When To Stop Birth Control Pill Before Pregnancy

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If you use the birth control pill and planning to conceive, you may have many questions about the potential effects of the pill on your chances to get pregnant and the health of your future baby. Many women worry about the effects that the oral contraceptive may have on a growing fetus. But the first question many women ask is how long must one wait before trying to conceive after coming off the pill.

Coming Off The Pill Before Getting Pregnant

It’s enough to come off the pill a couple of months before you start trying. It doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant right after getting off the pill. Unlike it was once believed, the pill cannot cause miscarriage. However, if you’ve been taking the pill for a while, it might have changed your cycle, so it might take a while for hormone levels to get back on track. In addition, if you wait until your cycle is back to normal, it can help establish a more accurate due date. But if you do get pregnant before your period becomes regular, don’t worry – you can date your pregnancy by having an early sonogram done.

If you’ve been taking the pill for many years, it may take you a while to restart your period. You might want to finish your pill packet though, otherwise you might have a mid-cycle bleeding.

When you quit the pill, you have some time to see when you’re ovulating and how long your natural menstrual cycle is. Once you quit taking birth control pills you may ovulate within two to six weeks. If the period doesn’t restart right away, you may have post-pill amenorrhea. It means that the pill prevents your body from producing hormones responsible for your ovulation and menstruation.

After you stop taking the pill, it can take some time for your body to return to its normal condition. However, if your period’s still back after three months, take a pregnancy test to make sure you’re not pregnant. If you aren’t, you should see a doctor, but don’t worry — this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem.

If your periods were regular before starting the pill most chances are that they will be back to normal within six months of stopping it. If your cycles were irregular before the pill it may indicate PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Other factors that may influence menstruation are excessive weight, bad health, stress and rigorous exercise.

Pregnancy After The Pill

Once ovulation resumes, you can become pregnant. If this happens during your first cycle off the pill, you may not have a period at all. But it doesn’t mean you will necessarily get pregnant right after you quit the pill. Even for a healthy couple, it can take up to a year to get pregnant, so if you’ve been trying for four months and still haven’t conceived, you have nothing to worry about yet. Some lucky women conceive immediately, but for most, it happens within three months. Other women conceive after about six months. Like everything else in pregnancy, it’s strictly individual and depends upon your body’s cycle. Visit your gynecologist if you’re thinking of getting pregnant. He/she will make sure you’re healthy and ready to conceive and tell you everything you need to know about stopping the pill.

To boost up your chances to get pregnant after using the pill, here’s what you can do: Make sure you have a healthy and nutrient diet, start taking folic acid and get a prescription for iron. If you smoke, you better quit and don’t drink too much alcohol. Most important of all- less stress.

Getting Pregnant On The Pill

If you continued taking the pill not knowing you’re pregnant, don’t worry about the baby. The chance that oral contraceptives cause birth defects is virtually nonexistent. All you need to do is stop taking the pill.

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Rose Hachman

I have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 years and at the same time looking for ways online, I first did Depo Provera Shot which i consecutively took every three months, there was no good result from it. I did Depo shot for 3 years constantly until Doctors in Kenturkey told me to try IVF because I had Endometriosis stage 4 and I resulted to try IVF( In Vitro Fertilization). Months after my IVF nothing progressed and my situation became worse that my husband had already made his plan getting married to another woman which made me sort… Read more »


Hi. Had unprotected sex on the the day before and in the actual day I missed one althea pill. It was the 15th pill of a 21 day- pill. Decided to stop taking the remaining pills. Saw brown spotting in my undies. Can i get pregnant?


Hi, I came of Cerelle on 10th January. I had a withdrawal bleed a couple of days later that lasted 7 days then I had my first period after 21 days. I have now gone 5 1/2 weeks and still no period. I took a pregnancy test which came up with a very faint positive line after a couple of minutes but when I tested again in the morning it was negative. Could I still be pregnant?


Hi my name is Nila.The last time i went to the doctor She gave me birth contol pills to take orthotrycyclean. I had to take those because i was on my period for 6 months straight i found out i had a fibroid tumor so my hormones were imbalanced.

Well i never even finished the first pack of pills and the last time i took a pill was for 3 days in a row in the middle of January.

February has passed and i never had a period and im feeling breast tenderness could i be pregnant?


Hi, I’m 21 soon to be 22. Over the years I’ve had irregular periods but since last year january it has gotten worse. I would bleed for two weeks or more and it would come back a week after finishing. I gained 30lbs between january and November. I did ultra sound a ultra sound i did a papsmear and there was no sign of cysts, fibriods and no pcos. My gyno then recommended a blood test which showed that my hormones were imbalanced. Since then he has given me metformin which didn’t really work so he then gave me Diane-35… Read more »


Hey everyone, i recently stopped taking the pill almost a week ago, i finished the pack so no withdrawal bleeding, but im positive i ovulated as soon as i stopped taking them, 6 days later im having what seems to be implantation bleeding? Possible or impossible? Wanting to get pregnant so bad!!


I’m new to contraception. I take progesterone only pill (cerellle). My period last for 5 days , I started taking the pill on the 5th day (12th of january )of my period. I had sex on the 20th , 24th , 28th of january, I’m still on the pill then I had period symptoms then had light blood on the 1st of Feburary till the 5th February. It’s same time around with my period time (is that my period?) . Is it possible that I’m pregnant ? and when is it safe time to stop the pill cos I’m not… Read more »

Kristen Alexander

HELP!!! Ok I was taking birth control and took all 3 weeks of pills except the last 2 days & then I skipped the sugar pill week. I am now 2 weeks late and very bloated at night. I took 2 tests when I was 1 week late but haven’t taken any more tests since. I was always pretty regular


Hi,im using yasmin after i consume the 21 tablet im waiting for my period to come with the 7 days break but it did not come and had unprotected sex w/my husband on the 9th and 10 day without taking a pill but on the 11 day i took a pill..is there a chance to get pregnant?pls.answer me..


