Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Below is a list of symptoms that might help you know you’re pregnant even before you’ve taken the pregnancy test. So here’s what we have.

Delayed or Late Period

This is the most common pregnancy symptom, and not only in the movies, where a woman notices that she missed her period and runs to buy a pregnancy test. There can be other explanations for this, of course, such as excessive weight gain or loss, hormonal problems, tension, ceasing to take the pill or changing to a different pill, and more.

Morning Sickness

Another well-known pregnancy symptom. Many women feel nausea between 2-8 weeks of pregnancy. There are some lucky women who hardly experience nausea, but some suffer from it throughout most of their pregnancy. There might be other explanations for your nausea, such as a simple food poisoning, but if it tends to show up in the morning, better buy that pregnancy test.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

Your breasts might feel swollen, sore or tender as 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. Other explanations might be hormonal problems, birth control pills, or even PMS.

Headache and Fatigue

Headache and Fatigue


Headaches are a possible symptom, due to the sudden rise of hormones in your body. However, any woman who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines should probably not count on that symptom.


Extreme tiredness or sleepiness are common symptoms. If you’re pregnant, you might feel more tired than usual as early as the first week after conception. Of course, it also might be that you’re just tired or caught the flu.

Implantation Bleeding

One of the earliest pregnancy symptoms can be implantation bleeding. It might happen about 6-12 days after conception, when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Some women will experience light bleeding as well as some cramping. It usually lasts from one to three days; very rarely for five days.  The color of the bleeding usually ranges from pink to brown. In rare cases, it can also be black, but only rarely red. Unlike in menstruation, you’re not supposed to see any clots. However, this is where you should track your cycle, because it might be that you’re experiencing actual menstruation. Changing your pill abrasion from sex and infection might cause spotting as well.


Some experience lower backaches early in pregnancy, and even throughout the whole pregnancy as well. However, many women will feel backaches during or before menstruation. Possible back problems, and physical strain are to be considered as well.

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Now this is a symptom that is easy to miss, and although many women experience it around 6-8 weeks after conception, they don’t realize the reason for it. What’s happening is that in early pregnancy your blood volume increases, which can cause frequent urination but can also make one feel thirsty. Of course, it also might be that you drink a lot, or suffer from a urinary tract infection or diabetes, but if you don’t it might be the time to check if you’re pregnant.

Darkening Areolas

In early pregnancy, the skin around your nipples may get darker. During the pregnancy and after you give birth, you may notice additional changes: Darker color can progress throughout the pregnancy, the areola diameter may increase (it differs from one woman to another). Montgomery glands become larger, the skin the areola and nipples gets thicker, the nipple gets bigger and the whole breast may enlarge as well. Your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding the future baby. You can expect the areola to return to its pre-pregnancy size after you quit breastfeeding, but it’s not always so. The color of the areola may lighten but it isn’t likely to become as light as it was before becoming pregnant. The shape of the breast may change as well.

Food Cravings or Aversions

Many women crave for certain foods when they are pregnant. Others don’t. Some won’t eat anything but bread because other food makes them sick, and some lose their appetite for meat. This can last throughout the entire pregnancy. As so many other things in pregnancy, this is strictly individual. Then again, it might be that you’re craving for a certain dish just because your body lacks a certain nutrient, or you just stressed.


Like other symptoms in early pregnancy, bloating is caused by hormonal changes. As your progesterone and estrogen levels rise, the lining of your uterus thickens, making you feel more bloated. Hormonal changes can also cause your digestive system to slow down, which can cause bloating as well. It may be hard to tell the difference between premenstrual bloating and pregnancy bloating, for early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are often similar. However, pregnancy symptoms are often more exaggerated.

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

In the previous paragraph we mentioned that hormonal changes in early pregnancy can cause your digestive system to slow down. In addition to bloating, this can cause constipation. Taking iron, which is often prescribed to pregnant women, can add to the problem. Try adding more fiber to your diet and drink more fluids. Hormones sometimes affect women differently though. While most women will have issues with constipation during early pregnancy, some will have diarrhea instead. As already said – each woman has her reaction.

Vaginal Discharge

Typically, around ovulation women will have an increase in cervical mucus. After ovulation cervical mucus dries up and generally stays dry through the remainder of her cycle. In pregnancy, estrogen levels increase which may cause a woman to secrete more cervical fluid, usually described as creamy, lotion like, or yellowish. However, bear in mind that normal estrogen changes can also cause vaginal discharge.

Mood Swings

Women are famous for their PMS mood swings. The bad news are, that during early pregnancy, some women experience similar symptoms. It’s more tears than breaking plates, though, so warn your husband to get the tissue-box ready!

Other possible symptoms of early pregnancy may be heightened sense of smell (possibly due to the increase in estrogen levels) and cramping, though it can easily be mistaken for PMS or menstrual cramps. You might notice it as your embryo implants into your uterus.

