a hormonal imbalance, but there’s a chance you had a very early miscarriage. Are you on bc?

  112. Hi, I was due for my periode today but have only had very light brown discharge with no clots, a couple of times a bit of clear pinkish but only on the toilet paper. I have sore breasts since weeks and last months period started also with spotting and then lastet only for two days instead of 5. I usually have a very regular cycle, and have had unprotected sex with my partner. I did a home pregnancy test this morning and it turned out negative. Somehow I feel different though and wonder if it could still be that I am pregnant deepite the negative test result. Oh, I also have cramping, like I will get my periode, backpain and headaches…
    I would be grateful for your opinion :)

      1. Hello. Period bleeding is not always the same – it can occasionally be lighter than usual, and a different color. There is a chance that you’re pregnant, but your hCG levels were low, and the test couldn’t detect them. Did you repeat the test?

  113. I just had sex for the first time 4 weeks ago. Don’t think I’m young I’m 22. I haven’t had my period since 10th grade and I know it’s a condition that runs in my family. But I’ve noticed lately that foods I’ve hated i suddenly like, I’ve been peeing more often then normal, the biggest thing that’s scared me is the fact that I’ve been bleeding randomly. Sometimes there will be discharge and my friends have noticed a change in me. They think I’m being psychosomatic cause i want to have a kid but I didn’t think about it for three weeks now. Could this be signs i might be pregnant? I’ve taken two test now and one of them i took at 3 in the afternoon and it didn’t read tell 11 that night. The other i took but water got in the reader part and I’m not sure it read right.

  114. Hi, i was preg for 5 months & had to get induced Jan31. bc my baby had anecephaly. Once induced i bled for 2 weeks as doctor said i would & it was Feb. I had a normal period on March 17th then again April 14th and now this month of May it has not come yet. i do not want to be preg right now but could i be if i had sex w/ a condom May 4th & the condom ripped but he did not ejaculate and my normal period as stated above comes on 14-17th from preivous months? My period has not came yet im scared…

  115. Hi. I am just really curious of what is happening to me. My first day of my menstruation was the 24th of April. Me and my hubby are trying to conceive so after my period we just kept trying. But on the 13th of May i had a brown discharge. Only when i wiped but then became visible the next followings days. Its on its 3rd day. Its not that heavy and it is currently bright red. I was confused because i never had my period a week early which is supposed to be on the 22nd. I did not pt yet because i’m assuming that it is too early to test. Can someone tell me if it is implantation bleeding or if i’m over acting.

  116. Hey, I need help . My cycle usually comes on the 5th of every month but in April it came on , on the 7th and ended on the 12th in which me and my partner had unprotected sex on that night. Then we had unprotected sex again on the 20th of April after that I was cramping on and off and a week later I was feeling really tired during the day time then when May 5th came I thought my cycle would come but it didnt and I was still cramping then 7th came I wasn’t cramping but my cycle still did not come on so May 10th is the day my cycle came on and it only lasted for 3-4 days the first day it wss brown the next day light pinkish bright red during that time I felt nauseous like I was about to pass out or something and I am not on any birth control or anything COULD I BE PREGNANT ? please respond

    1. Hi! Assuming your March period started on the 5th, you have a 33 days cycle, which means your fertile windows was 23-28 April. So, there is a certain chance you could conceive, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Your period started later on April – it could have started later on May as well. Did you take a test?

      1. I am testing tomorrow i really hope i am pregnant I’ve been waiting for so long , have any other women conceived in a situation like this ?

  117. Hi, Hubby and I have been trying for months to get pregnant. I had my usual period in early April and then we went on trying. I am, according to home ovulation strip tests, a late ovulater – right before my period. Ovulation tests came positive for a few days like usual and than went away. No period came. I am now 6 days late and still nothing. Feeling unusual, some random throughout the day stomach uneasyness, yesterday seemed to smell EVERYTHING even though no one else did. 2 pregnancy ept tests say negative; however the women on my mothers side have a history of false periods throughout pregnancy as well as they seem to all have multiple miscarriages (great genetics!). Could I be pregnant and just not producing enough hormone at this time?

      1. Hi Doc, I tested on the afternoon I sent this and I just tested this a.m. with first morning urine. Negative. I am still getting nausea throughout the day and between 9 p.m. and 12 p.m. Thursday night that nausea was so bad it was dry-heaving. I have not had ANY spotting whatsoever since I ovulated however I did have a really nasty cramp and it hurt to move on one night late (I work the overnight shift so thats why I am awake so late). Not sure what to think so I have been treating my eating habits as if I am pregnant just in case – no alcohol staying away from smokers etc. At this point I am 8 days late.

      2. hi,saw my menses on the 21 of july,saw my lh surge the 15thg day of my cd,made love to my husband on the 15,16,17,18,19,….my menses is due for this month since on the 18 of august,no show till now,,,,,,since 6days now have been having fullness of breast and nipple pain,since one week now have been having cramps inside my lower abdomen…and also drinking too much water….and also feeling little illness like malaria…..it comes and go..and have been having little diarhh.please could i be pregnant? or is it premenstrual symptoms? i pray its pregnancy….

        1. Hi, I have never experienced malaria, so I wouldn’t know :) , but cramps in the lower abdomen are a possible symptom, especially since you had intercourse during your ovulation and your period is late. You can take a test, if you still haven’t done it. Holding fingers crossed for you.

  118. Hi Doc! I had the nexaplanon implant removed from my arm and thought I would be covered if I took the pill starting that night. Two days later my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he did fully ejaculate in me. 6 days later I”m starting to feel EXTREMELY tired, nauseated, really bad bloating, dizziness and some cramps. Could these be early pregnancy signs or is it just the result of switching birth controls? PLEASE HELP!

  119. I have my period every month on the 5th and ovulate on 24th-26th every month.My last period was April 5th.On April 25th and 26th I had sex and got cummed in more than once.May 5th and had no period.May 11th had a neg pregnancy test. May 12 at night had a couple spots of brown.May 13th had some brown pinkish red blood as well as today.Its all been light more than spotting but watery and the bright red dries pinkish an brown.No cramps or sore boobs which is unusual an no strong smell.My sides have hurt a little and I had a little bit of a headache off an on which I never get a headache.Whats it sound like?

  120. Hi, me and my partner have been ttc since nov. My periods have always been pretty regular, 28day cycle. Last month was confusing in the fact it was really light and on & off then finished light flow but dark blood. This was 12 april. I was expecting my period sat 10 may but nothing yet, which is unlike me to be this late. I did a test this morn which was negative but I had awful nausea this morn, my boobs have felt fuller for the last week or so, my nipples are really sore, ive been having cramps and seem to be going to the loo more.
    Could I finally be pregnant? !

  121. Hello, My last period was on the 14 April, I ovulated on the 2nd May, I’ve been getting cramps, head aches, so tired, nausea and discharge.. And today I have woke up feeling quite sick on and off, with cramps, swollen glands and head aches oh and tiredness.. I had sex with my partner 4 days before I ovulated and a day after I ovulated.. Have took two tests (clear blue you can take 4 days before period and I took a cheap test that says it can be took 5 day before period) and both test were negative, although I thought i sawa faint line on the cheap on when I was holding it in a different way, but think im just paranoid and hoping for a positive to much lol chances of me being pregnant? Help please xx

    1. Hello! You can test before your period, but not every woman will get a positive result – that depends on your hCG levels. The tests are more reliable if you take them from the day of your expected period and later, so I’d repeat the test. Holding fingers crossed for you, but in any case – it’s best to have sex on your ovulation day (you can use an ovulation test) not before (though there is a chance to get pregnant if you have sex a few days before ovulation), and definitely not after. Good luck!

  122. hallo to all reading my comment! im so confused! i counted my last 3 months cycle from the 1st day to the next 1st day my cycle is 32 days and my period lasts up to 5 days .. my last period started on the 12th of april and today is the 14th of may so im 2 days late! im only feeling tired and urinating more and feeling a bit irritated..i also have a white creamish dischrge and only a burning feeling in my nipples that comes and goes! please any advise would be so very much appreciated! o and im 22 years old…

  123. My last period was 4/13-4/17. I ovulated around the 26th/ 27th, and had sex with my fiance on the 26th. My average cycle is 28 days. I am now 15dpo. I took a hpt on 5/11 around 5pm and came back negative. My period was due yesterday. Although i am only a day late i did notice i had a very light pink streak when i wiped a couple of hours ago. I have checked a few times to see if AF was just late but nothing has turned up. We have been TTC for quite some time now and i don’t want to get my hopes up. I am consciously trying to wait until Wednesday to test again, if AF still doesn’t show up. I have read so much about TTC that i don’t know what to think anymore. I have read several comments on here about implantation bleeding but have found other sources that have said that it is far more rare than the internet leads us all to believe.

    1. Implantation bleeding usually occurs a few days before your period, and is usually pinkish or brownish. Don’t know how rare it is, but personally know at least one woman who had it, so it definitely exists. Did you repeat the test?

  124. Hi, I am now 4 days late. My husband and i are currently separated and we last had unprotected sex on April 26th and 27th right around the time i was ovulating. My period was supposed to start on Friday May 9th but it still has not arrived. I have been overly tired, and have had some white milky discharge, as well as some headaches and dizziness to the point i almost passed out when i went for a walk. I have also had a little cramping and have just felt different. I have taken 2 pregnancy test and they both came back negative, i just went to medical for a blood draw and i am awaiting the results. could i be pregnant?

    1. Yes, you could. You took the home pregnancy tests a bit early – you should wait for your period day at least. But a blood test will give you a reliable result.

  125. According to my phone app which keeps track of the days I ovulate. I would of been ovulating on Sunday May 4, which me and my fiancé had sex. Friday may 04 I has used the washroom and noticed that when I wiped there was a pink tinted spot on the tp. Then later on that evening I had thrown up. And the bleeding had become a little heavier.
    Saturday and Sunday continued to bleed some. My actual period is not suppose to start for 6 more days. Which would be Sunday May 18. I have been extremely tired, have had sore nipples, diarrhea, been getting constant head aches and having back pain. Could I be pregnant?

      1. On Friday May 9 at first it was just a pink tint on the tp, then turned to light red blood. The strange thing is that, I only bleed some during the day. At night there has be very little blood to no blood at all. It has been on and off like that from Friday until today, I have been wearing pads and since I had changed it at around 6:00pm today, I have not had anything on the pad, I still shouldn’t be starting my period for 5 more days still.

        1. It could be implantation bleeding,. though it is usually pinkish or brownish. But if you had intercourse on your fertile day, you could definitely conceive Nothing to do but wait for your period day and take a test. Sorry for not being of any help.

          1. Yes, I did have intercourse on my ovulation day. I only have three days left until I am suppose to get my period. I will wait until then and go get a blood test done, since I heard that Is one of the best ways of finding out. That’s okay, thank you for trying to help me out. :-)

  126. Hi im 2 days late today having headaches,feeing sick,cramps,lower back pain.sore breasts. IM never late apart from when iv been pregnant iv had 2 pregnancies. I have tested using clear blue but it said not pregnant what do you think ?? Ideas please im 29 and confused

  127. Hi im married and on birth control pills since i was diagnosed with pcos last month
    so my period ended on april 29 and i have unprotected sex w my husband since im on pills and i had it on may 2. from may 3-present im having prolems with my body. constipation, headache, vomiting, nausea, sore breast, cravings for food, fatigue, dizziness, i tested with the doctor yesterday to see if im pregnant but came out negative i think i tested too soon but could it be im pregnant?

    1. If you really tested too early, it’s possible, though unlikely, since you’re on bc. Besides, May 3 is way too early to experience pregnancy symptoms such as nausea. Any chance it’s a common flu?..

      1. noo and today i noticed some spotting and its pinkish brown. My normal period date isnt till the 23 so can this mean anything?!?

          1. Well, irregular periods are one of the symptoms of PCOS, but the pill is supposed to take care of that. I still think that May 3rd was too early for pregnancy symptoms, but I’d consult your obgyn regarding the discharge and the symptoms, and, if you think you tested too early, repeat the test after your supposed period day (if still irregular, try to remember your longest cycle).

          2. does pcos get worse with time? is it bad to wait and keep trying? does waiting make it worse?

          3. so im planning to have a baby now….is this a wise decision? what are chance of a miscarriage? will my baby be normal? can i pass pcos to my child?

          4. You can definitely conceive with PCOS, but yes, you are at a higher risk of miscarriage. That doesn’t mean that trying to get pregnant is a bad idea. There is evidence that you can pass it to your child, but that’s not 100% clear. I’d recommend you to consult an obgyn, who will be able to answer all your questions and offer treatment and advice regarding a future pregnancy.

  128. Hoping I’m pregnant. Husband and I have been trying for a while. Always disappointed by the visit of my monthly friend. This month is weirdly different. Highly aware hat I didn’t experience my usual PMS symptoms, my husband and I have both been unusually tired, highly increased thirst, yet, no matter how much water i drink, recently/suddenly, I’ve been having very dark colored urine and I am a couple of days late. Don’t want to take a test just yet, not really sure when is the best time to, but I don’t want to test too early, or use a disappointing brand of test and get a wrong/unsure answer. Any advice??? Thanks.

    1. Hello! If your period is a couple of days late, you can start testing. If you don’t trust the home pregnancy test, buy two different ones, or go straight for the blood test. Holding fingers crossed for you!