Hey. I stopped the pill November 23rd my period came on the 25th. I had unprotected sex on the 7th of December and my bf came in me. I have irregular cycles due to PCOS. My next period was due on the 23rd of December however it is late. Can I be pregnant ?


I took the mini pill Cezarrett for two weeks only as a first timer but immediately stopped coz they were making me REALLY ill plus we wanted to try for a baby.We had unprotected sex ,lve been testing and all pregnancy tests are coming out as negative.My Nipples are so itchy at times,l feel tired most of the times,l sleep a lot and at Times l do experience nausea.l stopped the tablets like a month or more ago and seeing that lm not getting positive pregnancy tests ,l was expecting my periods but l still haven’t come on.Could l be… Read more »


I stopped my 7th day period pill because me and my husband had unprotected sex on the 6th day. But i have been using pills for 4months but not on the same time bcoz i always forget. But now i decided to stop because I forgot the right timing and had break the 7days pill period. And maybe i could get pregnant. And i decided that i want to get pregnant so i stopped. Is there any other ways to get pregnant after stopping the pill? Because sperms lifespan is 5days right? So maybe you could suggest something a vitamins?… Read more »


Hello. I am a diane 35 pill user from july to september 2017. But i decided to switched to ALTHEA since it is more cheaper than Diane 35 pill. Last october i started my althea pill and had my period on october 27th to 29th. I rested for 7days and started a new packed last november 6 but i could remember the exact time of taking it. But on november 11 on my 6th day pill me and my husband had unprotected sex and also on 12th but i took my pills so late at the expected time but i… Read more »


Been taking the pill since September. Every one. Placebos and the hormone ones. Spotted during the placebo week for the first two cycles and this cycle no spotting. Nothing. Normally I spot a little but it’s brown. Is this normal? Just clear discharge this time around, no sign of period except severe cramping. Nothing else, no spotting, nothing. Started placebo week last night. Was raped in August by ex. Could I be pregnant and not know because of the extra hormones?


I stop takin my pill in sept ,my cycle came on October 3 I’ve been have unprotected sex with my husband since October 19 still haven’t gotten a period could I be pregnant?


Hey there. Is it possible to be pregnant on birth control pills but still get your period each month at the same time you normally would. For the past 2 months I missed at least 1 pill, of course doubling up the next day. Just curious on the possibility of still getting my period if I continued my pills? I took a ptrgnancy test before my period last month and it was negative.

Hayley Rossiter

Hi me and my partner had sex a few nights ago that day my periods had stopped after having them continously since 25th August. Now since i have become very fatigue very strong sense of smell and nausea. Im worried i could b pregnant but i am taking the Cerazette Pill.


Hey,I was taking birth control for a month and decided to stop in September after 3 days I started bleeding September 28 and it lasted for 4days and right after that finished I had unproctected sex back to back now October 17 I’m feeling nausea more sleepy could I be pregnant?!


hi is it normal to have a brown spotting? im taking althea pills this is my 1st time to take pills..

Deziray Luna

Hi , I ended my last period October 3, the my bf and I had sex October 7th and he came in me , I stopped taking the pill after that day , 9 days after October 3rd I got my period again , I read online that I may be pregnant but is it true … can i be pregnant ?


Hi, me and my husband want to get pregnant, but I recently got off pregnancy pills after 6 months because i had uncontroled bleeding after my period and haven’t taken them for 2 weeks and been having unprotected sex. How long can it take for me to get pregnant?


Hi i use to take pills 2x during my oeriod then decided to stop. Then now i feel crampy? Could i be pregnant?


Hi. I’ve recently come off my pill, in august I stopped it. I have recently had unprotected sex and I was due to come on my period Tuesday and still haven’t. Could I be pregnant or am I just stressing over nothing. Thank you


I have been on the pill consistantly for 8 years. I didn’t take my pill yesterday and had unprotected sex last night. Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant? Or does it take a while to ease off before I could even get pregnant?

Yana Banana

Hi there. I used Althea pills (21 day pill) but decided to extended it because i dont want to get my period while Im on vacation with my boyfriend. On my 28th day i stopped my pill because i had uti and had to take antibiotic. So for 5 days i was not on a pill and did not have sexual contact with my partner. After i finished with my 5th day antibitoic, i started to resume my althea pills but on ny 3rd day of my pills, we had unprotected sexual contact. Is there a possibility that i moght… Read more »

Leina James

It was my first time to try taking contraceptive pills, just to delay my period because my fiance and I had a 1 week vacation at the beach yay! My period was due on that same week so I opt to taking the pills (Trust) I only had taken 14 active pills and decided to stop while we were still on vacation and had unprotected sex days after in a row. We wanted to conceive so I stopped taking that pills. I started bleeding around 5 days after i stopped taking pills til now, is this normal? No chance of… Read more »

theresa pocong

hi i wanted to know if I will get pregnant, I gave birth last May 16, 2017. After I gave birth my menstruation came back last July 7. My OB advised me to take a birth control pills, she recommend a Daphne pills. I took the pills right after I bought it, that was July 20. But I had bleeding last week of July until first week of August. I stopped taking pills after the last tablet. Today is September 13 already and yet my menstruation didn’t come yet. Is it possible that I ‘am pregnant? thank you.


I’m using birth control pills almost 2 years now. My bf and I had sex on the 5th day of pill pack and came inside me. Then on the 8th day, I had brown discharges which lasted 7 days. I’m only using a liner and it’s not that much. Until now I’m still using the pill, could i get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant for unprotected sex after placebo pills on the Monday starting a new pack?