Remember, none of the symptoms (except maybe nausea) is 100% reliable. Many of them, such as breast tenderness, backaches and cramping, are common PMS symptoms. A blood test will always give you the answer, and most of the home pregnancy tests are reliable as well, though the tests’ sensitivity level varies.

  • Margaux

    Hello. My usual cycle is 29 and i have been almost always regular to the point that my tracker is accurate on predicting when’s my preiod due . Though last month, it came late (around cycle 33-35) probably because i had severe diarrhea prior to my period. Now, i’m 8 days late (if i based it on my usual cycle). I’ve always had protected sex (he wears condom halfway through the intercourse). Had mild cramps for the last 2 days and my discharge is sticky and a mix of brownish red and yellow. Haven’t tried pregnancy test yet. Is there any chance that i’m pregnant?

  • joannmae

    So my period is 8 days late, this in not normal although last month my period was like 4 days late, I am very very moody! I had a little dot of pink blood when I went to the bathroom have headaches and so naseous and tired but I also work overnights. Could I be pregnant? And when working overnights when’s best time to take a pregnancy test?

  • Hi Baloch. If you didn’t miss any pills, there’s a small chance of you getting pregnant. Irregular periods are quite common in the first months of birth control use. Did your period come on time since you started taking Diane 35?

  • You could. Or, they could be symptoms of your cycle getting back to normal after you stopped taking the pill. Not all pregnancies are the same though, so you could be experiencing symptoms you didn’t have during your first pregnancy. Nothing to do but wait for your expected period. Good luck!

  • Please clarify what you mean by overprotective sex and yes, you can take the test.

  • Possibly yes. Did you use ovulation tests?

  • ladybug

    Hi everyone, so i need abit of advice, me and my partner have been ttc for a about a year now and i had alot of hormonel problems for the first few months. But have been takin folic acid one a day for 2 months, and that helpd my period, now i am 8 days late realy sore boobs and feel realy tired, but no other signs! I had a negative result on day 5. Do u think i could be pregnant??

  • Baloch

    Hi fellows. I’m 20 days late. As It happened never before. I have been on diane 35 since last three months because of unwanted hair. I flew Dubai on 23 April and there I shared my bed with my husband . My date was 3 may for periods. In 5th may spotting occurs just for single time. I checked through pregnancy strip test thrice but so far it’s negative. What do u suggest am I pregnant or not….

  • Selma D

    Hello everyone. I have TTC for six months till now for my first child and without success, sadly. My period is two days late which is very unusual but even the last cycle it was three days late. I have experienced white milky discharge this morning. I don’t want to be excited because i have been investing so much energy and the sadness after my period is just unbearable. What do you guys think?? Could i be pregnant?

  • SummerLH

    i am 6 days late on my period, i have been very moody, sick to my stomach, having brown discharge but very little, breast are very tender, ive been overly fatige, cramping, like the full 9 yards. and i am wondering if i should go ahead and take a test.

  • CL2016

    Ok so I missed my pill two weeks ago and had unprotected sex. I haven’t taken my pill since because part of me wants to be pregnant. I’ve been so very nauseous since then and now I’m cramping and have lower back pain. The nausea is still pretty strong and it has even turned into motion sickness which I have never had before. I have had a white, milky discharge and headaches. Smells are hitting me harder as well.. Could I be pregnant? This would be my second pregnancy and I never had symptoms this soon before

  • Sarahj

    I’m the same! I’m 3 days late now and have been trying since end of October last year, taken 3 pregnancy tests.. 2 of which were negative and one had a really really faint line in the test region! I am never late on my period and now I’m confused and gutted 😔 X

  • Crazy – 123

    ok my last pregnancy i had a medical abortion which was in feb this year they advised me to wait for a year before i try again as i have to heal .. my period is 6 days away bt i have have had backache and tender breasts and the milky discharge isit to early for a test?

  • GemGem

    My period is 6 days late today. Been trying since Sept 15 after my hubby having vasectomy reversal. Been having unprotected sex since. Got more than normal discharge which keeps making me think I’ve come on but when I go nothing. Done 3 tests all negative. Latest being this morning? Please help with advice x

  • Leigh

    My period is due and I have my been spotting for a week with brown spotting and occasional cramps. My boobs are so sore and Im testing negative with the pregnancy test. I’m on vitex and wondering if this could be affecting my cycle to extend and act different while we are trying but waiting for the period to start or hoping to get a positive is hard work

  • Kay

    I had unprotected sex 2 days after my last period.

  • Kay

    My period is 6 days late and my last period was regular as always, but I am not cramping, I’m not nauseous, my breasts are tender, but no other signs. Should I just take a test to be sure?

  • JADA Lovee

    Hi did you ever find out if you were pregnant?

  • JADA Lovee

    Updatee ?