  129. Question, I was wondering if you could get pregnant when ur on your period & the guy ejaculated in you? Well usually I have my period for like 4 or 5 days and we had sex on the 2nd day of my period and it lasted for three days so right after I had sex it stopes kinda the next day & it was pinkish orangish when I wiped, now my stomach has lower pains & my back kills me. Just wondering if amyome else has exsperienced this..my average cycle length is 31 days & my shortest cycle length is 26 days any help would be appreciated(: thanks

    1. I had an iud put in October 2013 and my husband and I had sex March 15-31.. Well I had to have my IUD removed bcz it hurt both of us and I had bleeding 3 days after the IUD was removed in the beginning of April.. It seemed to be a normal period bcz it lasted for 4 days.. Well that was in April and now it’s May 10 and I’ve yet to get my period. Plus I’m having cramps, back pain, nausea, sensitive nipples and frequent urination and diarrhea. Also I never had a period on Mirena IUD and I’m still breast feeding my 8 month old.. Do I sound pregnant?

  130. 6 days late. Tested yesterday BFN. Have headaches, nausea, heartburn. How soon can I test again? 19DPO

  131. Hello I got off my period the 18th of April I had sexual intercourse on April 23rd and 30th could that unprotected sex have gotten me pregnant?”

    1. Hello! I need to know when your April period started and when your next period is due to answer that. If you’re not sure about the next period, tell me when your March period had started.

  132. Hi! So I had my last period April 9th and I believe I ovulated the 23rd which puts me currently at around 12 or 13 dpo. Friday, the 2nd,I had a pink creamy/gooey discharge a little smaller than a dime (sorry tmi) when I wiped and that was it. Then that night, Saturday and Sunday were tiny brown streaks with one more tiny pink spot. Today, Monday the 5th, I had watery red spotting that was like 4 drops, just enough to get on my underwear. It slowly turned brown and is completely gone and I just have a clear almost slippery cm. Was that implantation bleeding or am I just overthinking things? I’m due for my period Wednesday or Thursday.

    1. Hi :) I have something very similar going on now, last period started 11th of April and next due on Thursday 8/5, but on Sunday I had clear, ovulation like CM with blood strikes, only once when I whipped, yesterday more creamy cm, a bit brownish, and today same creamy cm, bit brownish when I whipe only. I also have on/off sharp pain on the right side, the side where I ovulated this month, I never have any discharge before my AF, usually I would have a little in the evening and the full AF would arrive in the morning….wondering if I can be pregnant?

  133. Hello, my last period was March 30th.. i was ovulating around the same time i was sexuually active. My period is 8 days late. my boobs hurt like hell, it seems like I can never get enough sleep. . Plus I noticed a brownish red discharge, which started 3 days ago

      1. I had brownish discharge with my daughter like at 8 weeks so it’s possible to have something like that way after implantation. But mine was only one day.

  134. Hello. Period is 5 days late I been having sore breast/nipples , cramping , and pain on the side of my abdomen . On day 4 of my missed period I noticed pinkish discharge but nothing else . I’m waiting 2 more days before I take a hpt but the waiting part is driving me crazy

  135. Lets see if I can get some help. I am nursing my now six month old son. I DO NOT use any sort of birth control so I know there is ALWAYS a chance of becoming pregnant. For about a week now I have been experiencing nausea, fatigue, cramps, tender breasts and sore nipples, bloating, increased urination, mood swings and very emotional over everything I see on TV. I have taken a few tests already and all have said negative. So I am assuming I am not pregnant. Does anyone know what this may mean?? Oh, and because I am nursing I have NO period.

    1. I also have vaginal discharge…………..basically I am experiencing everything mentioned above. Just getting that negative test.

    2. Hello! That’s right, you can get pregnant while nursing even before you get your first period. The thing is, since we can’t know for sure whether you’ve already ovulated, it’s hard to know when to test. The best thing you an do is to take a test about a month after your last intercourse. Or, you can do a blood test now. Apols, I know it’s not too definite,

  136. Hi need help not sure wats going on….ok my cycle last 3 days… i suppose to came on the 13 of april but came on the 16 first my period was 3 days late, when it came it was light pink than it turn brownish red….after my cycle my nipples were sore I’m experiencing real bad cramps 2 weeks now, I dont have cramps wen I come on my cycle…. I also been experiencing heat flash wen everyone is cold, headaches pop up out of no where ….after I eat im still hungry, I might eat some days but wont eat other days, cravings come from out of nowhere like today was craving fish an grits an hot cheetos and a snickers. Its like its hard for me to past a bowel it hurts real bad….help plz

  137. Hi, I had my last period on the 21 of March and my next expected cycle date was April 18..i am now 11 days late (now that its April 29)..I took a home pregnancy test on April 23 and it read negative however I have had some pregnancy symptoms such as headaches, morning sickness, increased discharge, cramping and backaches and obviously a missed period…could I be pregnant with a false negative test?? And when should I be able to take a more accurate test?

    1. A false negative is possible in case you have low hCG levels. The hormone levels when pregnant continue to rise, which means that with each that that passes, you have a better chance to get a correct result. So you can wait another week or just do a blood test.

  138. plz if if anyone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it I really need hear sum feed back I am really nervous and I hate hospitals don’t want to go unless it is necessary

  139. hello I don’t know when im ovulating but last month I had sex of the week of and the week before I had sex with my husband my period came on 3/20 and last 4 days ( It usually 7 days and heavy very) now this month my period was a 8 days late it came on the 28 and is very light (tmi) but the blood is light n pink sometimes dark red I have been getting headaches and lower back pain but no cramps and I usually do tho smh …. could I be pregnant confused

  140. hi i’m 17 and on feb 19 i got my period and in march i didn’t have a period and i’m regular so it comes every month .it is now april 28th and on the 24 i started cramping lightly and started bleeding .what is going on and in march i was just nauses. please help

  141. Hi, I am 38 and had Poly-cystic ovaries since 25, over the years my periods have been irregular. In the last five years I was in a relatiosnship that went from bad to worse and on top of that I took custody of my great nephew who is 6 now.. I gained weight and since January this year I have lost almost 2and half stone, losing 10.3% of my body mass. This obviously has been a significant change for me, in March which Im sure was around the last week of march I had my period, on the 12 and 19 April I had un protected sex come the 21st I had sore breast and still do, I had dry white spot in underwear, cramp on right side and nervous feel in tummy, a slight backache and high libido, this lasted all off 3 days.. I did take a pregnancy test on Tuesday last week as a friend drummed it into me but it was negative..Could this be a case of due on again or could it be pregnancy.

    1. You could be pregnant, though since you have irregular periods, it’s harder to know in your case. On the other hand, the cramps could also mean you were ovulating. If the cramps were not getting worse, try to remember the longest cycle you’ve ever had, and repeat the test on the “due” day or a few days later.

  142. My name is Danielle and im 22 years old. I had my period March 12-16, normal period. I downloaded an app to track my ovulation but I did that after unprotected sex with my now ex-boyfriend. We had unprotected sex March 24th and by the “My days” calculation I was ovulating March 22-27.. I checked other apps and websites for sure calculation. Ive had a period this month April 5-9th but it was abnormal, it lasted 4 days. Day one, was brownish. Day two was brownish with pink. Day three was reddish brown and day four was brownish will alittle pink again. My cycles are 28-29 days. Its been 4 weeks and 2 days since unprotected sex. Ive taken two test, one 21 days after sex and it was negative and again today 4 weeks and two days after sex, and was also negative. My boobs have been sore to lay on, my nipples are altra sensitive, Ive been tanning so my nipples have darkened from that so I can tell. Ive been nauseous, at my fast food job its the worst. Meatballs put me over the edge !! Smells are stronger for sure. Im crampy, all I do is sleep now. My mood swings have been pretty crazy the whole month, like I have no patience lately.

    1. Also, ive thrown up three times in the past 4 weeks and 2 days, tonight I threw up on the express way on my way home from work in my trash can. I have noticed Im more constipated for days at a time and when im not. I have diaherra. Ive noticed more headaches than usual and my appetite is low some days and others I cant stop craving but nothing seems to hit the spot :( everyone thinks im pregnant despite the test results.. am I ? When should I test again ? Or should I wait for my next period due May 3rd-7th ? Helppp :/

      1. Forget what everyone else thinks. If you started what seems like a normal period, you’re probably not pregnant, but if you’re still worried, a blood test will settle it – no reason to wait.

  143. I am irregular and my boyfriend ejaculated in me on the 11th of March. Today is the 25th of April and all this week I been having diarrhea, I been vomiting, I had light spotting for three days, and my stomach feel like it is pulling and hurt to lay on it. Also I haven’t been eating anything cause the food don’t seem to have a taste to it. I am wondering what’s wrong with me?

  144. I am irregular and my boyfriend nut in me on the 11th of March. To day is the 25th of April and all this week I been having diarrhea, I been vomiting, I spotted for three days, and my stomach feel like it is pulling and hurt to lay on it. Also I haven’t been eating anything cause the food don’t seem to have a taste to it. I am wondering what’s wrong with me?

  145. hi I have had my iud taken out 2 1/2 weeks ago and we are trying to conceive and I took it out on the 3rd of april 2014 and I today april25,2014 I amd having very little abdominal pain and brown discharge is that a sign or pregnancy or is it something to be worried about?

    1. If the pain doesn’t get worse, I wouldn’t be worried just yet. You could get pregnant, though I’m not sure that you will get a positive result if you test right now. I’d wait about two weeks to test.

  146. Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I have been off the pill from February and my period returned to normal straight away. I am now 6 days late. Been having mild menstrual type cramps, backache, headache and dizziness for nearly a week. Today I have new symptoms I am constipated and my nipples are very sensitive! Also having a lot of thick white discharge. My last period was March 22 and me and my partner were intimate April 8. I have had 4 negative pregnancy tests. I took one 2 days after period was due, 3 days after period was due and 4 days after period was due phoned the doc and he said if period hasn’t come by Monday (April 28) to test again.

    What do you think?

    1. Hi. Here’s my personal experience – I had two regular periods after coming off the pill, and then it was almost 3 weeks late. So, it can still be the side effects of coming off the pill. I’d listen to the doc:).

  147. hey, I’ve been feeling light headed lately and on the 11th i had unprotected sex, a few days later i experienced cramping for one day. I haven’t had a period since i had my son, which was 8 months ago. I thought my period was coming on but still nothing. On the 23rd My husband and i was having foreplay and we noticed traces of blood on his fingers, so i thought it was my period its two days later and still no noticeable bleeding. My period is irregular so i don’t know what to think. i still feel like headed, i took a test and it was negative. Could i have taken it to early???? Help please, im so confused, well at least my body is…lol

  148. Hello. So I had my period on the 29th of March. It was normal. I don’t know the exact day I ovulated but my husband and I have been intimate around the time I was expected to ovulate pretty much that whole week. I had extremely light spotting on the 17-19 of April. Only those three days. I tested today (April 25th) and it was negative… Did I test too early? Usually my periods are around 30 days apart. The only symptoms are my boobs are sore, I’m moody, and I’m tired. But that also happens before my periods.

  149. Hi, well I’m currently 6 days late, took 2 test the 1st and 4th late day and both negative. Other then my missed period, some cramps, diarrhea (sorry tmi), and some morning sickness I’ve had no other symptoms. I’m 24 and been trying to conceive since my son was 1 he’s now 5 and have yet to get pregnant again so hopefully this is my little blessing. But just wondering if anyone else having any of these symptoms as well

  150. Hello, Today I am one week late on my period. I have sore breasts and they feel heavy, I have been getting headaches every night. I am also very tired. Tonight I started getting some lower back pain as well. I took a test on Tuesday evening the 22nd and it was negative. Could I be pregnant?

  151. My last period started 3-25-14 with a normal 28-29 day cycle so I should have started on 4-22-14. Since Saturday my nipple have been really tender and hard for 4 days, I had a mild headache off and on and my boyfriend noticed me going to the bathroom frequently Sunday. Lol

    I took a test yesterday which was negative. Today I’ve felt short pains on my right side and light spotting. When should I try to take another test.

    1. I assume you had unprotected sex? You can repeat the text in a few days, but what’s more important, watch for the pains on your right side – if they get worse and you still have nothing more than spotting, consult your doctor.

  152. Hi my last period was 25th march 2014, But it lasted 10 days-usally around 5/6. my husband and a have had sex pretty much every second day and are ttc.Today is 24th april, shld i be expecting my period? or will it be another week away due to the last one being so long? I have cramping tonight on one side of tummy,but no bleeding. Hoping to be pregnant, but not getting hopes up. would like to test in a day or so, but dont want to if my period “should be” another week away.advice please?

  153. Good Morning. I am 23 years old. Myself and hubby really want a baby. We have been having unprotected sex since Dec and i’m not on any bc. My last period was 16/03/2014 up till now i still haven’t gotten my period.

    I have taken 2 home tests but both negative. I have experienced a loss of appetite for like two weeks already (i love food hehe) I crave something now and the minute i stand in front of it i feel like vomiting lol. I don’t have soretender breast, i do experience lower abdominal pain now and then and also discharge.. I also feel bloated all the time i actually feel uncomfortable lately . I don’t want to get my hopes up but i’m really hoping this is it. Please advise


  154. I had unprotected sex when I supposedly ovulated, two and three days after, and a lot in my fertility window, I’m 9dpo and I’ve been having a lot of very thick white discharge since 7dpo and had sore nipples earlier this week, Ive also had slight cramping on one side generally, frequent urination and increased thirst since 7dpo. Could I be pregnant?