I had my period 8/30. I get it every 28 days. I just started taking the pill 9/5. I took it for only 4 days. My fiance and I actually decided at that point we wanted to start trying to conceive. We’ve had lots of sex 9/4-9/5 and 9/9-9/10. Today, 9/10, I started getting really bad cramps and later pink/red spotting..both for the past 6hrs. I’ve never had spotting in between periods nor after coming off the pill in the past. My periods have always been pretty regular. What could be happening?


Hi… im just new on taking birth controls. Im taking trust pills. So i started taking them first day on the first day of my menstrual period. Im on the 6th day of the pill, 6th pill on the row. When me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. He came into me half of it. Im worried to get pregnant. Since it was said that it should be within 7days of wait before habing sex. I had only 5days of menstrating and on the 6th day bleeding stop and thats also the 6th day taking the pill in the first… Read more »


I’m about to finish my pack this Friday and will meet my boyfriend on Saturday. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? Because I will not start a new pack after due to medical reasons. Thanks in advance for the response.

Motel Hopper



I got off of birth control sometime in April or May. My period was 04/28-05/01 then June 12-14 and July 13-15 and haven’t had a period that was to be around the 10th. My breasts are tender my lower back hurts and I’m very tired. I took 2 tests and they came out negative. I’m not spotting and white discharge about a couple of weeks ago. Could I be pregnant?


I was on emoquette (28 day cycle) since I had my son in September 2015 (and before him as well). I started a new pack 2 Fridays ago (8/4) took 3 pills and my husband asked me to try again for another baby so I stopped. A week later I was having my normal ovulation symptoms (mild cramps, tender breast, headaches) and also started bleeding. I figured it was because of stopping my BC. My question is, how can I track now my ovulation and cycle? Is that bleeding I experienced considered a period and do I start counting my… Read more »

Karla A Andino

I was taking safyral, which is 28 days pills, is my second month with them.

I start to take the first pill of my third active week before placebos ones on monday afternoonl, then on tuesday morning I have unprotected sex, I missed the pill the same day (tuesday), and then wed,thur & fri.(4 days in a row) On friday I start to bleed n saturday. Also I wake up every morning w diarrhea. Could I be pregnant?


Hi I came of the pill 6 days ago but I still have not had a withdrawal bleed yet, we are planning a baby & we have been having unprotected sex, could I be pregnant this soon?


I messed up my 28 cycle pack all pack and stop taking my pill 3 days prior to the week of placebo pills around the last week of august still was spotting July 4 my person wasn’t suppose to oringinally come on til the Sunday following had unprotected sex July 10th/11th then again on the 15th. Do I count when my period was suppose to come the following week or the 4th when I was having break through from messing up pill? Iv taken two test but got neg but also my daughter pregnancy didn’t pop positive til I was… Read more »


I Came off of birth control 2 days ago and had unprotected sex today. Noticed some light bleeding hours later just when I wiped (probably withdrawal bleeding) Could i still be pregnant or conceive even though I had a withdrawal bleed?


Hi in on Lucette and me and my partner are thinking of having a baby I am on my 7 day break can I stop them now and then wait for myself to start normal again or do I have to go to my gp?

Lizzie Jolly

Hi! So I’m 18, and my period has been funky this last month.
Last Monday I was spotting. Well I ran out of birth control yesterday. My period already happened so the placebo pills aren’t useful. My boyfriend came inside me yesterday. Should I be worried about possible pregnancy?

Blessing Mana

Tanks for ur reply, i started taking pills frm january nd i stop april av nt had a complete menstral cycle since then it sumtyms light or heavy or last only 2 days bt dis month am yet to see anytin nd av bin aving unprotected sex culd it be d pills or am pregnant? Cus am yet to have my regular menses nd normal flow of blood.

Blessing Mana

Hello, i was on pills since january nd it stop april nd my menses were ireegular it didnt flow well sumtyms it drop bt dis month am yet to menstrate culd it be d pills or am pregnant?

ciera bishop

Hi i was wanting to know if i am able to be pregnant if i only took the pill for two weeks then the last of the month i did have my period but after that i didn’t have my period its been almost two months and now im spotting i took pregnancy test but they say negative

Kelsey Hilliard

I don’t know if this is possible but wanted to ask. I have been on birth control for a long time. Seems like forever. I only have a period every 3 months since I can schedule when I want to have them. I had sex on July 2nd and took my last pill on July 3rd. Now I am off of them. Is there anyway that I could be pregnant? I am so dizzy and don’t really have an appetite.


I took my last pill saturday (7/1/17) and had sex today (7/4/17) And my boyfriend finished in me. I also started spoting lightly this morning from not taking the pill. I was wondering if it’s possible for me to get pregnant?


I had been taking pills more than a year (trust pills with 21 ethinyl estradiol+levonorgestrel and 7days ferrous fumarate for total of 28days ) so here’s the story I was active in sex May 21 to 29 cause I was with my boyfriend in Vacation but at the same time I’m taking my pills.. May 21 was my new set pack of pills I continued taking it till June 13 then I decided to stop but the next day I got my period and lasted June 18 so is there possible for me to get pregnant?

Dai Sy Re Ream

Hi I’m chin. I just wanted to ask about the pill althea … I haven’t finished my 21cycle pack and I just got my menstruation and I was wondering if I stop my first pack then proceed my 2nd pack or finished my 1St pack? I don’t have any Sexual intercourse.. The pill was just for medication because of irregularities


Hi.. My one packet of pills is already finish but my menstruation isn’t coming yet. My pills is finish in the 8th day of the month after that we have unprotected sex 4 days ago after I finish my pills.. Do I have any chance to get preganant with this?


