Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Below is a list of symptoms that might help you know you’re pregnant even before you’ve taken the pregnancy test. So here’s what we have.

Delayed or Late Period

This is the most common pregnancy symptom, and not only in the movies, where a woman notices that she missed her period and runs to buy a pregnancy test. There can be other explanations for this, of course, such as excessive weight gain or loss, hormonal problems, tension, ceasing to take the pill or changing to a different pill, and more.

Morning Sickness

Another well-known pregnancy symptom. Many women feel nausea between 2-8 weeks of pregnancy. There are some lucky women who hardly experience nausea, but some suffer from it throughout most of their pregnancy. There might be other explanations for your nausea, such as a simple food poisoning, but if it tends to show up in the morning, better buy that pregnancy test.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

Your breasts might feel swollen, sore or tender as 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. Other explanations might be hormonal problems, birth control pills, or even PMS.

Headache and Fatigue

Headache and Fatigue


Headaches are a possible symptom, due to the sudden rise of hormones in your body. However, any woman who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines should probably not count on that symptom.


Extreme tiredness or sleepiness are common symptoms. If you’re pregnant, you might feel more tired than usual as early as the first week after conception. Of course, it also might be that you’re just tired or caught the flu.

Implantation Bleeding

One of the earliest pregnancy symptoms can be implantation bleeding. It might happen about 6-12 days after conception, when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Some women will experience light bleeding as well as some cramping. It usually lasts from one to three days; very rarely for five days.  The color of the bleeding usually ranges from pink to brown. In rare cases, it can also be black, but only rarely red. Unlike in menstruation, you’re not supposed to see any clots. However, this is where you should track your cycle, because it might be that you’re experiencing actual menstruation. Changing your pill abrasion from sex and infection might cause spotting as well.


Some experience lower backaches early in pregnancy, and even throughout the whole pregnancy as well. However, many women will feel backaches during or before menstruation. Possible back problems, and physical strain are to be considered as well.

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Increased Thirst and Frequent Urination

Now this is a symptom that is easy to miss, and although many women experience it around 6-8 weeks after conception, they don’t realize the reason for it. What’s happening is that in early pregnancy your blood volume increases, which can cause frequent urination but can also make one feel thirsty. Of course, it also might be that you drink a lot, or suffer from a urinary tract infection or diabetes, but if you don’t it might be the time to check if you’re pregnant.

Darkening Areolas

In early pregnancy, the skin around your nipples may get darker. During the pregnancy and after you give birth, you may notice additional changes: Darker color can progress throughout the pregnancy, the areola diameter may increase (it differs from one woman to another). Montgomery glands become larger, the skin the areola and nipples gets thicker, the nipple gets bigger and the whole breast may enlarge as well. Your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding the future baby. You can expect the areola to return to its pre-pregnancy size after you quit breastfeeding, but it’s not always so. The color of the areola may lighten but it isn’t likely to become as light as it was before becoming pregnant. The shape of the breast may change as well.

Food Cravings or Aversions

Many women crave for certain foods when they are pregnant. Others don’t. Some won’t eat anything but bread because other food makes them sick, and some lose their appetite for meat. This can last throughout the entire pregnancy. As so many other things in pregnancy, this is strictly individual. Then again, it might be that you’re craving for a certain dish just because your body lacks a certain nutrient, or you just stressed.


Like other symptoms in early pregnancy, bloating is caused by hormonal changes. As your progesterone and estrogen levels rise, the lining of your uterus thickens, making you feel more bloated. Hormonal changes can also cause your digestive system to slow down, which can cause bloating as well. It may be hard to tell the difference between premenstrual bloating and pregnancy bloating, for early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are often similar. However, pregnancy symptoms are often more exaggerated.

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation or Diarrhea

In the previous paragraph we mentioned that hormonal changes in early pregnancy can cause your digestive system to slow down. In addition to bloating, this can cause constipation. Taking iron, which is often prescribed to pregnant women, can add to the problem. Try adding more fiber to your diet and drink more fluids. Hormones sometimes affect women differently though. While most women will have issues with constipation during early pregnancy, some will have diarrhea instead. As already said – each woman has her reaction.

Vaginal Discharge

Typically, around ovulation women will have an increase in cervical mucus. After ovulation cervical mucus dries up and generally stays dry through the remainder of her cycle. In pregnancy, estrogen levels increase which may cause a woman to secrete more cervical fluid, usually described as creamy, lotion like, or yellowish. However, bear in mind that normal estrogen changes can also cause vaginal discharge.

Mood Swings

Women are famous for their PMS mood swings. The bad news are, that during early pregnancy, some women experience similar symptoms. It’s more tears than breaking plates, though, so warn your husband to get the tissue-box ready!