  155. Hello. I’ve been trying to conceive but on our own without charting. My last period was 3/16/14. I’m late. I haven’t had many symptoms but I have felt weird things around my ovaries. Like, when I was pregnant with my first, as if he was kicking me but not as hard but a light tapping over my left ovary then today it felt like an ocean wave across them. I tested a week ago but it came back negative. I have a stuffy nose, bloated, sleepy but can’t sleep, some headaches, sneezing, dry mouth while cleaning now, do not seem to be peeing as any different, a little constipation, smelling a lot more and I almost got sick today while just chatting with my husband, came out of nowhere. I want to test again but I don’t want to get my hopes up.. I’ve had this happen before but not as many symptoms. I don’t have sore boobs or dark anything.. Never craving. Which I really didn’t with my first until my second trimester, I got sick a lot. When I tested with him, it was a very faint line on all my tests. Any suggestions?

  156. Hi.. i had sex on marchh on my fertile period. For the month of April, my period was delayed 6 days and it last for 1 and half days only. I’m having all the pregnancy symptoms. It get worse day by day. But my pregnancy result showed negative and ultrasound showed negative. What could be the reason? My gps told me that I might be pregnant.. i really don’t understand

  157. We’ve been TTC for a year now. I am 31. I know I need to make an appointment with my OB/GYN to talk about what’s going on and why things aren’t happening for us. I’m a bit nervous though and unsure of what to expect from that appointment. What kinds of questions will be asked and will any tests be done then? Also wondering, is that something my husband should come with me to? I’m so nervous that we will find something wrong, but also worried we won’t know why its not happening and it will not help us figure out why nothing is happening yet.

    1. Your husband should def come w you, to support you and ease your worrying, as well as listen to drs input, and ask his own questions. The dr may ask family history questions as well, pertaining to female and male health and infertility issues. If you don’t know it’s ok to say you don’t, don’t hide anything, it’s for your own benefit!
      During the visit the dr may want to refer your husband for a sperm test into a special facility that takes care of such lab work. He ll get a cup , go into a room, return the cup filled w his specimen, and off the lab goes to test. Your dr will let you know of results in about a week or so. The dr may perform and ultrasound exam on you, and take your blood to evaluate your hormone levels for pregnancy

  158. Ok soo I had been feeling sick when I wake up but never actually got sick, ive been really tiered and had either diarrhea or been constipated. Ive also had stomach cramps and extremely moody lol. I looked these signs up online and it says it could be early pregnancy sings. Im one day late on my normal period and ive taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative so what should I do now?

      1. I have had unprotected sex verius time this month. No I’m not on any type of birth control and haven’t been for awhile now. Today is the 25th and I still have had no period I have a dr appt mon the 28th with my obgyn, I haven’t taken anymore pregnancy test since the 22nd of this month. What do you think?

  159. My last period was 3/20 and today is 4/21. I have not got my period yet i only been feel cramping. Last wed i did a pregnancy test and came negative. What should I do wait to see if my period comes. I dont feel no symptoms only cramping till now .

  160. I ovulated on 4/7. My cycle is due today. I’ve only had a light pinkish brown discharge Fatigue moody cramping nausea all of the classic prego symptoms. . I pray we are pregnant. Does this sound normal? I’ve taken a pregnancy test but its negative. Possibly because of the discharge maybe it has small traces of blood.

    1. Im right there with you on this one, but I really don’t have any nausea. I know that having traces of blood in your urine wont affect the test though. I am going to wait a week to test again I think.

  161. I had 3 days of my high fertility days. On the last day we had intercourse I had bad pain cramp which made it to where I.could barely walk. I this feeling from when I got pregnant the last time. I am 6 days past my ovulation I sick to my stomach and my back hurts. I can’t sleep at night and I really need to know if it is possible that I am pregnant as soon as possible. The man I was with left me last week and I wanna know that I am truly done with him or not. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative.

      1. I am 10 dpo and still have a negative pregnancy test could that mean I am ok and not pregnant. I really don’t feel good I an bloated. I am sensitive to smells and have a mild headache however I am under alot of stress right now. I’m not impatient. I just wanna be done with this man if I can be. I really have always wanted another baby but wanted daddy around.when can I test and know for sure. I am never regular but this is the chart I went by

          1. It’s good to have a daddy around, for sure. If your periods are irregular,try to remember what was your longest cycle and calculate your expected period day accordingly.

          2. Ok so here is more people say they have vaginal discharge well for 2 days now I have had dryness. I.also can’t sleep. It might be that I am worried or depressed. I’m tired but can’t sleep. I am really thirsty. I have tender breast. Still a negative pregnancy test but I think it still may be to early. I have some nausea but not alot and I have diareaha. I don’t know what to think.

  162. Hi…I had my last menstrual on 3/31/14. I had unprotected sex on 4/12 and felt ovulation on 4/13. My fertile days were from the 9th to the 13th. Since my ovulation, I have been having dull to achy cramps like my menstrual wants to start. It kinda feels like something is digging in to my lower abdomen. I’m starting to have some lower back pain that came on all of the sudden. My breast aren’t sore but have a tingling sensation. I have had two occasion that I have had nausea, tho nausea started late in my last two pregnancy. No implantation bleeding but I never had it with my last two either. I am having some creamy white discharge. I’m wondering if I could be pregnant. My next menstrual is due on 4/25/14.

  163. Hi. I had unprotected sex day 14. But my cycle is usually 33-34 days. But today and yesterday I have experienced extreme tiredness cramping allday and VERY moody. I don’t know if this would be pregnancy symptoms or ovulation symptoms? ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks :)

  164. Hi, on average I have 25-26 day cycles 27-28 when I’m really stress-free which is rare but it happens and I have 7 day periods (5th through 7th really light days).

    Anyway, my husband and I had sex on the 8th day which according to my period tracker the 7th day of my period was my first Fertile day. Well, day 8th was 2nd Fertile day and we ALWAYS use withdrawal method and has worked well for us for more than 20yrs. We were pretty young when when we first got together and inseparable since then.

    Nevertheless, he did not withdrawal this time (on the 8th day of mens)…I thought uh-oh but didn’t say anything because he knew I just ended my cycle. My Ovulation date was the “12th day” and this week on Tuesday, I began feeling mild cramping, early in the morning, mid-morning and sometimes in the evening. One morning I woke up around 3am it felt like my head spun and it was so strong it woke me up and began to feel mild cramping and have had mild cramping for the last 4 days. I had lunch today with a co-worker, I drove so as i begin driving I got dizzy. I pulled over and after a few minutes, I was fine. I am 40 and healthy, my OBGYN says I’m far from menopause. But I do have one issue, several months back, she found small cyst and an ovarian fibroid that she wanted to surgically remove. Im trying the homeopathic way by drinking Organic Apple cider vinegar in water and blockages molases and noticed my fibroid symptoms have disappeared until the day before when i developed the little pooch. Im supposed to start my period in 5 days but could I still be pregnant?…

    1. I am supposed to start in 2days but I tinckled this morning and saw a very light rose pink spotting on toilet paper. Im trying to be patient and have good vibrations in hopes that I am pregnant. :)

      P.S. When I went to sleep Saturday night, as I was falling asleep, I felt my lower abdominal throbbing, not in any painfull way at all but I remember feeling that as I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

  165. Well I’ve been going through a lot if changes this past month. Haven’t been keeping track of ovulation or menstruation. But a week ago I’ve notice light spotting so thought it was my period but soon after for 3 days I’ve had a brown discharge. Same thing two days ago light spotting brown discharge soon after a very light to medium period. I’m a heavy flower too. And haven’t used up more than two pads. I have frequent urination, nauseous, moody. And just very irritated. I’m hungry and tired my breast do feel a little tender. And yes I’ve had intercourse.

  166. Hello, me and my partner are trying for a baby, we had sex twice on my most fertile days, my period is now 3 days late, I’ve had quite a bit of discharge. Had a metallic taste in my mouth also, do you think I may be pregnant, am scared to do a test incase of it being negative, any thoughts?

    1. Hello! If you had sex on your fertile days and your period is late, there’s a good chance you’re pregnant, but you will not know until you test:) Holding fingers crossed for you!

  167. I have recently missed my period, which was suposed to arrive April 14. My boyfriend and I have had intercourse twice about a month ago with protection (a condom) and we have never done it long enough from him to ejaculate. I am really worried because I thought that the only way you could get pregnant is if you had intercourse and he cumed but some web sites tell me that if our lower parts just touch or rub WITHOUT protection I could also be pregnant. Is this true? My bpyfriend was lying down and I was on top of him and grinded on him without protection. Will this make me pregnant ??
    And I also took a pregnancy test that came out negative on April 17 (Three days after the first day of my missed period)

    Thank you so much if you take the time to read this, help would be appreciated !!!!

    1. Hello! To get pregnant, some sperm must end up in your vagina, and I doubt you could achieve that by your play. It could be a temporary hormone imbalance, but if you’re still worried, repeat the test!

  168. me and my boyfriend had sex on march 26 (the day of my first menses) on 21 days after, he fingered me. e ejaculated in his hands BUT he washed it with water then wipe in on a piece of cloth and let it dry for like 5 – 10 mins before he fingered me, it was dry when he fingered me. on day 22 of my cycle i vomited because i was so full, i was worried so i bought HPT it resulted as negative, its now 24 day on my cycle expecting my period on april 22 or 23. i didn’t experience any symptoms of pregnancy since the first and last intercourse with bf.

          1. You’re welcome:)

            To get pregnant, sperm must get into your vagina. You can hardly achieve that with fingering, especially if hands were washed, wiped and left to dry:)

            As for March 26, I understand that was the first day of your period? You will not get pregnant while menstruating – you need to ovulate for that, and ovulation starts after menstruation ends. To know when you ovulate, use any online ovulation calculator (just type “ovulation calculator” in the search engine) and follow the instructions. It’s easy.

            Besides, you only have a few days left until your expected period. If you’re still worried, take a pregnancy test on your period day (if it doesn’t start). or a few days later.

          2. Ohh, i took HPT 3 days ago, it was negative, i’ve been observing my body and no symptoms since then. im a safe? i’ve search all over the net some say HPT are accurate during 14 days after conception. i took mine on 22 days after intercourse resulted as negative. my expected period will be 4-5 days. should i still be worried? or move on?

          3. more info about me: so you already know i had sex on march 26 which is the day i got my menses. its now 26 days since and i have not yet feel pregnancy symptoms or implantation bleeding, just normal, implantation bleeding starts at 6-14 days after intercourse right? if the sperm and the egg meets? but i have not yet experience it. i took HPT at night last 4 days ago which is day 22 of my cycle, it was negative. they say if your pregnant morning or night doesnt matter if your pregnant the result will be positive right? but mine was negative. and does getting horny unexpectedly is a sign of pregnancy? i always wipe i only see white discharge when im horny. if not nothing i use wet wipes. im a not pregnant? should i move on about this? hoping for your really accurate and pleasant answer :) God bless.

          4. Not every woman has implantation bleeding when pregnant. In fat, you don’t have to experience any of the symptoms, except maybe nausea, which is very common, unfortunately:)

            As for the pregnancy test results, if you want to be sure about them, take the test from the day of your expected period and later (some women have low hCG levels – hCG is the pregnancy hormone that the test detects – and have to take the test later, for example, a week after the expected period day).

  169. hi! i have a few questions!! last february 13 i got sex with my boyfriend with out using condom but then he didnt come in it’s widrawal the day after sex is i noticed that i’ve discharge which is the first time i encountered, the last 28 of march i got my period for 4 days..Month of march 12, 20, 25,26 i got sex again no protection and it’s withdrwal , and lastly months of 27 macrh i got my period…..but im worried cause there’s some watery discharge,white come out everyday and sometimes it was a litle bit yellow. Supposed to be my period should be april 28 but now it;s so early april 18. i feel so sleepy every morning and tires cause im working 11pm-7am..There are no symptoms that im pregnant.. Could it be posible that im pregnant??? thank you i will wait to your reply

    1. Hi! IF you got your period on March, and it was definitely period bleeding (mostly bright red, and relatively heavy, that is, more than just spotting) you’re probably not pregnant – or, at least, you didn’t get pregnant during February (never mind the discharge, that sounds normal), but as you didn’t say anything about unprotected sex after your March period, can’t say more. If you’re working a lot, that explains your fatigue, I’d say. Just wait for your period day, that’s not too long, and take a test, if you’re still worried.

  170. I feel like I’m crazy. My period six days late. I have never been more than one day late with my period ever in the last ten years. My husband and I had unprotected sex this last month, but I don’t exactly remember when. I keep track of my period so I know it was supposed to have shown up on the eleventh of April. I had mild cramping and backaches the day it was supposed to show and the day after, but now nothing. It’s like it’s just disappeared. My mood has been unusual. I’m unusually happy for this time period in my cycle, but occasionally my mood pulls a 180 and I get really emotional all of the sudden. Weird for me because I’m usually just pissy around my cycle or normal. Happy and sad are not usual moods for my period time. The other unusual thing is my appetite has tripled in size. My husband sand my friends have noticed that I’m scarfing down more calories in a setting. This appetite changed occurwd on day three of my missed cycle. I think I’m more tired than usual but since I usually feel groggy it’s hard to discern, but I’ve been sleeping a lot longer and deeper these last few days than usual. There has been no change in my lifestyle habits. I’m not stressed, not medicated, not sick (to my knowledge), I’m a healthy weight for my age and body type, but those stupid home pregnancy tests keep telling me I’m not pregnant. My instincts are telling me otherwise, and it’s making me feel nuts. I know my body and it’s acting weird. If it’s not pregnancy then I feel like I don’t know my bodies cues or I’m missing something here, ya know. We weren’t trying to get pregnant, but the longer my body goes on being not normal the more I’m starting to entertain the notion of bejng a mom already. Anyone else feel this way?

