During Pregnancy

Your baby has now reached the size of a zucchini, she’s putting on weight and her kicks are stronger than ever. Your body keeps changing as well, and you might be developing stretch marks and varicose veins – as well as some healthy appetite!

Your baby has now reached the size of a sweet potato and learned how to yawn and hiccup. Your bump keeps growing, and you may some lower back pain, dizziness and heartburn.

Congratulations! your baby has reached the fetal stage of development and is the size of a large olive. Your bump is growing, and you may finally be ready to switch to maternity clothes.

Your baby has now reached the size of a marble and has teeth and taste buds. Your body keeps changing too, and it’s not only your growing breasts, as you may expect heartburn, nausea and food aversions.

If you’re pregnant, you may have already found out about some of the annoying side effects. Weird pains in unexpected parts of the body, itching or skin problems can be bothersome, as the body you thought you knew so well suddenly behaves in a completely unexplainable way.