Hi I have pco while i visited my boyfriend i as taking the pill however i bleed first on the 14th april then 30th april and then the last time on 14th may we had sex but i didn’t take a pill that day or after because i had my period on 15th im a bitt worried cause this mean it wil be much more harder to get pregnant or there is something wrong as i bleed ateast three times in a month


Hi I was wondering if u can help me I came off my pill 2 months ago and have sex with my partner nearly every day I have had a bleed/period since it only last 3 days though which isn’t normal for me what does this mean :/

Timeka Dunn

Hi I was wondering If someone can help me, me and my partner had sex last Friday he came in me I’ve not taken my pill for 9 days now and I’ve still not came on my period I had some brown spotting for a day and a half but has gone now ?


Hi I came off the pill 4 weeks ago I had my withdrawal bleed on the 13 April and finished on the 17th of April about a week ago I had stomach and back pain like period pain and some spotting with sensitive nipples this week I’ve been feling sick usually towards the night and having some stomach pain could I be pregnant or is it just withdrawal from the pill ? I already have a son but didn’t find out until I was 7 weeks with him


Hello, I’ve been on birth control for 3 years more or less, I started monessa recently, previously I had another BC. I’ve been having symptoms, but I’m not sure if I’m pregnant. I got off the pill a few days ago and have had unprotected sex/with my boyfriend finishing inside me. Could I be/become pregnant or because I’ve been on birth control for so long, I’m likely not to be.

Elaine Caraig Morales

Hello everyone…i took a 21day pill then i stop taking them altogether after the 7 non pill days…i had my mens 5days after the 21days pill and stop after 5 days…but why do i have mens again after 8 days? Please help me


I have been on Lo Laestrin birth control for 6 months and have still never had a regulated period. I am sexually active and don’t always use protection but he always pulls out. There are times when I don’t take the pill exactly when I should but I always take it the second I remember and have never not taken a pill. In Feburary I had a period from the 21st to the 27th and in March I had it from the 9th to the 11th. It’s now April 5th and Just today I had brown/pink spotting which I thought… Read more »

Elisha turbo

Hi my name is Elisha and I have some questions if anyone could answer. I stopped taking my pill at Christmas and this month I had unprotected sex last week twice and this week I have began spotting. It has a tint of red in there but also brown and stringy? Was wondering if anyone else had this problem? I have really bad stomach cramps and headaches. Don’t know if I am just diagnosing myself? Gurgling sounds in my stomach everyday! If anyone has been through this I would love some advice! Thanks!

Latisha Gibbs

Hi i have a question, me and my husband are trying to have a baby and i was on the birth control pill and tuesday my doctor prescribed me a different type of birth control called mononessa and i start it today i was wondering if i start it today do i take it a whole month for it to get in my system and stop taking it after that month? And what am i supposed to do after i stop taking the pill? Me and my husband are trying hard to have a baby.


Hi! I’ve been on birth control for many years. I had my period while on the pill starting Feb 4th. It ended 5 days later. I stopped the pill Feb 11th. I started bleeding again yesterday. Is this normal? I have had sex a lot throughout this entire time. Can I be pregnant?


I Was In The Drop Shot For 2 Years Than I Switched Over To The Pills It’s Been Like 3 Or 4 Months I Took My Last Pill 5 Days Ago And Had Sex Unprotected Sex Today A Couple Of Hours Later I Started My Cycle Is There Any Chance That I’m Pregnant ?


I Was In The Depo Shot For 2 Years Than I Switched Over To The Pills It’s Been Like 3 Or 4 Months I Took My Last Pill 5 Days Ago And Had Sex Unprotected Sex Today A Couple Of Hours Later I Started My Cycle Is There Any Chance That I’m Pregnant ?


Hi I started birth control in October or December and was bleeding crazy then stop taking it after 3 weeks because of the bleeding then eventually my period had ended and I started having sex and still haven’t had no period I’m extremely tired all the time and hungry I don’t know if I wanna be pregnant pregnant or not my boyfriend told me he has been cumin inside of me though


I had a baby 4months ago and I have had three periods since… I am wondering how comes I am not getting pregnant and I am scared I have secondary infertility cause me and my husband have had sex everyday … so I’m wondering will the pill make me more fertile and get pregnant if I take it 1or2 months then stop? Thankyou


So, me and my bf are trying to conceive. I stopped my bc on Dec. 24th. On Dec. 27 I started bleeding but wasn’t supposed to have a period until January 4th. I bleed for 9 days the 8th and 9th day being brown discharge. A week or so ago I had clear sticky blob of discharge I’m guessing that was ovulation? Idk. It’s January 30th, my next period i believe is supposed to be February 1st. But yesterday on my way home I felt sea sick driving. Had to stop, and vomited. When I got home I ended up… Read more »


I’ve been on birth control since February of 2015. I haven’t had a period since June of 2015. This June will be two years of not having any periods and I’m only 18. Could this effect me getting pregnant in the future?


Hello i want to quit the pill because i’m gaining weight …i started drinking the pill on the 10 of January ..en i never had sex since the day i started taking the pill …so i want to quit
..am i gonna fall pregnant?


I’ve been on the pill for years. Got pregnant with my last son immediately after stopping the pill. I stopped taking it again on 12/4. Had unprotected sex after that. On 12/11, exactly a week later, I started bleeding horrible. I bled for a few days. Had unprotected sex after. Have had unprotected sex quite a few times after. It’s now 12/25. What’s the chances of me being pregnant? I took a home test and its negative. I’ve had lower abdomen cramps like mild menstrual cramps. Been very tired. Have had moments of feeling sick. I should also add I… Read more »


I have been sexually active with my bf at the end of the November & mid/early December. I’ve been taking birth control since September of this year. This month.. December I forgot to take the Apri birth control pills 3 times …BUT each day I forgot, I took 2 the following day. My period started on the 15th (On time!) BUT it only lasted 3 days & I thought it was over.. So that day I had sex. And then the next day I started my period again & after that day I was pretty done with my period. My… Read more »


Hi i use birth control pills only if im going to visit my bf.this month im with him i started using the pill after my 3rd day of menstration,but i stopped after 10days last pill taken was sat,we had unprotected sex sunday and monday ,would it be possible i will get pregnant? Thanks


I ran out of pills on Tuesday so Tuesday was the last time I took the pill, I just got a new pack and it’s Friday so I haven’t taken birth control for 3 days but haven’t had sex since before I ran out. Can I get pregnant?