  171. I really hope someone out there can give me some advice. I was taking ortho tri-cycln lo and I missed too many pills, so I had to start over. Well after I finished my next pack (the one that I had to start over with), I had to take antibiotics. Instead of getting another round of pills, I decided to wait until this cycle was over so that it wouldn’t mess with the routine my body has gotten in. My boyfriend and I have always used the pull out method and never had a problem with it. However, I am two days late. I’ve been wearing a pad just in case I start my period while I’m not at home and I’ve noticed some pinkish stuff on my pad. Also, a couple tiny pieces of my lining have come out when I wiped. Could I be pregnant, or an I worried over nothing? I know this was too much information, but I will take all of the advice I can get!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the details. The delayed period and the spotting may be due to the missed pills and starting all over again after a break. But take a test, for your peace of mind, and get well!

  172. Hello all. I have been on BC (nuvaring) for two years now. I never had side effects or problems with it. I had a pap smear scheduled for April 2nd, so I removed the ring a day early on March 22nd. AF came as scheduled on March 25/26th. I inserted the new ring a day late, on March 31st and had sex with my boyfriend on April 1st. Late last week I started to experience cramps, bloating, had watery-like discharge, had some spotting the last four days and have been extremely thirsty. I take the ring out again on April 20th and should get AF by April 23rd. I am concerned I could be pregnant and should take the ring out, since I am very regular and don’t experience these mid-month symptoms. My body feels different, but I don’t know if I may be anxious or worried. Any thoughts???

  173. Never spotted before, but started spotting about 3 days before period was due. Had very sore breasts. Spotting was fairly light and mostly only when wiping after BM. Lasted 4 days then stopped. Breasts also stopped hurting. Day before spotting started felt sharp pain in very low abdomen. Could cycle be changing or should I test? Been TTC for 11 months.

  174. Hi my last period was March 22nd and ended march 27th and my partner and i had unprotected sex April 30th and its been two weeks now and I had a darkish brown discharge and im not suppose to start my period untill around the 18th and now i have light pinkish discharge that I’ve never seen before. And my boobs were a little sore but not sure if its cause my period is do in a couple days or that I may be pregnant. Ive took two PT like a week and two days after intercourse and they were both negative. Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi! You tested too early. I assume you mean March 30th, not April, which means you had sex one day before ovulating. there is a chance you conceived, so wait a few more days, then repeat the test.

      1. Ok thanks. I started my period on Saturday so im taking it im not pregnant. Been on it for 5 days now. Thanks for the help.

  175. Im 18 years old and me and my boyfriend had sex on the day of my expected period and he came inside of me and it was a lot of semen the next day in the afternoon i started experiencing little bleeding mixed with a yellowish discharge which made it look a little light pinkish an orange if that makes any since, i still have yet to get my period even though im only 2days late. I only see the bleeding when i wipe, and he also came inside of me thursday of last week so could i be pregnant?

    1. I doubt you conceived if you had sex on the day of your expected period. As for last Thursday, that depends on whether it was one of your fertile days. What are the exact dates of your previous and expected period, please?

  176. My last normal period was on Feb 28th, (28days cycle).. 3-4 days passed my expected period I started noticing some pregnancy symptoms i.e: bloating/gas, larger boobs, pimples, headache, vaginal discharge, nauseous which was gradually increasing (same symptoms when I was pregnant before) Pregnancy test was -ve 7 days after expected period. but on day 13 I think I had my period, it’s very light, couple drops and nothing when I sleep but I had a strange discharge on the 1st day – pinkish & meaty about 1inch. (I was very tired that day and stomach felt weird) I wonder if it’s a miscarriage, there’s no clots, bleeding is getting even more less and more bright red (4th day) Or is it just a late period? Usually if I’m 1-2 days off, I gets a lot of blood clots with heavy bleeding. Now, I don’t have too much gas anymore just more tired..

  177. My last period was March 22nd . I had sex April 5th , 6th , an like the 9th . Ive had cramps , pinkish an brownish spotting , headaches , very sleepy , feeling sick an just feeling funny . Could i be pregnant ?

  178. Last period was march 13th had unprotected sex the whole week of march 24th-31st, started spotting on april 8th for 2 days when I whipped, then started spotting heavier.. today still spotting and its a brown brown color now.. up till today I had no symptoms, but noticed my nipples are tender to the touch. Could just be wishful thinking, my BF was so disappointed when he heard I had “started” but this whole “period” has been really weird. Should I wait till the bleeding has completely stopped to take a test?

  179. i have my period last march 28 then had unprotected sex used pullout method on april 1,that time my period was still on , we had sex again on april 10 w/ condom, on april 12 i got some yellowish with 3 half a centimeter hairstrand like blood , it’s red. is it possible that this is implantation? P.S. it’s been 4 mos i haven’t have sex and last april 10 we had an intense one but with condom.when is the best time to us PT ?

    1. You should wait for your expected period day, maybe a few days more (if it’s late) to take a test. That doesn’t sound much like imp.bleeding, but I’d like to know when your period is due to give you an answer.

      1. april 16, my boyfriend fingered me :( i bleeded, is this imp. bleeding ? the bleeding again is with my vaginal discharge due to arousal.

          1. no, my expected period is 28 . i am sort of 28-32 cycle. i took PT april 21. cause i’ve read in a blog 3 weeks after the intercouse u can alredi take PT . it came out negative. and i’m not feeling anythng wat u’ve listed above (symptons)

          2. You don’t have to experience very single pregnancy symptom (or any at all) :). With high hCG levels, it’s possible to get a positive result 3 weeks after intercourse, but it’s better to take the test on your period day, or even a few days later.

  180. Also I have been. Extremely tired to the point where I must have a nap. Disturbed sleep in the middle of the night also and feeling nauseous but not being sick

  181. My period isn’t due until tomorrow however since the beginning of this week I’ve had very light mild cramping on and off which is unusual for me, as I have bad cramping and come on my period within an hour of this. I’ve noticed since yesterday I’ve had white creamy discharge when I wipe or come out when I’m on the toilet. I have lower back pain and my breasts are slightly sore a twinging. I have a feeling I’m pregnant but have been trying for so long now I’ve given up hope the past few months any advice would be fab! Thank you

  182. Hi I need some help. I had unprotected sex with my partner and over a week later I had a heavy period that only lasted 2-3 days with small clots, with mild cramps. It’s an early period which ain’t due for another week. So unprotected sex on 31st March, bleeding from 9-11 April and period not due till 18th April although my normal period lasts longer than 5 days..??

    1. This is me EXACTLY… Same dates . Same period … 2 days heavy and stopped . Period due on 18th !! I’ve had so many crazy symptoms . I’m going to get a test and sono on the 15th to see if I’m pregnant .

  183. Hi, I started my period on March 7 and it ended on the 14th I had unprotected sex on the 15th and the 16th he only used a condom when he came now I’m late for my period my period was supposed to come on April 5th now I’m six days late and now I’m experiencing pinkish brown/red spotting and I have all of the symptoms sore breasts tired nauseous fatigue cramping I need help I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not I took three pregnancy test and they all came back negative could I be pregnant?

    1. The 15th-16th were not your fertile days, and using a condom means you were protected :) I’d say that spotting is your period – a temporary hormone imbalance could have caused the delay and the stronger-than-usual PMS, and if you tested after your period was due, the results are probably reliable. You can repeat the test, of course or take a blood test for our peace of mind.

  184. Hi my period is due however this one is not like any other periods. It is much lighter, I don’t even change my pad at all during the day, I have been having irregular cramping too. The blood is dark brown with a few little clots and sometimes a watery redishbrown.. normally in the beginning it isn’t this color or light. I have been tired, getting headaches and peeing frequently but not sure if that is just PMS or if because of this unusual change if I could be pregnant?

    1. Period bleeding is not always he same, so it can be normal period bleeding. Implantation bleeding is an option – any chance you has unprotected sex around your fertile days? Are you on bc?

      1. My boyfriend and I do have unprotected sex because I am taking trisprintec. We did have sex on my fertile days and I’m concerned because I took the pill later than normally a few times this month.

          1. I took a test and it was negative. Is there any way it could be wrong? I’ve been having cramping on and off still and dizzy sometimes, have headaches, sensitive breasts and feel tired lately for the past two weeks. unless it’s just extra long pms due to the lateness of the pill? .. Could it just be stress or something?

          2. They could be side effects of the pill. Stress is a possible cause ( have you been really stressed lately?) but I’d say that the pill is a more probable cause. As for the test, yes, false negative results occur, but they’re rare. Repeat the test in a week or two.

      2. the bleeding I was having stopped also, normally my periods range from 5-6 days this one was 3 .. is this normal?

        1. 3 days sounds normal enough, even if it’s unusual for you, if it was more than spotting. About the pill – how late were you? Unless it’s about 4 hours, it should not make any difference.

          1. one day it was only a few hours and the other time it was about 5 hours.. ive been cramping on and off since

  185. Hi im 1-2weeks pregnant and started bleeding yesterday afternoon, it was red then brown then red & then brown etc this morning it is really dark brown, ive had no pains and finding it hard to answer the is it heavy question (1st pregnancy) Ive took a test again this morning&still pregnant. Ive spoke to midwife gp & go back to my gp on Tuesday, im going to take the test every day til then, does this sound like implantation bleeding,

    1. Hi! Yes, it could be implantation bleeding. It’s pretty common during the first trimester, and if you don’t have cramps and/or clots, that’s what it probably is However, seeing your doctor is a good idea, just for your peace of mind.

  186. hi i need help my period came on the 25th of march and i had unprotected sex on the fertile days and the day of my ovulation which was on the 5th of april now the passed days i’ve been tired my back been hurting and my niples are so sore that i can’t even touch them.. my period is not until the 18th of april can i be pregnant??

  187. Hello question pleasee help…. I had my last period on March 8th. had unproteced sex 3-4 days before ovulation, also did home invitro the same night. period was due 4/1/14 and i am now 10 days late. I have been be cramping and really tired for the last couple of days. i know have a creamy white discharge, my question is COULD I BE PREGNANT ?? i have took 3 test all negative.

  188. Ok..my last period started on January 3rd it was normal.
    Februarys AF never came and I did not realize this until my daughter asked me for tampons and her AF is a week after mine.. During that time I had heavy breasts, Crazy, vivid dreams and I was extremely tired. So I too a PG test and it was later, a week later I went to my doctor she ordered a blood test.. although she was certain I was pregnant, it was negative. she asked to see me back in one month.
    March 17-19 I had random spurts light pink bleeding without the need to use protection but I had cramping almost everyday during the month.
    April 2-3rd BFN I had very pink water like CM when wiping but again, not all day. along with horrible cramping. I decided to take ovulation tests at this point because I was confused and they have been positive with the same bright line in both windows for almost 2 weeks now but I made my BF take one and his was also positive, WIERD!! So I stop believing that.. I have been crampy, dizzy, bloated, thirsty, I can’t sleep at night but when I do I have crazy dreams.. I decided to temp but I really don’t know what I would have started with because I just started. My temp was 97.4 for two days and yesterday it went down to 96.4 but it was back up today.. these were all first morning temps.
    April 7very pastel pink CM while wiping once at night.
    April 8 very light amount of reddish pink CM once in afternoon..I used a panty liner and there was a small amount of brown blood in it.
    April9 afternoon time there was a small light pinkish red chunk of CM in the toilet but nothing when wiping but later that evening some light brown on panty liner, again, nothing when I wipe. my breasts are full and tingle, they feel different than PMS.. I have also had headaches which is not a PMS symptom for me.
    10th nothing but light brown spotting after a three mile walk..Thirsty and headache!
    I did have unprotected sex a on 3/29 and I was due to ovulate around 3/28 to 4/1 or 2 according to the calendar if that was a period in March.. I had lots of unprotected sex in the previous months.. I usually don’t pay attention to this stuff but I have been keeping this log.. I had a neg pregnancy test yesterday and today..
    What could this be?
    If I was pregnant, it would be my third . my youngest is ten and I never had early pregnancy symptoms with my first two.. Pease send your opinion.. Thanks

    1. There is also a possibility that you had a very early miscarriage, and that your body is now trying to get back on track. Another option is a hormone imbalance, and since you only had a very light bleeding, it’s tough to tell the difference. If the cramping passes, you can just to wait and see when your period returns, but the “feeling different” that you described sounds very familiar. I’d see that doctor again, and tell her about the spotting and cramping, maybe she has something to say about it.

  189. I had unprotected sex on march 22. I am still breast feeding my 17 month old. I have not had a period since he was born. On march 28 & 29 I had pinkish blood when I wiped the first two times I went to the bathroom. Had some cramping as well. Nothing else since. Today was a negative test. Should I keep testing

  190. My periods vary month to month I believe due to me being on & off of birth control . But the last few months its came with in the first or second week of the month . Me & my boyfriend do have unprotected sex . For the last 2 weeks I’ve had cramps, spotting , headaches, im bloated, I sleep all day , & I’ve had the white discharge . What do you think pregnant or late period ?

    1. If your periods are still irregular, it’s hard to say – and there is a difference between the first and the second weeks of the month…They could be PMS symptoms. Wait for the the third week of the month, to be sure, and test.

  191. Married, always have unprotected sex. Period in Jan. Started on the 27th, Feb.started on the19, march started on the14, always every 24 days. Apr. Supposed to start on the 6, 2 days late , and very sore nipples. Could I be pregnant? Also 43 years old?

  192. Hi I’ve been having nausea, cramps and lower back pain and tiredness like I could be sleeping the whole day and still feel tired! I did 2 pregnancy tests both negative but my period isn’t due till another week. Can anyone help ?

  193. Hi I was due to ovulate 23.3.14 and due on this weekend. Had a lot of cramping/pinching in my lower abdomen the beginning of this week, Thursday had the smallest amount of pink discharge when using the toilet(sorry for TMI) does this sound like I’m pregnant? Oh and I’ve had the sneezes for 1-2 weeks now but no cold!

