When To Stop Birth Control Pill Before Pregnancy

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If you use the birth control pill and planning to conceive, you may have many questions about the potential effects of the pill on your chances to get pregnant and the health of your future baby. Many women worry about the effects that the oral contraceptive may have on a growing fetus. But the first question many women ask is how long must one wait before trying to conceive after coming off the pill.

Coming Off The Pill Before Getting Pregnant

It’s enough to come off the pill a couple of months before you start trying. It doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant right after getting off the pill. Unlike it was once believed, the pill cannot cause miscarriage. However, if you’ve been taking the pill for a while, it might have changed your cycle, so it might take a while for hormone levels to get back on track. In addition, if you wait until your cycle is back to normal, it can help establish a more accurate due date. But if you do get pregnant before your period becomes regular, don’t worry – you can date your pregnancy by having an early sonogram done.

If you’ve been taking the pill for many years, it may take you a while to restart your period. You might want to finish your pill packet though, otherwise you might have a mid-cycle bleeding.

When you quit the pill, you have some time to see when you’re ovulating and how long your natural menstrual cycle is. Once you quit taking birth control pills you may ovulate within two to six weeks. If the period doesn’t restart right away, you may have post-pill amenorrhea. It means that the pill prevents your body from producing hormones responsible for your ovulation and menstruation.

After you stop taking the pill, it can take some time for your body to return to its normal condition. However, if your period’s still back after three months, take a pregnancy test to make sure you’re not pregnant. If you aren’t, you should see a doctor, but don’t worry — this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem.

If your periods were regular before starting the pill most chances are that they will be back to normal within six months of stopping it. If your cycles were irregular before the pill it may indicate PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Other factors that may influence menstruation are excessive weight, bad health, stress and rigorous exercise.

Pregnancy After The Pill

Once ovulation resumes, you can become pregnant. If this happens during your first cycle off the pill, you may not have a period at all. But it doesn’t mean you will necessarily get pregnant right after you quit the pill. Even for a healthy couple, it can take up to a year to get pregnant, so if you’ve been trying for four months and still haven’t conceived, you have nothing to worry about yet. Some lucky women conceive immediately, but for most, it happens within three months. Other women conceive after about six months. Like everything else in pregnancy, it’s strictly individual and depends upon your body’s cycle. Visit your gynecologist if you’re thinking of getting pregnant. He/she will make sure you’re healthy and ready to conceive and tell you everything you need to know about stopping the pill.

To boost up your chances to get pregnant after using the pill, here’s what you can do: Make sure you have a healthy and nutrient diet, start taking folic acid and get a prescription for iron. If you smoke, you better quit and don’t drink too much alcohol. Most important of all- less stress.

Getting Pregnant On The Pill

If you continued taking the pill not knowing you’re pregnant, don’t worry about the baby. The chance that oral contraceptives cause birth defects is virtually nonexistent. All you need to do is stop taking the pill.

  • Emily

    Hey everyone, i recently stopped taking the pill almost a week ago, i finished the pack so no withdrawal bleeding, but im positive i ovulated as soon as i stopped taking them, 6 days later im having what seems to be implantation bleeding? Possible or impossible? Wanting to get pregnant so bad!!

  • Dixy

    I’m new to contraception. I take progesterone only pill (cerellle). My period last for 5 days , I started taking the pill on the 5th day (12th of january )of my period. I had sex on the 20th , 24th , 28th of january, I’m still on the pill then I had period symptoms then had light blood on the 1st of Feburary till the 5th February. It’s same time around with my period time (is that my period?) . Is it possible that I’m pregnant ? and when is it safe time to stop the pill cos I’m not going to be sexual active again.

  • Kristen Alexander

    HELP!!! Ok I was taking birth control and took all 3 weeks of pills except the last 2 days & then I skipped the sugar pill week. I am now 2 weeks late and very bloated at night. I took 2 tests when I was 1 week late but haven’t taken any more tests since. I was always pretty regular

  • Asmah

    Hi,im using yasmin after i consume the 21 tablet im waiting for my period to come with the 7 days break but it did not come and had unprotected sex w/my husband on the 9th and 10 day without taking a pill but on the 11 day i took a pill..is there a chance to get pregnant?pls.answer me..

  • Steph

    yes you can be prego

  • Jane

    Hey. I stopped the pill November 23rd my period came on the 25th. I had unprotected sex on the 7th of December and my bf came in me. I have irregular cycles due to PCOS. My next period was due on the 23rd of December however it is late. Can I be pregnant ?

  • Hello. Unless you tested too early, quitting the pill could have caused the delay in your period.

  • Hi. Chances are extremely slim.

