21 Weeks Pregnant

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Your baby has now reached the size of a zucchini, she’s putting on weight and her kicks are stronger than ever. Your body keeps changing as well, and you might be developing stretch marks and varicose veins – as well as some healthy appetite!

21 Weeks Pregnant – Fetus

Your baby keeps growing and putting on weight, now measuring 10.1 inches/ 25.6 cm, the size of a zucchini, and weighing 12.9 oz/366 grams. Baby now has eyebrows and eyelids, and though her eyes are still fused shut, they are active under the so very delicate eyelids. Her taste buds are forming, and if it’s a girl, so is her vagina. Your baby is busy swallowing amniotic fluid that both nourishes and hydrates her, practicing breathing movements and urinating the fluid. In case you’re wondering about personal hygiene, the amniotic fluid refreshes itself every three hours.

The baby’s kicks are growing stronger, and you may soon start noticing that there is a special pattern to them. if you think your little one tends to kick more on the left side, mostly in the morning, it is probably so. It’s not only kicks she’s busy with, because as the baby is still tiny, she has enough space for stretching and even somersaulting in your uterus. The baby sleeps too, but unfortunately, her timetable may be different from yours, and you might find her most active just when you go to bed – bad luck, momma!

21 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms

You’re probably feeling pretty good these days, but your body may keep changing. You may notice pink or red streaks appearing on your belly, breasts, buttocks and hips. About half of the women get stretch marks, since as your belly (and the rest of your body) grows, and as your skin continues to stretch, the tissue under your skin tears. Some factors can predispose you to getting stretch marks, such as rapid weight gain or having relatively fair skin, and if your mother had stretch marks, you’re likely to have them too. Unlike someone might tell you, there is no magic balm or oil that will prevent stretch marks from appearing, but there’s good news as well – the marks will fade to a barely noticeable silvery white color soon after you deliver your baby.

You may also develop varicose veins – especially if other members of your family have them. This happens because the growing uterus and the increasing weight of your body put pressure on the veins in your legs, and this pressure is increasing as your pregnancy progresses. Additional factors like rising progesterone levels (which relax the walls of your veins), age, and previous pregnancies might contribute to the problem. To help prevent or minimize this unpleasant condition, wear maternity support hose, follow a mild exercise routine if possible, sit with your legs elevated whenever you can, and try sleeping on your left side. Do the same if your feet swell.

Spider veins? Not pleasant, but they don’t do any harm and usually disappear after you give birth. Other possible symptoms this week include acne (due to increased oil production by your skin), increasing appetite (carry healthy snacks like fruit, veggies or nuts with you), gas and constipation (drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich foods), and lower back pain.

Have you noticed that your hair and nails are growing way too fast and look exceptionally thick and shiny? This is not a figment of your imagination. It happens partly due to pregnancy hormones and partly due to the increased circulation of nutrients in your body, which go not only to the fetus, but to your own hair and nails.

21 Weeks Pregnant – Questions

1. Is Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy Normal?

Some women experience bleeding or spotting during or after sex while pregnant. This mostly happens in the first trimester when your cervix is extremely sensitive due to swelling of capillaries. When these tiny blood vessels are irritated during intercourse, they might burst. The bleeding is usually nothing to worry about, but it’s best to stop the intercourse to prevent further irritation and talk to your caregiver about it.

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