  • JADA Lovee


  • It’s not too early to take a pregnancy test. You didn’t mention whether you got professional help (and if you haven’t, after trying to conceive for 5 years you better go for it!). Good luck, holding fingers crossed for you and your fiance!

  • There is a chance, especially since you took it on the first day of your supposed period. It’s impossible to say more without knowing if or when you had unprotected sex and whether you were on birth control until recently.

  • JADA Lovee

    Hi did you ever get an update on if you were pregnant or not?

  • JADA Lovee

    Hi I’m going through the exact thing.. did you ever find out if you were pregnant?

  • Rachael

    Hi me and my fiance have been trying for a baby for near 5 years. My peroid is 4 days late and i have suffered alot of heartburn. I was due my peroid on the 14th of may. I have milky discharge but no smell. My period is always on time though. Is it too early to do a pregnancy test? Could i be pregnant? I hope i am i really am but dont want to get my hopes up. Please help and give me some advice.

  • Betty

    Ok please help going crazy! I normally spot the day befor starting my period witch is today . I took a test came out negative . But having nausea , trouble sleeping , white discharge so now my question what’s the chance of the test being wrong

  • Jodie

    My periods irregular I came off cerezette 2 months ago as want to lose weight. I had a light period 28th April and Friday I had a small amount of redish/brown tinge to discharge. My boobs are swollen and tingly, have backache, feel sicky lower abdomknal cramps and have had diarrhoea for past few days…. test came back negative late this morning… do you think I am pregnant?

  • Ashley moore

    Test again in a couple days my story is so similiar to your my husband and i have been trying since jan april 21st i got a negative april 25th got a positive so Goodluck but it sounds like your preggo

  • Ashley moore

    Found out i was pregnant april 25th

  • Ashley moore

    With our bodies its so very hard to tell my husband and i had been trying for our 4th child since jan with no luck even knowing my days still no luck i had those same symtoms i was for sure i was with child after all the trying we gave up and after one ttim i was pregnant 2 weeks later so u could be Goodluck

  • Paris

    Hi i have been having unprotected sex since jan. I know my ovulation days so i always skip sex. On april my i missed my ovulation and had sex a day before ovulation. My period came thé 20th but it was dark Brown/black no cloth lil pain and for 4 days which was not heavy. i had sex a day before ovulation this month about a week ago still waiting for my period but im having a lot of headaches and slight cramps. U also be having white discharge that is milky white has body but not That think as spoil milk. My boyfriend has a lot of headaches himself and have been a bit moody. Even tho i await my period is this of any sign?

  • Marlee’ Rae

    I took a test yesterday while at work and it still says negative. Although, yesterday I felt very queasy. My breast were itching like crazy.. and I think I’ve developed a yeast infection just last night. I don’t even feel comfortable in my work pants anymore unless my pants are unbuttoned. The night before last I was at work walking the aisles.. and I smelled something that smelled like either fluoride, menthol, or eucalyptus… idk.. but it was VERY strong. I walked around near the braiding hair which is nowhere near the chemical aisles… and that’s when I noticed a lady was chewing gum.. double mint at that… I was in disbelief because my ma chewed that same brand of gum for years and I’ve never smelled what I smelled that night in that gum. This is why I’m confused about the negative result…..???????

  • Hello. Have you got off birth control lately?

  • Did you mean to say that your last period was the 24th of MARCH? Brown discharge instead of normal period occurs when your period is delayed. It happens when the lining of the uterus has not been expelled in the previous period and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Hmm, the fact that your boyfriend sleeping and eating more than usual as well is very indicative 😉 It’s been two months since you took your last pregnancy test. You didn’t get your period on March, April or May? Definitely time to repeat that test!

  • Myrline Amy

    Omg I am in the same situation, my last period was March 24th, I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and now I am 16 days late, my breast has been sore for almost 3 weeks now, I have back pain.

  • genie jakes

    In march I got my period on The 20 in April I started spotting from the 15-19 then I spotted again on the 21 this month I haven’t got my period yet I just have brown discharge when I wipe I think I might be pregnant any answers?

  • Laura

    My last period was the 24th April a d ended 28th April my period usually comes every 30 days so I should have come on 28th April but nothing I stayed having minor cramps back ache and nausea and this is still the case today on the 7th may I had dark brown discharge lasted about 3 days getting lighter and only really when I wiped I did a test on the 5th and it was negative I’m unsure wats wrong with me any ideas .?

  • Osato

    The last time I had my period was March 26 2016.. On April 15 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex.. For the whole week of my ovlaution.. And now we’re I’m may 11 days late no period.. I have done 3 pregnancy test they’re all negative.. Yes I when to the emergency room they did urine test negative.. I am so confused.. Every morning I get sick

  • Elise

    Same here! Can you please update?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry not to have an answer. I was hoping you might update?

  • krys

    I had sex Saturday and forgot to take my birth control the next day. my boobs are sore and I’m having lots of discharge and cramps. could I be pregnant?