  194. Hi i had my baby girl on march 8th, she was stillborn i was only 7months, two weeks after having her on march 25-26 i had unprotected sex, i wanted to know if i could be pregnant, i have bad mood swings im bloated, and constipated no implantation bleeding but i have been cramping by my ovies on n off for a week now and low back pain

    1. I’m very sorry for your loss. You can get pregnant if you ovulate, and your symptoms can also mean you’re ovulating. I’d consult your gyn. about getting pregnant again. Holding fingers crossed for you!

  195. I have sore breast I have white creamy discharge im getting head aches and slight cramps im suppose to be having my period already but instead I have a egg white cream discharge could I be pregnant ?

        1. It’s possible, though it’s hard to know for sure without knowing your cycle length, and your previous and expected period days – to calculate when you ovulated.

  196. Hi, I had sex 2 days before ovulation. My period is due in 8 days but ever since ovulation I’ve been feeling abnormally tired all day. Today I found pink spotting. Could I be pregnant?

  197. I had sex with my boyfriend three to four weeks ago and yes, we didnt use protection but lately ive been feeling really sick in the morning i would feel like throwing up and i was supposed to have my period around the 20last month in march could i be pregnant

  198. My ovulations days were march24-28 we had sex the 26th of march today is april3rd. Yesterday I started have sore breasts not nipples and also noticed white creamy discharge. My period is due april 9th or 10th I vary between 27 and 30 day cycles. We r tcc and ice been nauscious dry mouth and thirsty but nauscious feeling I get before my period not always sore breasts

    1. A dry mouth and thirst are not the most definite symptoms:) I’d wait until your period day – you must be impatient, but it’s just a few more days! Holding fingers crossed for you.

  199. Hello….my period is always on time. My period was march 5th then my expected period is march 29th so April 1st I started light watery red bleeding breast hurting 1pad a day slight cramps my period normally heavy then get light with bad cramps I really need help

  200. Question I’M 11days late but I only seen the pink spotting once I have sex on the 13th & 21 of this month I was suppose to come on the 22nd but it never came I’ve been sick lately back pains an everything could I be pregnant????

  201. Question me n my hubby are trying for our second child my I day was march 26 Monday night n Tuesday morning I had brownish pinks blood very little my next period is in 7 day can I be pregnant


      1. No. I had my period and almost a week after period I started this brown stuff. I still have one more week to keep my nuva ring in and then I take it out for my period to start.

          1. Also I took my nuvaring out yesterday and now I guess just wait to see if I start my period. Cramps and boobs have been hurting bad but haven’t started yet.

  203. Period 4 days late experiencing light spotting back pain one side only slight cramps been ttc 4 months now? Negative hpt 4 days ago

  204. Please help! I had my period Feb 26-March 2, I had unprotected sex on the 8th and on the 9th. Its the 1st of April today should I be worried? I’ve taken 4 pregnancy tests so far, All Negative!! one test on the day of my missed period the other two 3 days before. no bc?? what should i do helpp asap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I’M 7 DAYS LATE

  205. Hello. My period is due is suppose to start on tomorrow but is always a few days late.Two days ago i noticed light pink spoting but only when wiping. Could i be pregnant

    1. Light pink spotting a few days before the expected period could be implantation bleeding, but when did you have unprotected sex, and when did you get your previous period?

  206. iHad Unprotected Sex On The Day iWas Fertile And The Next Day iOvulated And The Day After iHad Just A Little Spotting … What’s Going On

  207. Please help I had sex 3 days before ovulation and 2 days after i’m not due my period till another 10 days but today Ive got slight period pains and backache could I be pregnant ?

  208. Generally, light spotting can indicate pregnancy – usually, when it occurs a few days before the expected period – but since yours are irregular, it’s hard to say – it can also mean you’re ovulating (you can track your fertile days using an ovulation kit. Any idea what your average cycle length is?

  209. Please help!! I had my period Feb 25-March 2, I had unprotected sex on the 9th and on the 16th. Its the 27th today should I be worried? I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests so far, All Negative! Help

  210. I had my period february 7th nd it lasted about 5-6 days which is normal. Nd then I didn’t start this month until the 22nd so I was pretty late nd I only bled for 2-2 1/2 days.. I’ve been extremely tired nd moody. my periods are regular. I’ve taken a good 5 home tests all being negative. Its been a week if not longer since I last tested. I’ve never had a 2 day period before and it was really late.. I had sex all of february unprotected. Literally like everyday nd he busted in me everytime. What could Thia mean?

  211. My period was supposed to come on the 27th of February but came early on the 20th and lasted 7 days , after that I started on the 7th of March to have brown discharge for about 5-6 days .. is there a possibility that might be pregnancy symptom? And when should I expect my period to come or take a pregnancy test because I’m a bit confused

    1. You didn’t mention when you had unprotected sex. Are you on bc? You can wait for your expected period day (count from the 27th, not the 20th, just to be sure) to take a test.

      1. I had unprotected sex before and after my period , between the 1st of march and 5th of march I had unprotected sex but we were careful he pulled everytime .. It’s the 30th today and I still dont have my period . I’m not on bc . I took a pregnancy test on the 25th but came out negative . Should I wait until the 7th to take another one?

  212. my period was 2 days late, then I got it, it lasted 6 days, it wasn’t as heavy as my periods usually are, I’ve been experiencing diarrhea, feeling nauseous, leg cramps, when I bend over I feel something is inside my stomach and also when I lay on my stomach it feels something is there. I don’t want to get excited then disappointed and o yea I’ve taken 2 cheap pregnancy test that came out negative????

    1. If the bleeding resembled normal period flow (relatively heavy, bright red) it was probably your period after all, even if it was lighter than usual. I’m not sure what to think about the feeling you described, but in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is too small to actually feel it when lying on your stomach. If, you’re sure that that’s what you’re feeling, maybe you should consider consulting a doctor, to rule out medical conditions. I assume you’re TTC, so holding fingers crossed for you!

  213. I miss my period and I spotted for one day then a three day I took a pregnancy Test and came out positive
    I need help

  214. Hi I wuz throwing up and I had diarrhea for a few days ago just for a few hours and when I smelled food I didn’t want to be around it now I’m starting to bleed a liltle but Im supposed to start my period in maybe a week and a half. But I also take birth control pills is there a chance I would be pregnant.

    1. Hi! Some women get pregnant while on the pill, but it’s not that common. Is there a chance that you have the flu? As for the bleeding, spotting can occur during ovulation. Calculate your fertile days and see if you’re ovulating.

  215. HELLO

  216. Hi I came off my period a week ago and now I have stomach cramps and sore nipples my discharge is white and not smelly but I did notice wen I came off my discharge smelt metalic but like I said it dnt smell any more and I have less discharge than normal me and my partner had sex the day I came off and a couple of days before I was wondering if I could be pregnant because I have never felt like this before

  217. someone help me please I had my period and it ended on the 16 me and my husband are trying to get pregnant we had sex after my period then I had cramps and been feeling tired and had sex last night I started bleeding again now its not red its pinkish does that mean I am pregnant

  218. Hiya everyone me and partner have been trying for a baby for almost a year now but earlier this month I took a ovulation test and it came out positive and now it started on wenesday I started spotting and the last couple of day I have had some of the early pregnancy symptoms and I am not sure if it is a period or could I be pregnant I was ment to be due on my period but nothing

  219. It started wenesday I started to spotting it is a light red to a brown I was due on today but nothing is happening I have the symptoms of early pregnancy but I am not if it is a normal period or could I be pregnant I have had four children already but this has never happened before

    1. I forgot to mention me and partner are trying for a baby and I took a ovulation test a couple of weeks ago and it was positive

  220. My period started March 2 and stopped the 7 (which is normall) my husband and i had sex on the 3rd and 6th but the day after it stopped I started randomly spotting all day for about 4 days I should have ovulated on the 16th my husband and I had sex on the 12th 13th and 14th. The last two days I have felt sick on and off all day it sated first thing in the morning and gets bad of a evening I layed in bed and cried cause I felt so bad I’ve been light headed and constpated. The last 3 days and I wake up tired any one else have these problems and was pregnate??? We have been ttc for 3 months.

  221. hello I need help asap I had my period on march 11 till the 16 then I had unprotected sex and the last couple days I have had cramps and I am yawning a lot then tonight I had sex and started bleeding again can I be pregnant we are trying to have a baby

        1. How about your next period? Ned to know the cycle length. Generally, the bleeding was a bit early for implantation bleeding, but I need to know the cycle length to be sure.

  222. Hello doctor. Well I think my period has been delayed.. last month me and my boyfriend had intercourse n I took a pill in few days time on 20th of Feb I got my periods. But this month I haven’t yet got it. This month too we had intercourse on 18th but nothing happened he took it out way bfore he could cum.. what could be the reason.? Would it be late? Today is the 20th of march.

    1. You don’t get your period on the same day each month how long is your cycle do you keep track of your periods?

  223. Hi
    I have regualar periods though they are very light only lasting 2 days , my last one was 8/3/14 and since it stopped the tender breasts and cramping have not disappeared i also have noticed an increase in creamy white discharge no other symptoms have had a negative pregnancy test any ideas what could cause this

  224. Hi Ive been on here before Ive been ttc and been monitoring my body I have a period jan. 30th and ovulated on feb 9th and had intercourse on the 10th but my period came on the 26th so no luck that time my period ended on may 2nd and idk what day I ovulated this month bt I know it shouldve been between the 9th and 13th so me and my bf been just enjoying each other not stressing but hoping for the best and yesterday I started to spot pinkish discharge and today same thing today it left a pinkish spot on my underwear and my period not due to the 25th I have a 28 day cycle could this be implantation bleeding?

  225. Hello! I wrote on here about two weeks ago and I was questioning if I was possibly pregnant. Well, it turned out I am and I am now almost 7 weeks (tomorrow). I have been researching like crazy considering this is the first time I have ever been pregnant. So I have read that this is normal but I need reassurance. Is it typical to have symptoms that come and go? I had nausea but it disappeared last week and hasn’t really returned. I’m nervous because this is my first time and I’ve been having other symptoms listed on this site but I guess I’m just paranoid that something is going to go wrong.

    1. hi,saw my menses on the 21 of july,saw my lh surge the 15thg day of my cd,made love to my husband on the 15,16,17,18,19,….my menses is due for this month since on the 18 of august,no show till now,,,,,,since 6days now have been having fullness of breast and nipple pain,since one week now have been having cramps inside my lower abdomen…and also drinking too much water….and also feeling little illness like malaria…..it comes and go..and have been having little diarhh.please could i be pregnant? or is it premenstrual symptoms? i pray its pregnancy….

  226. Okay so me and this guy had sex we used protection most of the time well we did have sex for a while without the condom and he said he cant feel when he pre comes and after he pulled out he finished on his hand and directly after he fingered me.
    This was two weeks ago almost and I have been very nauseaus, headaches, and for two days I had what felt like menstrual cramps but no bleeding.
    I am concerned because it was during my population week and that’s when I am most fertile, could I possibly be preggers?

  227. Alright, so here it is, I have never done this before so I don’t know what to really write. ok well here goes. I’m 28 years old. I had a tubal ligation almost 3 years ago when I had my youngest son. my last period was on December 30, 2013. since then there has been a bunch of stress in my life, such as my dad passing away in mid feb. which is why I haven’t done a test yet. however I have been experiencing, nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, cramping, major mood swings, food cravings, and weight gain. now I have had 2 kids before, and I somewhat feel like I did with them, however its different as well. i’m afraid to do a pregnancy test because I have had my tubes tied and I don’t want to go and spend money on something that could be just a waste. I know that getting your tubes tied is not 100% effective for preventing pregnancy, and I also know that stress can cause you to be late on a period, but almost 3 months?

      1. Did you take a pregnancy test? I had my tubes tied almost 2 years ago and now I’m having pregnancy symptoms and haven’t had a period for 2 months now. I have taken 2 test and both said negative. Could is be a false negative because of the tubal?

  228. Hey ladies I need help ASAP. So I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (but he pulled out) 2 days after having sex I had cramping and the following day was very sick to my stomach. I’ve had a dry mouth for about a week and sometimes get a crappy feeling. I had a few days of being crazy tired. And my bf says I have been emotional. This has all happened with in a week yesterday, there is no way if I was pregnant I would see these symptoms this early right? And I’ve had no sore boobs oh and I was supper bloated for about 3 days lasts week too. Can any relate to these symptoms? Could I be pregnant or just over thinking it?
    Thanks for ur help

    1. Ovulation and PMS can have very similar symptoms. Wait for your period and if it doesn’t come test after a few days late.

  229. My last period was on 12 Feb i feel pain in my breast after my periods now i feel pain but no periods and negative pregnancy test.

    1. Wait and week and do another test. That’s what I did after testing on day of first missed period and a week later it was positive!

  230. My period was 6 days so late feb 6th i had light pinkish spotting for 3 day then a week later when i wiped i seen just alittle brown . I was due to start jan 29th but it came on the 6th ? I had a blood test done today the 17th of march it was negative? Should i test again my next period is due the 28th of March

  231. Hi im new here. I have a problem my period came two day early and it only lasted two days it was very light even when I had on pad the blood was only one place in it and on the third day it was a browish discharge and my nipple was only sore for a couple of days like four then it went away and I always have unprotected sex almost everyday. Can anyone help , e please ix even eat all at times and feel very moody dont even feeling like talking some time I need help

          1. Form the other day my bf have been telling me that my butt look much bigger and my breast looks bigger and people tell me that im looking fatter but I dont really feel any way more than sleepy all the time and moody at time like cussing out my bf for no reason. Lol..