Hello! I stopped using pills for about 2months. Then I had menstruation but only few drops of blood that was 5days ago. Then just for today I had sex and its unprotected but withdrawal. Will I get pregnant?


Hello, I got my first period 3 months after getting of bc and got pregnant. I miscarried and now it’s been 2 months with no period. I contacted my dr who confirmed my hcg levels went down and now I’m getting scared. I was very early pregnant when I miscarried so I should have gotten my period but I feel like maybe it still has to do something with the bc before this I had regular period.

Phoenix Anderson

I had my nexplonan removed 2 weeks ago after only having it in for a month. I had unprotected sex the day before removal and well everyday since and before. I had only the tinest bit of spotting the second day after removal. Could i be pregnant? I feel horribly naseuos and very tired ive had cramping but no period. Since part of my birth control was no periods idk when i ovulated or when the last one i had was. Help please??


Hi looking for some advice i stopped taking my pill at the begining of November and had my withdrawel bleed on the 7th to the 12th. Me and my parnter have been having unprotected sex since the 13th November. I still havent had my period yet any chance i could be pregnant? I took a test a week ago but its was negative i dont know if it was too early thanks


i been on off my pills and dont drink them constantly or regularly anymore . during that time i have been unprotected sexually active. i had my period but it was late this past last week on the 23 . the first 3 days was a little heavy with few clots . i then on the 4th day i was active again but the heaviness had gone away and then began having a very light pink spotting and on the 5th day it was gone . i was then sexually active and stop the pill . i have been feeling… Read more »


If I have sex whilst on the pill how soon after sex can I stop taking the pill


Started my pills for the first time ever November 4th. Only took pills the 4th. 5th. 7th. 13th & 14th. Had unprotected sex the 4-5 and the 9-10. Experienced breakthrough bleeding the 11-13(like a round 1 -2 am). Had brown then pink then Brown again then scanty amounts of red when I wiped the evening of the 14th. Nothing the 15th. Started having breakthrough bleeding again the evening of the 16th. Stopped mid day The 17th. Started back up about 3am today. Does this mean I’m not pregnant ? Brand I take is necon 1/35.

Megan Marie Gilbert

I stopped taking my pills two days after unprotected sex, is there a. Hence I could be pregnant?

Becki Joanne

I haven’t taken my pill for about a month – two months!
I’ve had no periods, however me and my partner have slept together unprotected! Is there any chance I could become pregnant?

michelle fernandez

I stop the taking pills last thursday and im on my mid pack then we had unprotected sex last friday can i get pregnant?


Hi, I’ve been off my pill for 3monhs, everything was normal, is it possible that I could be pregnant?


During the week of my “sugar” pills I was camping, and after I got back i didn’t start my next month of my birth control, and on the 3 or 4th day I had to change my underwear a few times, and was in a lot of discomfort on my right lower pelvis so I believe I was ovulating or starting too, and the day before I started to take my birthcontrol again my S.O and I had sex leaving me wondering if I could have conceived, it’s only been two days back to my birthcontrol regimen. Just curious what… Read more »


I was on evra patch for 4yrs. I stopped it at the end of my withdrawal bleed which ended on Friday 14th October. Is it possible to get pregnant the first month of stopping it? Thank you.


Me and my bf want to have a baby i ovulate on oct 19 if i stop my birth control pills 3 days before i ovulate how soon will i get pregnant


I was taking birth control pills for about 10 months I stopped about 3 months ago and got NY period instantly. Me and my bf had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago be ejaculated in me and I came on my period or at least that’s the conception I get but it wasn’t like a regular one it was heavier than usual its like draining but when I wipe its a watery blood substance but nothing heavy I don’t soak a pad just leaks whenever I use the restroom (sorry I know its very detailed) .. I’ve been getting some… Read more »

Nahid Gumaa

I stopped taking the pill a 10 days ago and I’m having mild cramps should I be worried ? Could this mean I might be pregnant ?


September 17th i was on my sugar pills I had sex that night , next day I stared my period (withdrawbleeding 18th)
I stared new pack active pills on the 18th . Took only for 3 days and then I stop completely.
Yesterday (25th) I stopped bleeding. My question is what are the chances of me being pregnant? how soon I can do blood or urine test ?
I never missed any pill was on it for 3 years .
Is there any chance I could get pregnant on the 17th ?


I am talking birth control and I was alil behind so I was taking 2 a day to catch up and the next day I miscarried so don’t believe that last past. If u think u could be pregnant stop ur birth control immediately with no second thought about it


Hello, me and my boyfriend never have protected sex, I’ve been on the pill for about 5 years but the past few months hasn’t been regular taking it( taking it late or not taking it 1-2 days at all) I forgot 2 days this past month then started to have brown spotting Monday ( September 19 and 20 ) the next day it went to dark red but not heavy still spotting, went back to brown at night and now today ( September 23) its back to red spotting. I had my last period September 4. I took a pregnancy… Read more »


So am trying to get pregnant after stop taking the contraceptive pills for two months, but notice my menstration is coming again, took a pregnancy test and it says negative, why


Hi, so I missed my last active pill in my BC pack of Loestrin. I had an earlier period than normal, then I missed about 4 pills on my first week of my other pack. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he has ejaculated everytime since then. I am having small cramps with light brown spotting this morning. What are the chances of getting pregnant.