  • Trudy

    I took the mini pill Cezarrett for two weeks only as a first timer but immediately stopped coz they were making me REALLY ill plus we wanted to try for a baby.We had unprotected sex ,lve been testing and all pregnancy tests are coming out as negative.My Nipples are so itchy at times,l feel tired most of the times,l sleep a lot and at Times l do experience nausea.l stopped the tablets like a month or more ago and seeing that lm not getting positive pregnancy tests ,l was expecting my periods but l still haven’t come on.Could l be pregnant or wat.Plz help

  • Alexa

    I stopped my 7th day period pill because me and my husband had unprotected sex on the 6th day. But i have been using pills for 4months but not on the same time bcoz i always forget. But now i decided to stop because I forgot the right timing and had break the 7days pill period. And maybe i could get pregnant. And i decided that i want to get pregnant so i stopped. Is there any other ways to get pregnant after stopping the pill? Because sperms lifespan is 5days right? So maybe you could suggest something a vitamins? That could help me continue this and get pregnant?

  • Alexa

    Hello. I am a diane 35 pill user from july to september 2017. But i decided to switched to ALTHEA since it is more cheaper than Diane 35 pill. Last october i started my althea pill and had my period on october 27th to 29th. I rested for 7days and started a new packed last november 6 but i could remember the exact time of taking it. But on november 11 on my 6th day pill me and my husband had unprotected sex and also on 12th but i took my pills so late at the expected time but i took it rven if its late. And So i decided to stop taking my pill on the 13th because I assume that maybe ill get pregnant because sperm can live 5days inside a woman am i right? Is there a chance that i can get pregnant? Since i didnt take it on time bcoz I forgot the time of taking it? And had sex even without waiting to finish the 7day pill?

  • Hello. So sorry to hear that. Yes, it’s normal – some women stop bleeding when on the pill, but since you started taking pills after what has happened, I’d still do a test. Get well soon.

  • Hi. Yes, you could, though not necessarily. Your cycle may still be irregular after quitting the pill,

  • Hi. With most pills, you still bleed every month when you finish the pack or take the placebo/sugar pills (depends on the pill). It’s called withdrawal bleeding. But no, you can’t get pregnant, even if you missed one pill – especially i you remembered to take it the day after.

  • theresa pocong

    thank you for the response, yes definitely it was. my menstruation came back already 🙂

  • Astro02

    Been taking the pill since September. Every one. Placebos and the hormone ones. Spotted during the placebo week for the first two cycles and this cycle no spotting. Nothing. Normally I spot a little but it’s brown. Is this normal? Just clear discharge this time around, no sign of period except severe cramping. Nothing else, no spotting, nothing. Started placebo week last night. Was raped in August by ex. Could I be pregnant and not know because of the extra hormones?

  • Melarie

    I stop takin my pill in sept ,my cycle came on October 3 I’ve been have unprotected sex with my husband since October 19 still haven’t gotten a period could I be pregnant?

  • Alex

    Hey there. Is it possible to be pregnant on birth control pills but still get your period each month at the same time you normally would. For the past 2 months I missed at least 1 pill, of course doubling up the next day. Just curious on the possibility of still getting my period if I continued my pills? I took a ptrgnancy test before my period last month and it was negative.

  • Hi. There’s no way to know for sure, unfortunately. You can conceive right after quitting the pill, or a few months later, but taking the pill won’t have any negative effects.

  • Hi. You were still taking the pill when you had sex, so probably not. Quitting the pill could have caused the bleeding though – irregular periods are a common side effect when you quit taking a hormonal contraceptive. Your cycle will soon be back to normal.

  • Hi. Yes, spotting and light bleeding are common side effects.

  • Hi. Yes, it’s possible, though chances are slim if you had sex right after your period.

  • Hi. You didn’t mention whether you did a urine test. Generally, if you were on the pill during that time, and didn’t miss any pills, you were not supposed to get pregnant. Lighter periods or no bleeding at all are common side effects with hormonal contraceptives, but consult your caregiver if you’re worried.

  • Hayley Rossiter

    Hi me and my partner had sex a few nights ago that day my periods had stopped after having them continously since 25th August. Now since i have become very fatigue very strong sense of smell and nausea. Im worried i could b pregnant but i am taking the Cerazette Pill.

  • Jessy

    Hey,I was taking birth control for a month and decided to stop in September after 3 days I started bleeding September 28 and it lasted for 4days and right after that finished I had unproctected sex back to back now October 17 I’m feeling nausea more sleepy could I be pregnant?!

  • chinnie

    hi is it normal to have a brown spotting? im taking althea pills this is my 1st time to take pills..

  • Deziray Luna

    Hi , I ended my last period October 3, the my bf and I had sex October 7th and he came in me , I stopped taking the pill after that day , 9 days after October 3rd I got my period again , I read online that I may be pregnant but is it true … can i be pregnant ?

  • Estefania

    I use Estarylla (Norgestimate and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets) 0.25mg/0.035mg.

  • Estefania

    Hi, me and my husband want to get pregnant, but I recently got off pregnancy pills after 6 months because i had uncontroled bleeding after my period and haven’t taken them for 2 weeks and been having unprotected sex. How long can it take for me to get pregnant?

  • Hi. Chances are slim, but there’s a possibility.

  • Missing one pill is usually not enough to conceive, especially if you took one as soon as you remembered and continued as uausl.

  • Hi. If you hit your fertile window, you could be pregnant.

  • Hi. That depends on when you had sex. If you had sex during your period, you couldn’t. The reason for the cramps could be the period itself, or quitting the pills so abruptly.