          2. no I dont normally have cramps before my period and I have some blue veins on my areoal and my breast are way heavier

          3. I did an ultrasound yeasterday but it never showed anything so I dont know whats wrong with me.

          4. I am kinda having lower abdomen cramp s its on and off and it dont really hurt that much

          5. And now during sex I feel sore and torn up inside im kinda get worried right now cause this is the first I was having sex and it feels like this.., can someone tell me whats going on with me

  232. Not on bc but have herd about women on cambogia having late period or break threw bleeding. Yes i have had unprotected sex so u maybe right going to take another hpt in am ill keep posted on results thank you

  233. hello i got a question ok i never miss my periods ever and January i miss it completely got it twice in February and this month isnt due till march 26 i been having cramps and lower back pains some days it difficult to move i took a test maybe two weeks ago and it was negative and i havent felt good i been really tired and moody is there any advice could i be prego

      1. ok feb 1st it was one day of just spotting on and off then feb26 it was a mild period lasted till 28 then i had a little spotting after and no birth control i had a couple days ago clear sticky cm with no odor only when i wiped

  234. hiiii
    this is swati and i hav question for u i had my period on 24 feb and on date 14 march i hav veginal bleeding with clumps. i hav doubt abt pregnancy and i hav irregular period cycle nw i m in confusion that wether it is sympotoms of pregnancy or period and also i hav fetigue, frequent urination sickness and irritation at breasts… plz help me get out of this

      1. i had period lasts up to 8 days and we had unprotected sex on march 3rd and afterwards we had sex on every alternate days and pregnancy kit shows negative result nw i m little bit confusion….. nw bleeding has been stared on march 14 till today not stopped and my period cycle is 28 to 30 days

  235. Hi,
    I was supposed to start my period on march 7th, 2014 but it hasnt showed. Im usually on time or 2 days late. Im nauseous, constipated, and always tired with no energy, im having a whitish creamy dischargeas well and alittle cramping but not like normal period cramps. I havent noticed a change in my breaat and no tenderness. Ive taken 3 test and all negative. Could I be pregnant?

        1. Me and my bf dont use protection. And I didnt get my period in feb. Im not on bc. I had unprotected sex around the time of ovulation which was said to be between the 16-20th. Ive taken 2 clearblue test 5 days late and I took a test with a different brand sat (yesterday) and today but they were negative. I have some of the symptoms. Im going to call my doctor tomorrow and request a blood test. This would be my second child.

          1. I took a blood test yesterday and got a call today saying it was negative =/ I still have some symptoms and my period has yet to show up. And theres nothing else wrong. Could I still be pregnant?

        2. TMI but I felt my cervix for the first time today and idk if it was low or high but it was firm and soft and felt like puckered lips

  236. I took garcinia cambogia for one week and stopped. Now im 37 days with no menstural extremly fatigue and white discharge two pregmancy test one invalid one neg please help

  237. Hi
    I recently lost a baby, in january to be exact. Was then bleeding for about 4 weeks and it stopped around 12 feb. I had unprotected sex in the same week and startee bleeding again a few days later. I thought it was my period as I was expecting a proper period around that time. It lasted about 4 days and was bright red with no cramps whatsoever. On 3 march I started spotting, brown and mucus like. Since then I’ve been feeling extremely bloated with my tummy looking alot like it did when I was pregnant. Im also so tired that I sleep as much as my schedule allows me. My breasts aren’t sore but they feel a bit sensitive, not feeling nauseas but my sense of smell is alot finer. Could I be pregnant?

    1. Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Periods can be irregular for a while after the miscarriage, so it’s hard to tell, because we’re not sure when you ovulate. So it’s possible, bu I’d give it a few more weeks and then test. Holding fingers crossed for you!

  238. Hi there. my last period was on 4 Feb and now it is the 14 March and still no sign. i have been feeling extremely tired, and am very bloated. my clothes have even gone tighter. i get period like cramps but nothing yet. i have taken home tests but everything has shown a negative result. i have bouts off nausea but no vomiting, also i am very moody for no reason. Please help??

      1. Hi there. no i am not on any bc and we did have unprotected sex. i have taken 2 preg tests on saturday and both of them showed a positive result after an hour of using them. could this be true? i also developed a habit of eating all the time and never get full.

        1. I had the exact same thing happen. I am 11 days late and took a pregnancy test and it showed a positive after about an hour. I have not retested yet waiting a few days to see if they hcg levels were just low. If anyone knows if this could really be a positive result please let me know.

  239. I wrote you a while ago (middle Feb) about spotting for 2 days 10 days after having my period in February. Well my March period was due on the 10 and has yet to come also have taken pregnancy tests which have all been negative. I do not have any symptoms of pregnancy I feel normal I also do not feel like I am going to get my period anytime soon. I still nurse my son 13 months but did have 2 consecutive periods Jan and Feb now no period in March. Is this common? Can it (period) go away again? I had an ectopic pregnancy prior to having my youngest son 13 months. Would you schedule a doctor apt to make sure everything is okay? We are TTC again so I would love a positive test but it will happen when its time, just trying to figure whats going on with my body! Thanks!!

    1. Hi! Yes, if you’re still breastfeeding, your periods can be irregular for a while. What do you mean by making sure if everything is okay? In case you’re afraid of another ectopic pregnancy, if you feel fine, you’re probably OK, wait for your March period, and if there is a delay, take another test. Hope it’s positive:)

  240. Been on birth control before but never had these issues. Spotting after sex, period was early last month & only lasted 3 days & it was light. Tits hurt 90% of the time. I’m been getting cramps for 4 days & still have 6 green pills left. Body has never done this on the pill before.

  241. Hi I had my perio started on 17 Feb had sex on 26 Feb after that have weird feeling on left side of ovary gas coming out, feeling like something shaking there am I pregnant

  242. Ok here it is I haven’t had a period since December unsure of exactly when not very good at keeping track but I know I’m fairly regular and see it every month … So almost 3 mos with nothing took a test yesterday first thing in the am negative I have two kids and typically run high risk as to 3 miscarriages previously… I normally do not get positive results until 13 wks this morning woke up with very light brown discharge been not myself all year my toughest is 4 yrs old now so I’m not sure if I am prego and it is just very different from my previous since it’s been so long … With my others I was always super naucious cudnt eat lost 60+ pounds … I have been naucious but not throwing up super sensitive scent and super tired and swollen tender veiny breasts… I don’t want to go to doctor if this could be my period and maybe just ironically missed for so long… And also don’t want to go til. I get a positive at home because it’s practically impossible to get them to do ultra sound … Looking for advice

    1. Why do they make it so hard to get a ultrasound ?!?! So aggravating it’s been since Dec 5,2013 That I’ve seen AF as well. It’s like if you don’t have a + they don’t even suspect your pregnant If ur sexually active and if u have all the symptoms and spotting etc. I feel ur agony trust!!

  243. Hi, I haven’t done this before but getting quite frustrated now. I had my last proper period on the 14th January 2014,I was on for 4 days,I’m normally a 28 day girl lol, my period in February was due the 3rd it didn’t arrive until the 11th then it lasted 3 days and was loads lighter than normal. I have done a million pregnancy tests all a BFN. Had 1 3 days with what I think might have been an evap line. My temp is going up and up. I’m now 2 days late, got creamy cm,absolutely exhausted,feeling it sick but very ‘off’ if that makes sense. I’ve had cramping and really bad lower back pain,slight brownish discharge on a sanitary towel but not when wiping(sorry if tmi!!!) Really super confused desperately want another baby but soon confused can anyone shed some light? Thanks in advance.

          1. Yup got faint line but I reckon it’s an evap line. Still no sign of AF yet either got,sciatica again,spots,sore books feeling sick and stupidly tired constantly,started with what I thought was dreaded thrush but has gone now,got stinking cold!!!!! I give up lol

  244. Hi waz woundering if any of you could help,my period came an week early witch is very unusual for me am normally like clock work,and my period only lasted three days,and for the past week ive had an increase of lotion like discharged,i waz woundering if I could be pregnant and wounderes if it could be implantation bleeding,i wee quite often,ma nippls some time hurt but miatly feel more bigger and hotter

  245. Hey,
    I am a bit confused,my body is confusing me!
    The facts: the first day of my last period was the 11th Feb,for 7 days.This seems usual,I tend to come on around the 8/9/10 of each month..
    I had unprotected sex with my by on the 20th Feb.
    I do no how often I ovulate or how long my cycle is.
    My breasts have gone up two cups sizes,feeling heavy and achey,like the only time it stops is when I hold em up.
    I can also see dark veins from my breasts going up to my chest.
    I’ve been getting crazy hot flushes.
    I’ve had cramping and back pains but no period.
    I usually smoke but the past week nd a half,the smell n taste makes me gag.
    My lower abdomen is bloaty nd sensitive.
    I’ve been told hormone change can make your bum drop,and my best mate noticed this the other day before asking if I’ve had my period(don’t know how much fact behind that)
    Ive done a period calculator based on 28 day cycle,nd it suggests I’m late by 2 days..
    I’ve had a dark brown/black thick stodge like substance today,never had it b4 a period…usually is last day of my period?
    What are your thoughts?could I be pregant?or stressing for nothing?

    1. So, your cycle is 26-29 days long (if your period comes around 8/9/10). With a 26 days long cycle (that is, if your period was supposed to come on March 8th, Feb.20th is your first fertile day, so you could get pregnant, but hormone imbalance is an option as well – wait a few more days, and take a test.

  246. The first day of my last period was 14th of February 2014,I had sex with my husband First and second week in march and my period is suppose to come today but it is not here. I have pains around my stomach,am tired and I drink water more than before,breasts are tender and my nipples are pointed and paining me. I also have pains at my left side. I did a urine test yesterday morning and the results shows am pregnant,can that be true? When should I do blood test to confirm?

  247. Anybody ever missed a period for consecutive months? And had light brown bleeding that turned into black sticky bleeding? (Not with the egg discharge and red like a normal period) and has pregnancy symptoms? The bleeding isn’t heavy but light enough to only catch on toilet paper. It isn’t enough blood to fill a whole pad. If kept on half the day with activities being done it only fills 25% of my pad. I haven’t seen my period since Dec 5, 2013 btw. Have had 1 neg blood test and neg. HPT. Besides one light positive that I discarded. Can this just be old blood maybe???? So confused -_- sigh never happened before. Yesterday it made me feel very faint and nauseous, today I took medicine before I went into work so now I just feel faint even after meals.

      1. I’m scheduled for Monday with the obygn haha but it’s sooo farrrrr! I thought it was this prior monday I was totally stoked, but then I went to rhe doctors and they said Monday the 17th =/. How does evaporation lines look, it is possible it could of just been that? I’m pretty sure I saw a line tho. I’m tired of wasting my life in the E.R. lol

  248. Me and my husband have been having unprotected sex for a while. I have been off the depo shot for a year and 3 months. Got my period on feb 26 to march 1 which was two weeks late and im always on time and was very very light. I now am feeling nauseous and very tired. When I waslate I feb I took a hpt and it was neg. Can sosomeone help can I be pregnant?

  249. Okay i took two pregnancy tests both were positive but i have very low hcg levels is it positive that it could be a false positive

    1. Theoretically, it’s possible, but when a woman has low hCG levels, it’s more likely to get a false negative than a false positive – can’t say more without additional details.

  250. Hi there 4 weeks ago i went to the doctor because my period was late he did a preg test came out neg and he did a ultrasound that showed i mite be 5 weeks preg “can only see the sac” 3 days after that we did a blood test that also said neg then they told me it can be to soon to pick up my hormone levels. its been 4 weeks from my appointment and still did not start my period yet, have tender breast with clear liquid that comes from nipples when squeezed my lower abdominal feels uncomfortable and swollen. having cramps like period pain but no period missed for second time. has this happen to some one before with neg tests and blood test and still be pregnant?

  251. I got my period twice lasted month feb 6th which it lasted for 5 days and then i got my period feb 16th and it lasted for 5 days and i had sex feb 22nd and 23rd. I been having alot of dicharge with no smell and today when i wiped myself it was mucus and pink redish discharge very light. What could this be?

  252. I’m 46 days late I’m getting sticky milk from my nipples my tummy feels tight but I took a dollar store test but not in the morning can I still he prego

    1. Also I had my first daughter 8 1/2 months ago my tummy feels tight n every morn I wake up starving but feeling sick

        1. She was breast feed for only two months jan 23 was my last period I can’t remember they day we had sex but now I’m getting discharge n yes the test said no but I did take them at four pm

  253. My period was in jan 25 2014, feburary came no period. March 7 started light spotting. Whats is happening. I took a pregnancy in feburary was neg.

        1. Hi my last period was april 6 I was pose to get my period may 5 it never came breast got sore a week before it was about to come on but it never came I took a test when I was a week late negative when I was 11 days late I took another test it was negative even did a blood test still negative was given a cat scan and was told I had a ovarian cyst is what they seen somehow I still felt different so I went to a different hospital they did a blood test still negative then told me I could’ve had the flu is y I was feeling the way I was so I asked about the cyst I was told I had 2 days prior 2 seeing them n they said test show I don’t have a cyst maybe it went away I idk what to do my next period is due june 5

          1. Wait for the 5th and keep us posted, then. If the blood test was negative, you’re not pregnant, but it won’t hurt consulting your obgyn about the cyst issue, to know what’s happening.

          2. Okay so after being 59 days late and got a period its a new month and my period is now 4 days late which is weird cause I don’t have irregular periods I’ve been having unprotected sex could I be pregnant

  254. I finished my period on the 4th of last month & it’s already the 8th of a new month & I haven’t even got my period yet ; & my nipples are a little sore . #scared.