Hello… I was off my B.C pill for a month due to the refills getting messed up through the doctors me and my boyfriend always have unprotected sex… I’ve been back on my pill for almost two months and haven’t had a period yet.. I’ve taken two home pregnancy test and both said negative? Today I am 11 days late my last period was July 25th.


Hello I started my period the 16 of august started birth control the 17 of august stopped taking it the 26th of august I had unprotected sex the 24,25, and 27th of august could I get pregnant this cycle?


Started period 7/24. I started BC 8/1. Took two pills. Then stopped taking them. Had another period the day after I stopped. My bf came in me 8/9. And it’s 8/26 and I still have no period. Could I be pregnant or the pill changed my cycle date? Please help!


Hi! I have 7 pills left in my birth control packet. I am planning to come off the pill after this cycle to start to try to conceive with my husband. I have been experiencing some nausea – particularly with meat and alcohol, took a pregnancy test and it was negative (it could be too early to test). My question is, because I’m planning to come off the pill anyway, in case I am pregnant, is it okay to not take the last pills in my birth control packet? Or should I just finish it regardless?

Dinalyn Ann Rosal Gonzaga

Hi. I stop taking pills 8 months ago a TTC also but now I still not pregnant. Im wondering why?

Bakang Olivia Mmolawa

Hi I took my last BC pill on Thursday the 18 August then went to my boyfriend..we always had unprotected sex on Saturday the 20th twice as we are trying for a baby. But yesterday (21 August) I woke up with cramps and periods (which I think is withdrawal bleeding from the pill because I had my periods on the 10th August). Could I still be pregnant?


Hi last week on Wednesday my boyfriend had unprotected sex and came in me, I’m on the pill and during the weekend me and my boyfriend had protected sex but on Monday I’ve noticed a little spotting, crampy feeling and tired and my period isn’t due for another 2 weeks. Could I possibly be pregnant.


Hello. So last July 25 i started my 21 days pill pack. Started it 3 days late, suppose to start to take it on Jul 21. Then i was taking the pill for 6 days. Before i started my pill and during those days that im taking it i have unprotected sex for days and yes he ejaculated inside me. And then few days later im experiencing fatigue, nausea, and vomiting every morning. weird sense of smell. So i decided to stop the pill thinking that i might be pregnant. And tried to test 30Jul and 7th Aug both were… Read more »

jeffrey torgby

Hello please i had unprotected sex with my partner on the 6th of July
which was three days after her menstruation and after she took a morning
after pill. she then bleeded for four days after that and then we had
some brushing incident during romance on the 27th of July…..she tested
for pregnancy on the 30th of July which was negative…she now bleeding
today on the 12th of August…please what is wrong?


Hi there, I’m hoping somebody can help with my dilemma! On November 28th 2015 I sadly had a miscarriage, my boyfriend and I were devastated, I was around 11-13 weeks, I was 2 weeks away from having my first scan so I wasn’t sure how far exactly. I had one contraceptive injection about a week after it happened, then 3 months after I went back and was told I couldn’t have it due to a family health condition, I was then prescribed the pill (one that you take every single day) I took that for about a month before me… Read more »


Hi there! I messed up taking my last pack of BC…did not take the last 4/5 days of the last week active blue pills..so because of that I got my period on 7/20 or 7/21. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex right before I got my period early. I didn’t start the new pack u til 7/31 but only took 4 pills. Last night we decided to try get pregnant…is there any chance that I could actually get pregnant right now? I had been on BC for about 7 years..

In Shallow Silence

Hello everyone. So I had been on the pill for about 6 years, and decided to stop taking it about 3 months ago. My menstrual cycle seemed to go back to normal right away as I have had 29 day cycles, with 5 day periods every month for the past 3 months (off the pill), as well as when I was still on the pill. My period started on the 1st of July this month and ended on the 5th. I am usually moody about 2-3 days before my period, and that is the extent of my moodiness. This month… Read more »


Hi everyone! I came off bc last june 27 because my blood pressure was getting high it reached 180/120 thinking bc could be a cobtributing factor I stopped and I wasn’t able to finish the whole pack. There were lstill 5 pills left…I had an intermittent bleeding fro. July 2-12 then bled again lasy july 21…is this normal? Should I just wait for my next cycle…i went to the ob yesterday and told that my period was messed up because I didn’t finish the whole pack..now she wants me to take a med to stop the bleeding to have an… Read more »


Hi everyone This may be a bit early but I’d just like some advice please. I was on microgynon from the age of 16-27 which was to calm painful period cramps but my periods were always regular and normal. I then changed from that to Cerelle (aged 28 until now – I’m 29). I stopped having periods and the last one I had was in September 2014. My boyfriend and I have recently decided to TTC so I stopped taking my pill before a week of it finishing (too impatient!). I’m on day 7 of no pills but still no… Read more »


Hi, I stopped taking my pill about three weeks ago. On the 30/06 I had a constant/medium flow through until the 05/07 (6 days). On the 15/07 I had unprotected sex. On the 17/07 I began bleeding again (much lighter) but enough to wear a liner & it’s still continuing into the third day. Is it possible to have conceived on the Thursday? Why am I bleeding? Is this my ‘real’ period even though I only had a bleed finish on the 05/07? Can I still be pregnant as of the 15/07 and still get this bleeding? Thank you


Im ttc…I been on the pill for 1 month in April and stopped taking them on may 17 midpack.. and and been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend alot thru out the day for 2 or 3 days a week after i stopped the pill ..i had my withdrawal bleed or cd1 i guess on June 1st -6th and continued having sex more often 2-3 days a week after the bleed…so it is now July 12th and lately I been having light bleeding/spotting since July 6 and been going on for some days now the 1day it was brown creamy… Read more »


