3 Months Pregnant Questions

Your baby can sense light and hear you singing, and you can find out whether you have a boy or a girl on your next ultrasound scan.

The second trimester has begun! Your baby’s face is fully formed and he grimaces and sucks his thumb. Your belly is growing and you may now have your second ultrasound scan.

Your baby has developed vocal cords and fingerprints and keeps growing. You’re about to start the second trimester of pregnancy, and your fatigue and morning sickness are probably subsiding.

Your baby has now reached the size of a kiwi and has started making sucking movements! Your bump keeps growing and you may already be ready for maternity clothes and for telling the happy news to the world.

Your baby has now reached the size of a large strawberry and his bones are beginning to harden. Life is getting better for you now, as you nausea and fatigue may be subsiding and your baby bump is showing!