  255. I have pcos and I’ve been trying to conceive. Now I don’t know if it’s the pcos or I’m pregnant but my period is late like 4-5 days, I have abdominal pains on and off for the last 4 days. I really want to be pregnant but I don’t know. Took a home test it said negative. Can someone help me please!

    1. Go to your doctor and get a blood test, there 100% , you might be to early for the pregnancy test to give you a proper result .

      1. I have pcos and they did a blood test in March 2012 bc of surgery on my ovaries. Blood test said negative. At two week post-op appointment, found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. Low progesterone levels due to pcos but carried to term just fine.

  256. I need a bit of help here.. I am a 30 yr old woman, I had a full tubal ligation 4 years ago, I’ve missed my period now for 4 months, My fiance and I were intimate on wednesday night and I had went to the bathroom yesterday and noticed pink on the toilet paper but now I have a light brown very smelly secretion coming out, and yesterday there was a creamy white gooey thing on my pad (I put the pad on when I realized the secretion was there) what is this? Please I need your help… Could I be pregnant? Is this normal? I’ve had 6 kids and had my full tubal ligation during my c-section when I had my now 4 yr old. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I feel sick all the time, and tired, and I feel like i’m always hungry, I can smell EVERYTHING, I’m having weird cravings, but my breasts aren’t tender and I don’t feel any abnormal sensitivity (I’ve only been able to breastfeed 1 of my children) and I’m now stressing out that it may be cervical cancer, or I may be pregnant, what’s wrong with me????

    1. The procedure shouldn’t have affected your periods, especially if you had it 4 years ago.. 4 missed periods are quite a delay, didn’t you take a pregnancy test?

  257. Okay I just have a question my period never showed up. I have has a pregnancy test and it was negative my period is like 9 days late. Should I wait till next month to see if it comes. I have cramps and all but no blood.

  258. Hi im back! Just in case you dont remember my story Me and my boyfriend had sex Jan 26 my last period before then was Jan 14th. I started bleeding Feb 8th and i thought it was my period but it only lasted a few days. So you told me to wait until the 21 because thats when my period was suppose to hit. Well i waited until March 2 to take a PT and it came negative. Now im noticing im very moist in my vaginal area and have alot of thick clear mucusy dicharge. It doesnt really have a oder. I dont even feel like im gonna hit my period. I feel tired alot and have to pee often and dying of thrist. Should i wait until March 21 to see if my period hits before i take another one? Or what should i do? Im only 16 and i dont know wether i should tell my mom whats goin on or not? Please hellp!

    1. Hi! I remember. You’re very young, and there’s a chance your periods are still a bit irregular. Is there any possibility for you to do a blood test before telling your mom?

  259. Plz help!! I’m 7 days late for my period..last period was january 27-feburary 1st..only 5 days and normally I go 8 or 9 days..I’ve been experiencing lower back pain headaches fatigue and have been having terrible heartburn early mornings and before bed..I’ve taken 2 hpt that have both been negative..could. I possibly be prego?

  260. Hi, very confused and unsure of what to think. I finished my period on Feb 20 , my usual is 4 days however the past two months of been 5-6 days. Anyways 6-7 days after my period ended my breasts were very sensitive and heavy as if I where getting my period within the next few days again????… Had protected sex just as my period ended that day on the 20 and then again feb 23..My breasts are extremely sensitive (no colour change in nipple) new symptoms since feb 27 lower abdomen light cramping, constipated, irritated. I know have 8 days before my expected period when I usually get pms symptoms however I have had it all this since the feb 27 ..please help

        1. cramping also feels worse today, it feels as if I am getting my period at any moment however no bleeding. After having a small bite to eat today not sure if its related but didn’t feel very well can’t explain it just not well. My period tracker says 7 days (I know its not always accurate but it keeps my on track) If not prego I just want my period to come :( is this at age 28?

          1. I am not on any bc, symptoms are the same – cramping got worse a couple days ago, better today. I have 3 days left before my expected period. I didn’t not take a pregnancy test. If I do take a test should I wait the 3 days? Do you think I am?

          2. Yes, wait a few more days. You’re saying you had protected sex – if that’s true you were not supposed to get pregnant. There’s always a chance of hormone imbalance, it’s common enough.

          3. day 1 off my expected period, yesterday I had very little next to nothing brown discharge, today lighter brown not pink or red very light (almost next to nothing) , and cramps are not that painful but there? Breast tenderness went down. Still waiting for full on period to come. Do you have any advice for hormonal imbalance? I really don’t like taking meds for DC I like natural. I looked online but still feel I need to research a bit more. Any help would be great. I also want to thank you for your help and advice.

  261. Please help, I have a very regular cycle 30-32 days. I am now on day 35. I tested the day my period was due but it came back negative. I have slight cramping, headaches, fatigue, hungry, sore lower back, swollen breast and sore. Me and my husband have been TTC for almost a year. Could I finally be pregnant.

      1. The cramping is pretty light. The day my period was due I had a lil bit of brown spotting but nothing else. Now it’s just fatigue, my breast are full and heavy, and my abdominal feels bloated, and headaches.

  262. Hi. I had sex on the 8th of February and had some light bleeding on the 19th to the 21st. I’ve experienced back pains, vomiting, headaches, fatigue .. You name it. Could I be pregnant ?

  263. Hi my last period started on February 26th and ended Sunday the 2nd but on Monday the 3rd late in the afternoon I experienced some light bleeding when I wiped after using restroom it lasted about 2 hours getting lighter more like spotting than stopped and today after having unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend I experienced it again wondering if I can still get pregnant while this is happening and is it normal

      1. Yeah my period only last for 4-5days when I woke up Monday and went to the bathroom nothing was there cuz Sunday was the 5th and last day but like i said late in the afternoon I went to wipe myself and there was blood but very light im a little on the heavy side when I bleed so I know it wasn’t me still on my period and it eventually was gone within two hours and yesterday after having unprotected intercourse with my bf it happened again I read it could just be left over blood after your uterus close s or something like that my periods are 28days apart so the next one would be March 25 we are trying to conceive so I was hoping this wouldn’t postpone my ovulation which supposed to be around the 8th

  264. i got pregnant n november i was six weeks when i miscarried n january i just had my period n febuary now my nipples r hard around my nipples its turning darker i get tired my stomach always hurts im always hungry could i b pregnant again?

  265. Hello!
    I know that the only sure way to know is to take a test, but I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and they have found out that they’re pregnant. I am due to start my period tomorrow and my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for two months. I normally have PMS symptoms like bloating, fatigue, sore breasts, food cravings, and mood swings. I always have a few of these (breast tenderness, food cravings, bloating, moodiness) but this month is weird. I have the cravings and moodiness but this month I don’t have the breast tenderness or bloating (anymore) and I am extremely tired. I was bloated about a week ago (week before my period) but it went away! My pms symptoms normally stick around until I start bleeding. My breasts never got sore but my nipples did and they got kind of waxy also. They do get waxy sometimes around my period though. I’m exhausted…I have been napping a lot and sleeping 10 hours a night (I normally get about 8 and I’m fine with that). I have been following my cervical mucus also and I had two rounds of egg white cm this month and we made sure to try both times. All in all, this month has been weird for my pms symptoms and I’m not sure what to make of it! I know I must wait and take a test, but just wondering if it sounds possible? Thanks!

    1. As of today, no period as expected and I woke up nauseated (kind of like a feeling of having a full balloon in my belly) and I have cravings but can’t eat much because I feel full all the time. Yesterday after writing this post I had a sharp but quick pain in my left pelvic area, around where I believe my ovary would be. Any thoughts as to what that could have been???

      1. I’m having pains on my right and left abdomen area. On the right they found a small ovarian cyst after doing a CT scan…. I’m 23 btw haven’t seen my period since Dec 5th. But the cysts(also found one on my right pancreas) only explain some of the symptoms I’m feeling..I’m feeling the whole 9 yrds of pregnancy symptoms. Me and my bf weren’t trying to concieve. But I found out after missing my period that we did make love on the days that was suppose to be most fertile, unprotected…and I take no birth control. If u scroll down this page thru the comments a little probably on the second page u’ll see my story from the beginning. I have taken about 4 pregnancy test all negative. I have a appointment with the OBGYN on the March 17th for a ultrasound. Maybe it will help you out my responses I’ve put on here.
        Baby dust, to you wishing you the best of luck.

        1. Thanks for sharing your story with me! I am going to test tomorrow if my period isn’t here in the morning.

          1. I took a test this morning and it was negative. Period is still not here and my period is normally always right on schedule. So I will wait a week and retest unless it shows up.

          2. Yes, your welcome no problem. Everyone’s body is different, how long has your period been overdue now? Some women have a family history in their family with low hCG levels. So the best type of test to check for pregnancy is a blood test, it’s the most accurate. But then again women know their body! And there are some stories where the blood test have failed to pick up the levels in their blood as well. My bf && I can’t wait for the 17th. He is actually more anxious then me it’s crazy! The not knowing can sometimes be overwhelming when your having majority of the symptoms and a missed period.

          3. I’m only one day late but I could’nt wait to find out! I will give it another week and if I still havent started I will take another test. Good luck on the 17th! :)

          4. Well, I’m still late for my period. It’s so weird though, the symptoms was and wane. One day I will have nausea and cramping. The next day I won’t. I’m staying somewhat fatigued, however, and my nipples are staying sensitive and red. My breasts look bigger too. It’s so frustrating not knowing what is going on with my body! My cervical mucus is watery. Sometimes it hurts to have a bowel movement. I’m thinking that it could be an ovarian cyst. Could a cyst delay my period and cause these symptoms to come and go? Help!

          5. Well I don’t go go the obygn until Monday. But my clinic did a few blood test 1 which was a BFR Test and my creatinine levels were high I just got the results back it was 160. Higher than 90 it had a side note saying high levels of protein are found in your urine, these levels increase during pregnancy!! I was like whattt!! And I did some further research it said protein in your urine can give you false negatives on a HPT test and even with the HCG test. Yes it’s very frustrating to not know what’s going on its been 3 months for me and still no period! Hmm are you constipated? What do you mean it hurts to have bowel movements. But yes cysts can cause irregular periods, even missed periods. And you period has never been later before ever? If it’s always on time I would suggest waiting a week and the nausea and pain in your abdomen are still there as well as the other symptoms I would say go to the doctor. Is your cervical mucus watery and milky, or just watery?

          6. Sorry I mean GFR test glomerular filtration test, && I now I developed heartburn 3 days ago it freaked me out never had it b4. Asked My twin how it felt not she said yup I have heartburn

          7. I have been constipated on and off but I’ve went everyday. I just mean that my pelvic area hurts when I go. I’ve heard that it can mean endometriosis or a cyst if that happens. And cm is fluctuating between creamy lotion to milky and then watery.

          8. Contispation doesn’t have to mean not being able to have bowel movements, but struggling with them and if it’s more difficult while doing so that’s considered apart of the definition of constipation too =). Isn’t it so frustrating that most of the things that happen with the body happen during pregnancy too!!? Mine was exactly like that too (my cm), they diagnosed me with a UTI at the hospital and didn’t even do a urine sample or anything. Smh, but the clinic ruled that out. Is there brown or pink spotting? It might still be to early for that because usually happens after 2 weeks after implantation. But I heard UTI give u these symptoms:You feel pain or burning when you urinate.
            You feel like you have to urinate often, but not much urine comes out when you do.
            You have pain in your lower belly.
            Your urine is cloudy, looks pink or red, or smells bad.
            You have pain on one side of your back under your ribs. This is where your kidneys are.
            You have fever and chills.
            You have nausea and vomiting.

            (So if these symptoms don’t apply to you, u can rule that out ^_^ one less thing to worry about, yay!)
            I just looked up the endometriosis it didn’t say anything about it causing you to miss a period. So that should be a good sign that you don’t have that as well, right?!

          9. Thanks so much for your support! I’m kinda scared because I have no idea what my body is doing. I just started a new job so I don’t have insurance yet. My mom had endometriosis so it’s a little scary. I’m now 6 days late. No signs of UTI so that’s good.

          10. Oh and I just thought of something that I left out. I was on BC pills until September of last year. I stopped September 1st and had my period that month. Then, as expected, my period disappeared until December 26th. Then they appeared to regulate again and everything was getting back on track. Periods were on a 32-34 day cycle again, which is normal for me. Then this month, nowhere to be found. My bf and I have been ttc since January. So naturally I expected this to be it.

          11. Ahh I see suree no problem, I’m sure all of us are here because deep down inside to not know what’s happening with your own body can be a little frightening especially if your use to things being normal. And oh sorry to hear that about your mom, but I break and bind any spirit of endometriosis that is trying to attack your body. TTC is such a beautiful thing. I’m glad u mentioned the new job it can be stressed related since it’s been 6 days. ^_^ new jobs can be stressful all the demands and new protocols haha. Is this a job that your body is use to both mentally and physically? And yes no spotting should be seen for another week or so if you are pregnant ^_^. I really hope that you are! For babies are blessing, and each one has a purpose but it all comes with due time. Oh for the birthcontrol topic I have no experience with that! I wouldn’t even know where to start with comforting, lol. Maybe you can try posting again seeing that your response is further down now and mention the birth control part, I’m sure there are women out there that can relate to you better.

          12. Well I decided I needed to test again today because my breasts got very tender and sore and I got a positive! Just hoping it’s not a fluke. I’m going to buy more tonight and take more.

          13. I took another test tonight and it was positive! I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on April 1st. I am roughly 5 and a half weeks pregnant.
            Good luck to you JJ242! Good luck to everyone on here TTC!