Hi so I have been on the pill for four months I stopped the first week in a new pack I missed three pills got one day of light bleeding then doubled up on my pills got strange cramps like period cramps but different I stopped the pill completely then .during all of this I have had unprotected sex what are the chances I could be pregnant as I have had no withdrawal bleeding for the last five days and it normally happens within a few hours of missing a pill and when can I take a test this has… Read more »

Maggie Lewel

Hey so my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex about every time we see each other, which faded from daily to weekly, for about 4 months now. I do take the birth control pill, however I am experiencing quite a bit of early pregnancy symtoms only 2-3 after we had sex. I may add that he always pulls out, though last time on July 7th we had sex for a longer period of time than normal, he told me he was holding his ejaculation back. The sex was extra wet to put it in terms, I think he might… Read more »


hi good morning everyone..I started taking pills last June 2..then I had my period on June 24..my period is always 3days..after 3 days of my period I start to take another pack of my pills..but I stopped taking it on July 6 until now..and I had an unprotected sex with my partner on July 7… and now I have my period since yesterday?is really my period in this cycle?im worry,i like to get pregnant soon thats why I stop taking my pills..is this normal?

Brittney Murphy

I stopped taking my pills (June 11th) the Saturday after I had my period (June 7th-10th), before the week of my ovulation. I had light spotting/discharge up until the 14th. I had intercourse on the 15th. It’s now the 9th of July, 5 day past due my regular cycle. Is there anyway I could be pregnant or is it just my hormones are out of whack for the time being?

In consideration I do have PCOS and was taking birth control and Metformin to regulate my periods and control my insulin resistance.

Chenie Natulia

I stopped taking pills since April 25. And had a normal period last May and June. And now I’m delayed and having light bleeding. Is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?

Chenie Natulia

I stopped taking pills since April 25. I had my period last April 29 to May 1 and May 30 to June 2. Now I’m delayed and having light bleeding. Could I be pregnant?


I’ve been off birth control for 5 weeks (finished the pack first and have been on the pill 13 years) I had unprotected sex and took the morning after pill 48 hours later. It’s been 12 days since I had unprotected sex. Still no period. What are the chances I’m pregnant?


Hello, Im deciding to stop taking pills now, because my husband and i decide to have a baby. Im starting taking pills July 3, when im 3rd day on my period. Im regular, My fertile days is 14 to 19. Should i get pregnant this month? Everyday we had sex. My friend told me taking pills is a faster way to become pregnant. Our target day is my fertile days. Need help. Thanks.

Sam Villalobos

I was on low dose bcp for a few years and decided to to stop taking them because they were making me feel terrible. I finished the entire pack before stopping and this would have been my fourth cycle off of them. My other three periods since being off of them were regular to the day, but now I’m 8 days late… My husband and I did have unprotected sex during when I could’ve ovulated. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests, one on day 4 and one on day 7, both negative. Could I still be pregnant?
Thank you!


I’m curious i been on the pill for only a month . I been off for a month but my period due July 6 but the doctor it’s possible I’m pregnant but won’t get a result for 3 weeks because the birth control being in my systom is this true ?


Me n my boyfriend are trying to conceive. I have been on the mini pill Heather since January I recently stopped taking my pills this week. The last pill I took was Week 4 pill on a Tuesday I have now missed 3 pills. My last cycle was June 5 and it last for 7 days. My boyfriend and I had sex on the June 12, 15,16, 19, 22(considered ovulation day) and the 23. And everytime we have sex my boyfriend ejaculates in me. How great is the possibility I could be pregnant and how long do I need to… Read more »


Hi, i had unprotected sex the day before i was supposed to start my new pack. Took 1 pill then decided to stop. 6 days later i was having quite a lot if brown discharge. Could this be due to having taken 1 pill and stopped or something else? What are the chances of being pregnant? I wouldn’t have thought i have ovulated this soon. Thanks.

Tyeara Holmes

Hi I started taking birth control pills a couple days after my period and only took it for 6 days and my fiance and I had unprotected sex the entire time including after I stopped taking the pills and I’m now 11 days late for my period

Jenna Ortiz

So i was on my birth control for 2 weeks i dont think it had fully taken effect in my bosy only because i was getting my period before my break week. Now because of human error i still dont have my new pack that shouldve been started 3 days ago and i had unprotected sex during the last day of my break week twice. I also went into my ovulation app and it said i was ovulating. Is there a possibility i could get pregnant? Or is there a possibility that my body was still off? Im just confused… Read more »


I had a miscarriage last month on May 25th.. I started birth control that next Sunday and took it for a week then stopped because me and my boyfriend decided to try again for a baby. Is it possible I could be pregnant ?


So I’m 17 days late and recently got off birth control (had sex on ovulation day) and a few days ago I took EC Becuase my bf came inside me this time and that was like 4 days ago…still no period and no positive result (it could be that I haven’t tested first thing in the morning)

marie mj

hi i’m 35 yrs old, i stopped my birth control May 03, May 04 start my period for 5 days.
May 28 another period comes, 25 days cycle and i have 5 days period which is normal for me.
but suddenly i had unprotected sex on June 05 and i believe I’m fertile. i have negative test yesterday i think it is a wrong timing. but my question is their is a chance to get pregnant? because my menstruation become regular and why become 2 menstruation cycle come in the same month??

Monae Carey

Hello I have recently stopped taking birth control about a week or 2 ago and had unprotected sex but I am bleeding heavily and have cramps is their a chance I can be pregnant..


Hi I recently stopped taking birth control pills about 2 weeks ago I forgot what day I stopped but me and my boyfriend had sex a few days after I stopped the pill and June 4th we had sex again and later that day I experienced bleeding which been going on for 2 days…I’m wondering could I be pregnant from when I 1st stopped the pills because I researched about it and it says you can start ovaluting immediately after stopping the pill…I need some answers please


Hi I stopped taking my pill last Saturday and me and my boyfriend started trying for a baby on Tuesday. This might seam really strange but I think I might be pregnant I have really weird aches down the left side of my groin and tummy area. I also have back ache and feel a bit nauseous. Is this possible to be feeling this this soon??

