So, you just don’t feel like it. You have plenty of excuses, and they’re good ones: You’ve just pushed out three kg of flesh and bone, are breastfeeding around the clock, not getting enough sleep and are generally behaving like a zombi. That’s what you’ve been programmed to do. The other programs may hibernate for a...

It is common to hear from a woman that she stopped breastfeeding because she didn’t have enough milk. However, in many cases, there’s nothing wrong with the milk supply. Where do mothers get it wrong?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help your baby get the nutrients he or she needs and grow at a healthy rate. But how many extra calories does your body really need?

Many new moms panic when their hair starts falling out in clumps, somewhere between three and six months after giving birth. Suddenly, all those grandma stories about bad teeth and losing hair after pregnancy look so real, and you freak out.