          14. Yesss congrats hun!!! Well my update is yesterday I have very very light brown bleeding. Only enough to wipe on tissue. I still put on a pad tho. But this morning it got heavier still no cramping or its nothing like my regular periods. It’s almost blackish in color and the material with it, it’s sticky and black doesn’t look like regular eggs. I cannot wait till monday. I’ve felt so naseous yesterday I had to leave work early and faint. I woke up today and still very very faint even after eating. So I’ve just been taking it slow.

  266. Im 11 days late 5 negative hpt cramping nauseas lower back pain now im having some light pink brownish spotting I know the best thing is to get blood work ive been reading that implantation bleeding does not happen this late I wasn’t trying for a baby but wasn’t trying not to clearly having unprotected sex I was pregnant 10 years ago at 16 with no symptoms just went to the dr and had a positive test im driving myself crazy peeing lots wiping to see if there is anything there im now to the point im going to be disappointed if i get my period :( is there a high possibility this is my period making an appearance

  267. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago… 5 days after my doctor told me everything was ok and back back to normal and that we can try again whenever im emotionally ready. So on feb 4 I started spotting dark brown the first day on the 5th day started like a reg flow but was still lighter than usual then the next day it was brown again and just stopped. About 2 weeks after we lost the baby we started being sexual again almost everyday. I’m supposed to start again in 2 days. We also were sexual most of the days in my fertile window. Could the period that I already had be implantation or what?

      1. I started bleeding on jan 4th thru the 8th and my feb 4-7th but I just started yesterday… So no pregnancy again yet for me :-(

  268. Hello I’m having hot flashes thirsty all the time severely bloated moody having headaches I have virtually no appetite until I eat (food isn’t appealing as much anymore) and im always tired the smallest things make me exhausted my LMP 02/07 and every time I take my temp it 98.1 and above I hit 98.7 today. We had sex on and off during my fertile period and he ejaculated in me two days after I ovulated. Help?

          1. Lol well we use the “pull out” method and Thanks so much!!!! I get my dot tomorrow hopefully

  269. I am 42 this year and I haven’t been on any contraception – I am 11 days late for my period I am usually right on target or one day early. I have felt very nauseous and some foods make me want to be sick. On the 11th day late I have started lightly bleeding not sure if this means no pregnancy or I am?? So confused. I have been on a business trip overseas for the last 2 weeks so not really in a position to take a test – any ideas or thoughts? My family has a late start to menopause so I don’t think that is the case?? Please send any thoughts? I don’t get home for 2 more days!

    1. And the one thing I am embarrassed to admit is that i have been smoking and drinking while on my business trip – did this hurt the situation … could i have been pregnant and then lost it because of that ?? I would be devastated!

      1. Smoking and drinking is not the best thing when pregnant, but you didn’t suspect you were pregnant, so don’t blame yourself! And you’d have to drink a lot to cause miscarriage, so I wouldn’t be worried just yet, especially since we don’t have a reason to think you miscarried at all. When exactly did you have unprotected sex, and when exactly was your previous and the expected periods due?

    2. Same thing happened to me took IUD off January 20thmy AF 24th had unprotected sex February 1st then, again the 17th..didn’t have AF in January ,but the Jan 28th i started spotting, brown, Today its March 2nd
      it just stop completetly!!! I also got mild cramps no flow at all, light headaches, and cravings,also got water coming out my nipples when i squeeze!!! NEGATIVE HOME TEST :/ im 37 yrs old, my kids are 23,20,13yrs old…i feel in pregnant, and f i feel You are too!

  270. had period january 1 then again january 26 havent gotten for february. I had mild cramps on feb 20th and felt like af was going to come any minute but didnt- cramps continued on and off mostly during the night. Im 6 days late on af, could this be it? I dont have any other symptoms other then tender bbs. Anyone else have this a,nd got bfp please help

      1. Before af i usually get sore boobs. This time they were a lil sore around the time of expected af n then tender.

      1. We had unprotected sex on the 5th, 8th and the 14th was suppo to get af on 22 according to p tracker

  271. my son is 10 month old I m on brestfeeding but mostly during night as I m working. my periods returned in eighth month, then next after 28 days and next was chemical preg so came back after 40 days. I always had 25-26 day period. I had sex on 14th of feb(7th day) but he pulled out. I had brownish spotting on 24th & 25th feb (17th & 18th day) I never had it and now creamy white discharge. is it my period coming so early or am I pregnant. also when shud I test
    in my last pregnancy I tested positive before my missed period as I had very strong symptoms. but this time no symptoms

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. It can take some time for your cycle to return to normal after a chemical pregnancy, and they can be longer than usual for a while, just like you described it, which means it’s still not clear when you ovulate. BTW, the discharge and the spotting you mentioned could be due to ovulation, so I’d wait to complete a 40 days cycle again, just to make sure, and repeat the test.

      As for the symptoms, not all pregnancies are the same – you can find that you will experience the next pregnancy in a slightly different way, or will not experience any symptoms at all. Holding my fingers crossed for you!

  272. So this isn’t the first time i’ve been down this road but it has been a while… LMP was 2/5…. I had sex 2/14 and 2/15 unprotected. Next LMP is scheduled to be 3/6. I’m ridiculously tired and I feel bloated and crampy. White milky discharge but no achy boobs…. I’m going to wait it out til I’m late to test but is this PMS or pregnancy symptoms? My “baby” is 6 now so I haven’t done this in a while…..

    1. But your fertile days were Feb. 17th-Feb.22nd, if I’m not mistaken (29 days cycle). There is a certain chance you conceived, but if these resemble your usual PMS symptoms, I’d say that that’s what they are.

  273. My first date of the last period was 8 Feburary , me and my boyfriend had protected sex on 15, however we checked the condom but we noticed some discharge on the bed sheet ( did not know what exactly it was. Did not want to take chance so I had ipill In 38 hours. Just after 7 days I started bleeding and this bleeding wasnot heavy it lasted for only 2 days and was dark red in color. Since yesterday I am having cramps, lower back pain,sore nipples. I have done 3 times pregenancy test and they came negative, but I am seriously worried why this is happening and what is this happening.. M I pregnant?????

      1. My first day of the last period was 8 Feb, and I got mid bleeding on 23 feb due to ipill. As per the cycle my next period is due on march 8 or 23 march if any hormonal duaturbance happend due to ipill. Please help. But I m still having cramps, lower back pain plus sore nipples. Not understanding what Is it exactly??

        1. They could all be side effects of the pill. BTW, if the pill caused breakthrough bleeding on Feb. 23rd, it still doesn’t mean your next period “shifted: and will come on March 23rd – just wait and see when it comes. But the most important thing right now is that you’re probably not pregnant:)

  274. Hi sorry to bother you Ladies but I havea question my cycles are pretty normal every month but this cycle came as usual but it was much lighter and shorter it came on February 16 but it was light only lasted a couple of hours then it was gone and I had a white mucus discharge non smelly though Monday afternoon I was bleeding again which was also light then the blood turned dark brown Tuesday it started in the evening and I bleed for a couple of hours and Wednesday I only bleed because I got mad. I’ve been peeing alot and craving certain foods I’ve been really tired my last normal cycle was January 24-27 idk what to think I took a pregnancy test last week and it came back negative and now today I have a heavy bloating feeling with very minor cramps but no blood…….HELP PLEASE

  275. Hello, my last menstrual cycle was on Dec 5, 2013. I have 38 day cycles (never been later than 2 weeks). So as of today its been 46 days and still no period. My period was suppose to come on Jan 12= nothing, and February 19th=still nothing. I’m very slim I weigh 110. As of now I’m 130 lbs! (The most I’ve weighed in my whole life) I’m very bloated, had diarrhea early feb, took 3 HPT’s all negative, and went in for a blood test early Feb as well negative as well. I’m nauseous throughout the day (no vomiting), I have gas, and as of lately I’ve been constipated, nipples are sore to touch, and have been itchy, also my lower part of my stomach, and have had cramping. I haven’t been stressed, I would say this is the happiest I’ve been in a while. I did start a new job but I’m a vet tech so it’s nothing I’m not use to doing on a regular basis. Despite the neg. HPT test and neg. Blood work test do you think I can be pregnant ? This would be my first pregnancy. Going to retest (HPT) around March 5th. I’m not trying to conceive but my bf made love on Dec 30th && New years eve.

    1. I’ve also been a lot more tired, and moody. My lower back hurts and sometimes I get dizzy. My period last for the full 7 days btw. My discharge has been more frequent and I’ve noticed changes in color..sometimes pinkish, sometimes brown. Sigh lol. I’m no birth control or anything either.

      1. Well I heard when u have unprotected sex with someone else other then the person your use to, it switches up ur cycle so in about Nov of 2013 it was late. But since then it’s been back on track regular 38 day cycle. So my cycles range from 33-43 days. && o.O thank u Yeh I have been having symptoms at the beginning like my period was coming but it never came…and usually when my period comes my breasts always get sore! But nope not this time now my nipple are extremely sensitive to touch. I never experienced this. I took a dollar store brand last night still Negative. It can’t be my mind because my boyfriend and I weren’t trying to concieve.

        1. I wouldn’t be so sure – our mind is a mysterious thing:) But since your cycle ranged 33-43 (quite a difference), strictly speaking, your period can be 3 days late (4 days now?) – wait another few days and repeat the test, for your peace of mind.

          1. I went into the E.R. last night I was having sharp pains from my abdomen to my vagina. Never experienced anything like it before!!! It hurt so bad made my eyes tear. So they hook me up to a monitor, draw loads of blood. Put me on a I.V. catheter as I’m drinking loads of gatorade to take a cat scan. And dying because I have to urinate again, after my first cup of gatorade! I just used the bathroom less than 10 minutes ago. So I stick it out and finally my nurse comes in who’s pregnant btw I tell her I have to peee sooo bad she laughs and said go pee honey! Anyways CT scan is done results are “we’ve noticed a small cyst on ur right ovary, and a small cysts on ur pancreas. I’m like what?! Thinking in my head I’m only 23…. =/ how did this happen? I ask her how do you get cysts? She said usually when you have trauma to the stomach, like someone kicking you. So I go back to thinking ( a grown woman like me getting kicked, only thing that would be known to kick me and get away with it, is a baby that’s in my tummy if I’m pregnant) btw I still feel totally pregnant but I read cysts can cause that. The bloating, and nausea, the missed period, and sore nipples if I remember correctly..but that doesn’t explain the rest of my symptoms. So she then says u also have a UTI. Btw my 23 years in life I never experienced that either. Can CT scans pick up a baby if it’s in you? Well I’ll keep you guys updated I go in for a follow up with my RN tomorrow morning hopefully we can schedule a OBGYN appointment soon so I can get to a ultrasound && see what’s really going on and what type of cysts I have. Because majority of the different type of cysts I read about come about from pregnancy and releasing of eggs, right? Besides the cancer caused one.

  276. So I have a 1 year and 2 month old daughter now, but my husband and I are trying to concieve. My period was 02/08/14 and lasts about 4-5 days. I follow my ovulation on an app I have on my phone and it says that i was ovulating on the 24th. My husband and I “took care of business” so to speak twice on the 24th. Today, the 27th, I have been getting some pretty mild cramping and a white creamy discharge, along with a pop up headache. I didnt pay much attention my last pregnancy because it was more of a spur of the moment plan for a baby and I didnt watch as closely. Now, being all impatient, I am wondering if this is a sign of a pregnancy. I cant test until the 7-10th of March so I still have awhile to drive myself nuts. Just looking for some opinions.

      1. Theyre different. its constant pain almost. not unbearable. a little discomfort when i push on the area. and i have had a creamy discharge for the past 2 days.

  277. Help plz, last month I thought I miscarriage but this month I jade my had a period, today 2nd to last day of month I started spotting brown/ dark red???? What does tht mean???

    1. Hello! First of all, if you suspected that you might have miscarried, you should have had a check up. But I’m not sure I understand the rest. Did you have your period on February, and if you did, when exactly? Was it the spotting you mentioned, or did the spotting start after the February period?

  278. Hi, earlier on abt the conversation we had.. Ido have sex on 19012014. But 21012014 is my period.. So we dun expecting any baby.. After a week later, we had sex on 26012014, which means my period is over.. Now on 19022014 is i had a brownish thing on it.. So 20021014 is my period. Ive never come cross with brownish thing on my pantyliner. But my period last for 3/4 days only.. Im confused, so for now i keep on eating food which i dun like.. my head to neck painful.. Today on 27022014 i feel giddy, i feel nauseas, my leg feel tired eventhough i dunnoe walk so much.. So what should i do now? PLEASE HELP ME! DO AM I PREGNANT? Any suggestion.. coz i dnt want to check pregancy test at the moment. Its too early rite?

    1. If your period lasted 3-4 days, and the flow resembled your usual flow (relatively heavy/more than just spotting, bright red), it could be a normal period. If the day of your period had passed, you can already take a test. Don’t panic!!

  279. Hi, I was due on the 9th and I was 2 weeks late I came on on Monday but it was only fresh blood when I wiped myself any over time it was Brown or sometimes black I feel sick to my stomach and mild headache?

      1. Im not sure how to comment. Im 11 days late taken 5 hpt in 34 days as im freaking out my boyfriend and I are on the rocks right now. Im having some cramping about 2 weeks ago ive had some pretty bad lower back pain I drink about a potnof coffee a day and lots of diet coke but the last couple days its made me feel as though I was going to throw up some food smells are making me sick but ive had lots of tests say negative digital clear blue and the dollar store ones. Whats your thoughts on this I cannot see a doc till tuesday? Sorry to barge in here my periods are always on time almost down to the same time on the day of thanks for the help