Other possible symptoms of early pregnancy may be heightened sense of smell (possibly due to the increase in estrogen levels) and cramping, though it can easily be mistaken for PMS or menstrual cramps. You might notice it as your embryo implants into your uterus.

Remember, none of the symptoms (except maybe nausea) is 100% reliable. Many of them, such as breast tenderness, backaches and cramping, are common PMS symptoms. A blood test will always give you the answer, and most of the home pregnancy tests are reliable as well, though the tests’ sensitivity level varies.

  • Jeanette

    im 12 Days late on my period i have been off the pill for a month now but me and my hubby are trying to get pregnant. i have took 2 pregnancy test and both came out negitive now that im 12 days late i have notice my breast are sore for a week and a half now and i have white creamy discharge i havent taken a pregnancy test again because i dont want to be dissipointed .. i have also lower back pains but it only comes at night i also get small cramps that wil only last a few seconds but the are not bad cramps? any help on what i should do ?

  • Jules

    Hi. Help please, my periods are very irregular, always early and can bleed for over a week at times, worked my dates out and i am late by roughly a week going on a regular 4 week cycle. (which i never do). I have had unprotected sex (lets just say a lot,) over the last couple of weeks. I did bleed whilst having sex two weeks ago but it stopped immediately, ive got cramps like i’m going to get my period and a strange pulling feeling just under my belly button that comes and goes, little bit of discharge which i dont normally get at all

  • Mikaela

    I got in a car wreck the day before my period was supposed to start, just a burn on my arm from the air bags, nothing too serious, they did a blood test when I went to the hospital and I’m guessing it came out negative because they didn’t say anything different but I’m now 9 days late.. could I be pregnant or could it be stress or something from the wreck? I’ve been getting having a lot of the symptoms

  • Em

    Hi, really unsure what’s going on! My periods are now 17days late I have done 2 hpt and had one blood test and all have come back negative! I have thick white discharge but other then that I don’t know if I feel much else different right now, last week I did but this week feeling alright apart from odd things here and there. Could I be pregnant still? My periods are always regular, I was never on any form of birth control! Doctor insures me blood test is 100% correct and not to worry about being pregnant but I’m unsure. Thanks

  • Em

    Hi, really unsure what’s going on! Need help.. My periods are now 17days late I have done 2 hpt and had one blood test and all have come back negative! I have thick white discharge but other then that I don’t know if I feel much else different right now, last week I did but this week feeling alright apart from odd things here and there. Could I be pregnant still? My periods are always regular, I was never on any form of birth control! Doctor insures me blood test is 100% correct and not to worry about being pregnant but I’m unsure. Thanks

  • Anita

    Hi looking for abit of advice! My cycles are usually 29/30 days. I had a misscarriage in January. And my periods have been regular since every month. My last period was on 18th May for 3 days. So I was expecting af on 16th. We had unprotected sex on 1st and 8th of May. I have taken a few pregnancy test and they are negative. I have not been getting the same symptoms as I did with my first pregnancy. But I had been feeling tired, with cramps and fluttery feelings. I am hoping I am pregnant! When should I test again? Thank u!

  • Hi Joy. If you tested at least a week after you were supposed to get your period, the result is usually reliable.

  • Hi. There are various reasons for a late period, such as stress, stopping birth control, antibiotics, etc. If Still no period, consult your caregiver and consider a blood test.

  • Hi! Sounds like you could be pregnant. You could have tested too early. Holding fingers crossed for you!

  • Hi Meagan. If you haven’t been on birth control until recently ( which could cause a delay in your period) and have been having unprotected intercourse since your last period, you could be pregnant.

  • Hi! The question is, when did you take those tests? Stopping birth control can mess up your cycle, which could be the reason behind late or absent periods. If you took the tests before June, it won’t do no harm to repeat it. Holding fingers crossed for you.

  • chipo

    hi , I have a 26days cycle but now I am on 44 with no period yet. for the past I and week am having period like cramps and a light lower back ache. I did a urine test a week ago but it is negative. could I be pregnant.

  • Chei

    Hi i need help, the last day of my period was last april 18 i stopped taking BC april 20. Me and my partner is trying to conceive. So i stopped taking. Have no period for the month of may but i have spotting for 3days, then come this june another spotting. Now i have mild cramps lower back pain, breast felt heavier than before, have white creamy discharge too. and i feel sometimes that there is a contraction on my lower abdomen. Could i be pregnant? Already took 5 pt’s and they all turned out to be negative. Help please!!! Thanks a lot.

