18 Weeks Pregnant

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Your baby has now reached the size of a sweet potato and learned how to yawn and hiccup. Your bump keeps growing, and you may some lower back pain, dizziness and heartburn.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Fetus

Baby at week 18 is about the size of a sweet potato, and boy, is he growing! Your baby is now measuring 5.6 inch/ 142 cm and weighing about 6 ounces/ 171 grams. Your baby’s are now in final position, as are his (or hers) genitals!  If you’re lucky and the baby is in the suitable position, you may be able to see your baby’ sex in your anomaly scan (week 20!).

You little ones blood vessels are visible through nearly transparent skin, and a protective substance called myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he’s born. Bones keep hardening, and nerves and brain are further developing. And as a bonus, baby has learned how to yawn and hiccup! As your pregnancy progresses, you will learn to recognize these tiny hiccups when you see your belly give little jerks

Why do babies hiccup, sometimes multiple times per day? Science has no definite answer, but it is believed that babies hiccup because they swallow or breath in amniotic fluid, which causes their diaphragm to contract. Baby hiccups are usually nothing to worry about – many newborns continue to hiccup after birth as well – but if the baby seems to hiccup more than usually or if there is a notable change in the way he moves, contact your caregiver.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms

At the 18th week of pregnancy, your waistline has visibly grown and you can now proudly display your baby bump – isn’t this the most beautiful sight in the world? If you haven’t switched to maternity or more comfortable clothes yet, you will probably do it now. Amy women stick to flowing tunics and dresses, comfortable leggings and cardigans – say yes to stylish pregnancy and comfort yourself for the temporary loss of that favorite pair of jeans with colorful accessories like scarves and statement necklaces.

Low blood pressure is very common during pregnancy, and with it comes dizziness. To avoid feeling dizzy, don’t stand up too fast when lying or sitting. Avoid lying on your back when sleeping or exercising if possible – this might cause your uterus to compress a major vein, which might lead to decreased blood return to the heart. You may still suffer from heartburn. Back pain during pregnancy is something most (more probably all) women experience. During the second trimester, a hormone named relaxin loosens your ligaments, which may cause lower back, pelvis and hips pain. Relaxin is also responsible for enlarging the foot size for some women, and unfortunately, the change is permanent. if this is your case, comfort yourself with a a few pairs of new shoes and unpleasant as this may be, try not to dwell on it.

You may continue exercising – in fact, you can exercise as long as you feel like it, but avoid sudden, jarring movements, jumping, or any motion that might make you lose your balance. Relaxin, the same hormone that gives you back pain, also loosens your ligaments, which may cause you to lose balance more easily.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Questions

1. How to Prepare for Birth?

Consider birth classes and/or a dula. You may have read a lot about pregnancy and delivery, but face-to-face communication with someone experienced often helps, and gives you more confidence.

2. How to Buy Baby Clothes?

Having a baby often turns you into a wild shopaholic – ah, these heartbreakingly tiny, soft, fuzzy garments, pastel colors, bears and bunnies.. But before robbing the stores, remember you will probably get baby clothes as gifts, so it’s best to buy bigger sizes, ask friends with kids whether they have clothes they don’t need anymore and visit second-hand shops that often offer baby clothes in good condition (they only wear them for a few months, after all, before switching to a bigger size). Less expensive, much more environmentally friendly.

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