Mayann Baguio

hello, i stopped taking althea last april 8 and my period came april 12. my boyfriend and i had sex on the 27th day of my cycle nad he cummed inside me. now im a day late. is it possible to get pregnant on the 27th day when off the pill? i was experiencing swollen and sensitive breasts days before we had sex so i was thinking my period is near. please help


I was on birth control irregularly from March 13 until around the 12th of April and I skipped the sugar pills to keep me from having a period in April but I still started my period April 5th. I got married April 9th and we started TTC immediately. I should have ovulated (according the 1st day of last period being April 5th) on April 19th, and we did TTC that night! I started having symptoms almost 2 wks ago (cramping, sore breasts, frequent urination, fatigue, headaches, low back/tailbone pain) and I am now 6 days late getting my period. I’ve… Read more »


Hi I have been on the pill for around three years I stopped taking them in october as me and my partner want to try for a baby since I have stopped taking them I have only had one period and as my periods were not regular to begin with its hard to know what’s going on I have taken a few pregnancy tests but all come back negative what should I do ?


Hai im now using my 6th pack of pills..last pack of pills i took i got my period, i also took a pregnancy test an its negative..but im worried because they told me that i look pregnant..is it possible that i am pregnant?or ill be pregnant?



I took one pill of my new packet last week but after having bad nausea with microgynon i decided (1 day into my new pack) i was going to come off it altogether and take other precautions in the meantime.

Is it normal to get a withdrawal bleed a few days after taking only one pill of this packet?


Hi this may seem like an odd question…but I was put on continuous bc almost a year ago to prevent endometriosis building up again. I’ve had one child 4 yrs ago and we are looking at going back to fertility clinic to try again very soon. How soon should I stop my bc prior
to going?


Hi! I’ve been on the pill for 4 years and stopped taking it about three years ago. Had sex with my boyfriend a few times since I’ve gotten off the pill. So is there a chance I could get pregnant this early?


I’m 27 and I had unprotected sex but he had pulled out before ejaculation. 2 weeks later I started taking Yasmin because I was worried. Would this be effective? I normally have irregular periods, now its been 36 days. I’m occasionally getting period like cramps too. No sign of period. I have not stopped the pills either. Please help.. Could i be pregnant?


I took birth control for 2 months then stopped half way through the pack and got my period on November 25. I haven’t gotten my period since, it’s Jan 6 now. My period is usually not regular. I did a pregnancy test a couple of days ago and it was negative. What’s going on?


I barely started on birth control pills and missed a few pills the first week I started and I currently missed a whole week of taking them I did have some vaginal bleeding but it stopped and I had unprotected sex twice … Could I be pregnant ?


I stopped taking the pill about a month ago, I was supposed to start my period last week but it never came. I had regular symptoms like I was going to start but Every time I would go to the bathroom to check I would have a thick white discharge… I’ve also had an throbbing headache for the past few days, bloating and lower back pain.. I don’t know what to think. Whether it’s from being on birth control for so long or if I’m pregnant.


Please know this is completely honest, and no one has forced me to write this. I am a 37 year old woman who has been trying for 9 years to get pregnant I finally got pregnant 2 weeks after I contacted priest Iyare on his website, It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using his system I got pregnant naturally at age 37& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. I had zero side effects.. God bless you and reward you. I… Read more »


Hello, I have taken full pack (for 28days after having sex) of pills when i have my menstruation (black blood) for 3-4 days after, then of course i assumed that that was my period so i consumed another pack of pills for 28 days then again black blood for menstruation .. i’m really afraid because the blood coming out of me during what i assumed is my period is colored black and fewer than my usual period. So im really confuse if im pregnant ? or its just retained menses or other serious disease. please help me


Hi. I am new in this site. I need advice although my situation has been discuss by some members here but every one has different cases, right? I took pills only a month and for the second pack I stopped my pills (Yasmin) in halfway. I got bleeding two days after for 5 days. And now am a month no period, 8 days late from the expected day. i took HPT twice in the afternoon but both of them BFN. Last week i have lower abdominal cramps thought AF is coming but still nothing. Only changes I’ve notice is I… Read more »


Hi. I am ne


I just had my baby 10months ago and stop taking the pill 2 months ago. How likely can I get pregnant? (Not trying to have another baby yet)


We’re currently TTC. My period is now almost three weeks late. Took about 5 tests – all negative. I stopped taking the pill about three months ago, but first two periods came on time. What is the chance that I’m still pregnant?


hello, had unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend, can I start taking hormonal pills?


I’m a month and a half into Mononessa. Can I stop the pills mid pack and wait for my ‘regular’ period and start a new pack if it’s too heavy? Last period was one of the worst and I’m afraid of that happening again.


Hi,I had sex with my boyfriend and maybe the condom slipped..my friend says I can start taking hormonal pills-she has an unfinished pack. Will it help me not to get pregnant?..


Can I get pregnant right after I stop taking the pill?


My boyfriend and I did not have sex, but there was contact. I know the chances of becoming pregnant without penetration are slim, but still possible. Would it be advisable to take emergency contraceptive?


How do you avoid pregnancy after having intercourse of more than a week?


I stopped taking my pill at the beginning of April and I didn’t get pregnant until the end of September. Sometimes it just takes a while. I was stressed out the wedding, I’m sure that had something to do with the stress.


So I only have to wait till my period gets back to normal? I always thought it has to do with “getting clean”.

Amanda Mattheus

Damn. So if I quit the pill and don’t have my period it still doesn’t mean I’m pregnant? Me heartbroken:(


finally, some answers. All these maternity blogs, and still no definite answer?! These mommies have no clue, every woman has a different answer!!