  • Meagan

    I’m 6 days late on my period an feeling nauseous but havent thrown up yet, don’t have any back pain nor tender breast, or vaginal discharge, but I do have this little sharp pain at the bottom/middle of my stomach an it goes away an comes back. Could this mean I’m pregnant? I have a tracker on my phone an i was suppose to start June 10 but havent started, my last period ended last month on the 19th of may and my period last 7 days

  • Taryn Jayne Samuels

    Hey id love anyone’s feedback! Me and bf are ttc therefore we are VERY sexually active (everyday) , I have regular periods and 1st day of LMP was 15th may, I’m 2 days late now no sign of AF at all. Ive been very nauseous without being sick, change in appetite, increased CM in last 2 weeks which has died down now, my partner noticed my sense of smell is heightened, one boob is very sore/bigger and I’m hot and cold at the same time. I did a test yesterday but not in the morning and BFN. I don’t want to get to excited but I’m never late. Opinions please? Thanks, Taryn x

  • Bria S Ballentine

    Hi I have a normal 30day cycle longest has been 33days my last period was May 5th for 7 days like normal my next period was suppose to start June 4th I’m 9 days late negative test yesterday I need help

  • Hi. Periods may get lighter when you’re on birth control. Repeat the test if you suspect you tested too early, but you were not supposed to conceive if you’ve been taking the pill regularly. The pill prevents ovulation.

  • Possibly, though pain on the left side may also occur before or during menstruation.

  • Hi. If you’re still breastfeeding, there is a chance your cycle is not back to normal yet, but taking a test is a good idea – false positive results can happen, but they’re rare.

  • You tested too early, but the symptoms, including the late period, could be due to the pill. You were not supposed to conceive, though.

  • Hi Alana. You should never take take a pill on an irregular basis to stop a period – it’s not good for your body, the pill would be as effective as if you were taking it at for at least a week, and it could sure throw your cycle off balance. this could be the reason for the late period, but if you had unprotected sex, taking a test is a good idea.

  • Hi! Your periods can be irregular for a few months due to quitting birth control (symptoms can stem from the same reason), and as we can’t know for sure when you’re supposed to get your period, we cannot know whether it is late. By all means repeat the test, though, and good luck!

  • Joy

    Hi, I posted on here a week ago, lots of pregnancy symptoms, possible implantation bleeding day after period was due, back ache, fatigue, lower abdominal cramps etc
    Still have lower abdominal cramps but very light, lower back pain comes and goes. Feeling tired every day and sleeping so much. Headaches on and off. Bloating. Breasts are fine no tenderness but I’ve also had a breast augmentation years ago and lost all sensitivity in my nipples. Still convinced with all these symptoms but I have done another hpt yesterday and came back negative. I would now be 3 weeks 4 days since conception if I am pregnant, could this too early for the hpt to show positive?

  • Karina

    Hi! May 5th I got my birth control out & same day I got my period & it lastest about 3-4days. I had unprotected sex a week later (TTC) btw. Took a pregnancy test on May 29 it was negative, took another test June 5th negative. & I am 3 days late on my period. & I have symptoms like: acid reflux, sharp pains in my stomach, constipation, diarrhea, mood swings, nausea, headaches, etc.. can I be pregnant & just took the test early? I will try again next week!

  • Alana

    I have not had my period in 41 days. I was going away with my partner on the 14th and my period was due so I took my friends pill to stop it but only took the a couple of days and I got my period on the 18th of April and not had it since and I have had unprotected sex “help”

  • rosy

    On may 21st took plan b pill due to unprotected sex… that same night condom slipped… i wasnt sure how long plan b works so i didn’t take another one. about a week ago i was feeling very nautious…. my breasts are never sore when getting my period… i was suppose to get my period june 4th. I have tender breasts, milky white discharge for couple days now and mild cramps come and go. took pregnancy test on 31st;negative. is it too early???

  • Jessica Demetrius

    I can’t give advice from my own experience, but my sister had nexplanon and said her periods were irregular for the first year and then disappeared all together until she got it taken out.

  • Jessica Demetrius

    Hi, I’m currently 4 days late with my period. I’m getting white vaginal discharge and had some mild cramping 5-3 days before my scheduled period. I just had a baby in November so my periods may still be regulating themselves, however, I did have unprotected sex on May 15 or 16, which, according to my period tracker, was day 15 of my cycle. I have back aches which some times occur sparatically throughout the month and sometimes right before my period. I had a c section delivery with my daughter, so it could just be another reaction from getting a spinal/epidural. I am aware that women are sometimes very fertile after pregnancy, so if i do happen to be pregnant, it’s no fault but my own; Although, my fiancé and I haven’t used protection for almost 5 years and have only gotten pregnant with my daughter (that we know of). I don’t have any other pregnancy symptoms like tender breast, nausea, implantation bleeding, nothing, other than late period and white discharge. I’m waiting to see if I do end up getting my period but am starting to worry. I’m a little weary about taking a at home test because when my daughter was three months, I had went to the doc to get my nexplanon put in, and the test the did came up positive but the blood test negative (I never got the nexplanon put in because they assumed I was pregnant since lab results took two days to come and I never rescheduled). So, knowing my chances are high, is there ANY chance that i am not actually pregnant and maybe, just maybe, my cycle is still regulating?

  • Haj

    I also have taken two pregnancy test but it was in the middle of the month and they both came back negative

  • Haj

    Hi I’ve been on nexplanon since Jan 7th 2017 I was getting periods every month on the 8th . My last period was march 8th and I am sexually active sometimes we would use condoms sometimes we would pullout but I also had a very evil roomate who knew where all the condoms were but anyways .. my last period was march 8th so I’ve missed 2 going on three . I’ve started to have a milky white discharge for maybe a week now and I woke up with it again this morning no odor no itch . I’ve experienced nausea once , fatigue sometimes , cramps which I don’t usually get even when I have a period , diarrhea every morning weight gain , I didn’t notice until today that my mood swings are terrible , bubbly feeling in my lower stomach or feel likes something may slightly move but maybe it’s my mind playing games on me . No sore breasts or anything , I always drink a lot of water too but lately my mouth has been feeling really dry also.. please help..

  • Haj

    Hi I’ve been on nexplanon since January 7th and my periods started to become normal on the eighth of every month . My last period was march eighth so I’ve missed to going on three.. I’m experiencing cramps , milky white discharge not like my normal discharge and has no odor and no itch,fatigue sometimes,lightheadedness , I’ve only experienced nausea once , I also have been experiencing diarrhea every morning sometimes I feel a weird bubbly feeling in my stomach , also at times I can’t lay completely flat on it like I used to be it feels uncomfortable like I’m laying on a ball or something .. I’ve taken to pregnancy test in the middle of the month and they’ve both came back negative .. please help..
    Yes I am sexually active sometimes we would use the pullout method but lately we would use condoms

  • Jay

    As of Friday I was 5 days late with spotting Wednesday-Friday only that morning and nothing else the rest of the day. Then Saturday I woke up very very light blood flow with clear mucus and the same this today (Sunday). I’ve been nauseated but not vomiting only spitting up spit. I’ve had cramps all last week and pain on my left. One day breast was sore next only my nipples. Headaches come and go back aches too. Could I be pregnant ?

  • Hi Chloe. If you haven’t been on any birth control until recently and had unprotected intercourse after your last period, do test.

  • If you’ve been on birth control until recently, I’d wait, as quitting could affect your cycle. If not, repeating the test won’t do no harm.

  • Michells, if you haven’t been on any birth control until recently (which could affect your cycle) and had unprotected intercourse, taking a test is a good idea.

  • Hi. 4 years ago is quite a period, it wouldn’t affect your cycle today. If you had unprotected intercourse lately, I’d take a test, if you still haven’t.

  • Hi Ada. Did you test 4 days after you expected your period to start? If period still hasn’t started, please repeat the test – you could have tested too early. Good luck!

  • Hi! It’s hard to tell without knowing whether/when you had unprotected intercourse and whether you’ve been on birth control until recently (going of the pill could cause a delay).

  • Hi Stacey. If you didn’t miss any pills, you were not supposed to get pregnant. At least one of the symptoms you described could be due to the pill (breast tenderness) , and assuming you ARE pregnant, it would be a bit early for nausea. Bloating might occur both in early pregnancy and during/after period, so these symptoms are not too decisive.

  • Joy

    I’m on birth control and have a regular 28 day cycle due to this. My last period was 24th April and I had sex with my husband 1st, 12th and 13th May. I’m not sure I should ovulate with the contraceptive pill. I have been having headaches and feeling fatigued and bloated. My period was supposed to come last Monday 22nd May but was a day late..very light spotting over the course of 3 days, only needed a panty liner, no clots and it was light brown in colour when I wiped. The day after the last spotting I had lower abdomen cramps, lower down than the usual menstrual cramps and have since had lower back pain and the fatigue and headaches have continued.
    I did a home pregnancy test (clear blue early) but it came back negative. I’m not sure if I need to wait until my next period to see if that’s missed before I can take another test as I’m not convinced the last one is correct. My breasts aren’t tender but they never are during PMS and I also have no nausea but just don’t feel myself with all the other symptoms. I’m not trying to conceive but if I am pregnant I would like to ensure I’m doing everything right for the baby. Any advice welcome.

  • Holly

    Have you done a test?

  • Stacey

    Help, I’m on the 7 day break of my pill (only been back on it 5months and it’s not been having the best effect on me but..). this month instead of period I’ve just had 24hrs of brown/ black discharge which has now gone and I start back pill in the morning. This week none of my jeans suddenly do up and yes boobs feeling a bit fuller n sensitive compared to normal, as for nausea think it may be caused by me being worried that this potentially sounding like pregnancy

  • Princess Camina

    Hi! Im supposed to have my period a week ago. Up until now I have no period. 10 days late and having cramps like Im having a period but not. Also, I have this lotion like coming out my vagina. Please help me